Thursday, July 31, 2008

Deep Hoe Faux Toes and Swirls

Depot Photos and Swirls

Know who this famous Oklahoma musician is?? This banner hangs in The Depot/ Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame (where UJ's reunion was) I got to see him several years ago when I was in college, before he got too famous. Uncle Joe recorded a really good concert on DirecTV but some naughty little Joe girl erased it. My favorite song he sang was "It's Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night That Chewed My A$$ Out All Day Long" It was hilarious!

Any guesses?? you might just win a prize


In other news: The Daughters of Joe have been gone to G-Mom's Camp for two nights. G-mom and Grandpat took them to Marval Trout camp in Gore, OK for some fun before school starts. They rented a cabin (too small I hear) and everyone got along pretty well.......that being a relative term! I think everyone is tired but had a good time.

Since our house was extra quiet Uncle Joe took me on two dates in a row! Day One we went to Tahlequah to The Village Cafe for a gyro (for me) and some Italian samplers (for him). We also went to a movie. I am not telling which one because it was not that great. We laughed but it was one of the strangest movies we have seen.

Day Two took us in the opposite direction to Wagoner. We ate at a restaurant that has been getting lots of local attention. By that I mean on the message boards for UJ's class website. Mr. Chicken is almost to legendary status for the Class of 78. I decided I had to have some! They have these small little bread items they call puffs. They are like little Indian Fry Breads......and soooo yummy with honey dripping off them. I had the batter dipped fish that was very tasty and UJ had chicken....also tasty. Wagoner is about a 20 minute drive away from our home and we took the scenic route so we also had a nice drive.

A very nice two nights were had by Mr. and Mrs. Joe. No....not what you think!!

It is soo hot here today. The next two or three days have heat warnings. Me thinks we will be staying in tomorrow. We have seen a lot of heat related illnesses at work. I don't know how some people do it!! I think I am about to find out..... I am going to mow the lawn now. Thank Heaven it is on the riding lawnmower!

That's all I've got. Not much......

Monday, July 28, 2008

What I Have Been Doing....

I see you! Like my new mask? I keep my eyes peeled for injustice and will leap into action....when the need arises. If I am busy I will send Batman.

Frozen Chocolate Heart Attack On a Plate

A dessert made by Uncle Joe and CassiJo today. It was icecream sandwiches on bottom, chocolate icecream, crunched up candy bars, graham crackers, vanilla icecream, chocolate chips and chocolate syrup. We had this for dessert after eating a nice healthy supper of grilled fish & veggies with extra steamed veggies on the side. I am pretty sure they cancelled each other out.

A poem I constructed when I was pregnant with Carly . I made this at G-moms. She has those great word magnets and we all took turns making poem. She has left it there all this time. :o)

The most beautiful dog on the block. ShelbyJo. I love her eyes. Funny thing about her: she thinks she is a lap dog and loves to sit in our laps....especially Uncle Joe's.

I have no words for this.

This is not normal. Rubber Face Joe made me laugh so hard this night I almost fell out of my chair. I crack up when I look at all the silly pictures I took. Feel free to save this picture and use it for your desk top. It is on our computer now and I can't look at it without smiling. :o) But then again, I am a flibbertagibbit. haha

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Carol!
(my real life friend... she lurks here so she will see this!)
I hope your day is full of:
(in random order)
more kisses
Dr. Pepper
cottage cheese
Tuna Sandwiches
swimmy water
or a
long bath
even more kisses
a nap
more hugs
Happy Boobah to one of my oldest and best friends. We have seen each other through HighSchool, college, marriage and children.
She is the strong one and I am the silly one.
(So who is Mary and who is Rhoda?)
She knows the song of my heart
and I know hers
We will sing it to each other
if we ever forget the words.
Carol you are loved very much
you are a blessing in my life

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Got Nuttin Honey

It has been a hard week at work. Did I tell you the ENTIRE Business Office staff quit within the last two weeks?


The only good thing is I might come outta this with a raise.

Anybody need a job?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Notice Anything Missing?

It's fun to kiss his smooth face , but I love the moustache and goatee.
All three of his home-girls kissed his face at least 80 times each the day he shaved. I think he liked the attention! :o)

Disclaimer from Uncle Joe: This is not my real kiss face. Ha!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We Be Chillin' and Grillin'

Uncle Joe and CassiJo made us some yummy Shish Kebabs yesterday for lunch. He found a great marinade in his newest Cooks Magazine (not the real name I just made that up) and he marinated the meat and veggies. Did you know you are supposed to cook the veggies a little first? We microwaved them for several minutes in the marinade to make sure they were soft and would finish cooking quickly on the grill. Don't forget to soak your skewers!

Cassi honing her kebab

Uncle Joe's handy work

Below: the finshed product.
They were ars yummy as they look.
Don't you wish we had smellavision?

Since we live with Batman we decided to honor him with some BatmanBrownies They were very tasty with our homemade icecream too. I'll be posting that new and easy recipe later.......

We had a good day. My friend, Hudson, came over and spent the day with us on a spur of the moment inspiration. He arrived just as I was pulling the kababs off the grill and kept us company all day. We visited and reminisced and even got to show off UJ's other movie, Batman Begins. :o)


Vanilla Ice Milk
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
1 (12 oz) can evaporated lowfat milk
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp sugar substitute
2 large egg yolks
2 1/2 cups low fat milk
1/4 heavy cream
1 table spoon vanilla extract (**I recommend using more to your taste this recipe left me wanting a little more vanilla taste. you may have to increase the sugar just a bit too.)

In a medium saucepan, sprinkle gelatin over evap milk. Let stand for 5 minutes to soften. Whisk in sugar, sugar substitute and egg yolks until no trace of yolks remain.

Over medium heat, cook stirring constantly, 10-15 minutes or until mixture thickens slightly and coats back of spoon. Remove from heat; stir in lowfat milk, heavy cream and vanilla. Pour into large aluminum loaf pan or rectangular baking pan. Refrigerate 1 hour or until chilled. Cover with foil and freeze 2 hours OR FREEZE IN ICECREAM MAKER FOLLOWING MANUFATURERS INSTRUCTIONS* (preferred method)

Manual instructions: In a large bowl, beat mixture until smooth and creamy. Return to pan cover and freeze 2 to 3 hours. Transfer to bowl and beat again. Place ice milk in airtight container, cover and greeze until ready to serve. Remove from freezer 10 to 15 minutes before serving. Makes 12- 1/2 cup servings. **95 calories per serving! (but who can just eat a 1/2 cup serving??!)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Okies in Illinois

I have been trying to download pictures of our visit to see Seeker and her family but Blogger is not cooperating.

Go here and take a look at her pictures instead. :o)

They fed us two times and we visited and had a really good time with them.
Andrea made a wonderful fruit pizza that CassiJo really liked. I think I'll make some soon. Mark also made some yummy spaghetti. Do I remember correctly that he put a secret ingredient in it??

We even got to attend church where PR is the pastor. I put the address into the GPS wrong so we were late, but better late than never right?? :o) Who knew that Illinois has STREETS that run one way and AVENUES that run the opposite?

PR gave a good message and I have lots of notes. Cassi was asleep on my lap (again) and I just used her head for a desk.

One thing that made me smile about the service is the absolute JOY that you could see and feel in Seeker and PR. They are truly full of the joy of the Lord. :o)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dark Knight on a Dark Night

Tonight Uncle Joe and I went out to see Batman The Dark Knight. I was so excited that I secured our tickets on my lunch break. Our movie theater was showing TDK on 3 or 4 screens. The associate who answered the phone when I called asked which theater I wanted to view the movie. I told her the best one, so we got the largest screen with digital surround sound. :o) woohoo! The only thing better about seeing Batman is seeing a HUGE Batman.

The movie was very intense and in your face.

Batman also said something funny. At one point during a fight Batman had some "help" from civilians dressed as him. They were upset when he bound them up to save them from harm.

They asked "what is the difference between you and me?"

"I'm not wearing hockey pants." says the Dark Knight.

That must be Bat Comedy.

Here's more.....Joe kept interrupting the movie by saying "Yay me!" or "Look at me go!" gosh you would think he could contain himself at his own movie premier.

On a serious note: If you are lover of Batman then this will be a great adventure for you. Heath Ledger's performance was very memorable, maybe his best.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Pictures

I have a lot more photos, but I want to give Uncle Joe a chance to post some of his own, so check back again soon now y'hear?

~Aunt Jo

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proper Driving Position

Note the proper positioning of the drivers hands at 10 and 2.
I am so happy I drove OUT of Chicago.

Note the not-proper driving postion of the male driver. :o)
.....but he is kinda cute so I let him slide. This time.

Joe, tell me when to go! He did and then he said,

"When I say go you better punch it woman!!"

I punched it.

Right after this photo was taken we were almost hit by a crazy pizza guy and UJ got to lean over and lay on the horn and honk at him. Can you believe WE didn't get honked at?

Our rental car was a Camry. We loved it and hope to get one .....someday.

Princess and The Pizza

Waiting in anticipation of good Chicago style pizza from Gino's East.
Oops! We waited too long. CassiJo is exhausted and takes a nap on my shoulder.
She doesn't wake up until after dinner. She slept the whole time. Honest!

Mmmmmmmmm looks good doesn't it?

You can't eat Chicago Pizza and be neat can you CassiJo?

The pizza was worth the wait.

Day Uno and Dos

A rare photo of the Joe Sisters demonstrating sibling LOVE. Enjoy it people, it doesn't happen very often.
UJ demonstrating his ping-pong skills. Say it with me....Oooooooohhhh!

Uncle Joe and me at Rain Forest Cafe in Chicago

Signing the Bus

CarlyJo signing the Jonas Bro bus. Everyone was doing it! I even signed it:o)
~Aunt Jo

Jonas Brothers Concert 7-8-08

Here I am at the Jonas Brothers Concert. It was SO loud! (and don't even think I am old, cause I'm not! I love loud music!) It was so loud CassiJo couldn't stand it and had to call Uncle Joe from the hotel to come and fetch her in the shuttle bus. Thank goodness for shuttle buses!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back on Tulsa Time

We are finally back home from the Biggest Joe Adventure Ever.

We are all exhausted and are resting today.

I have lots of pictures to post at a later time but for now
just let me tell you what I learned about being in Chicago:

1. When driving in Chicago (which I TOTALLY DID!!) and your
navigator says "Go."You better punch it!!

2. Chicago pizza is worth the wait in line outside in the cool
rainy air at Gino's( they had a little ways
to go to beat Sam & Ella's but it sure was a CHicago
sorta way very cheesy and saucy and soo yummy!)

3. You better be alert for crazy taxi drivers that might hit you.
(andd just so you know don't walk away from Navy Pier and expect
to see taxi's in abundance. We had to walk several blocks before
Joe found us one....up hill)

4. Don't walk looking up all the time. It targets you as a tourist
and makes you trip on cracks in the side walk. (and do you
know my family laughed at me??)

5. Get a personal GPS system. it is easy to get off by a block
or two and when you have 2 hot and tired kids plus a husband
it will feel like MILES.

6. Carry a big bag better yet a back pack...because you can't
afford to drive around you have to carry everything you might
possibly need. Tennis shoes,umbrella, lunch etc. Always carry
an umbrella.

7. You are surrounded by people and no one talks to you unless
they are working. Sometimes that was nice because you could
just talk to your companion and not feel like people were
listening but other times I wanted to speak to someone
and didn't have the nerve.

8. I understand why they call cities that big a Concrete Jungle.

9. It wasn't scary walking around alone at the
area we were in anyway. It was exhilerating and fun!

10. They don't have Cracker Barrels in Downtown Chicago.
(our daughters secondfavorite place to eat after RainForest Cafe)

11. Never say to your kids, "They don't have RainForest Cafe's here.
They are only in malls." We walked around a corner down the
street from our hotel and what did we see? RFC! Cassidy was so
happy! We came outside and HardRock Cafe was right next door.

12. There is always someone out walking around the city.
it really never sleeps

13. I love the doormen! They opened the door of the taxi
and said, "Welcome back"everytime we arrived back
"home" in a taxi.

14. Get a plan for sight seeing. 1 1/2 days is not enough
time to see even a fraction of what we wanted to see.

15. Take someone you love to this great city. I want to go
back just me and Joe sometime. It was just overwhelming
to try and do everything with the children.
It is a beautiful, romantic city and I want to go back
again and go to a Cubs game and take some architectural
tours and have a really fancy dinner, and walk around the
city at night strolling or better yet, take a carriage ride.
How romantic!

16. Chicago hotdogs are very unique. Poppy seed bun, frank, onions,
tomato, ketchup garlic pickle and peppers. I wasn't as crazy
about it as I thought I would be.But I loved the deli sandwiches!

That's all my brain can produce right now. I am going to download
some pictures later and hopefully get them posted.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Bricks and Bros

Please take note: The Joe's will be outta pocket for a week whilst we embark on our "Big Adventure"

First we will go visit The Jonas Bros for a special little concert at the Ford Center in OKC

We will be staying in Bricktown, an area of the city that has been re-invented and is wonderful! We haven't been in several years so I am excited to see what has been added since our last visit. Here is a pic from Bricktown looking toward the Ford Center. We will be about 2 miles away from the concert. I have heard the traffic to a JB concert is terrible so we may have to hoof it back to where Uncle Joe will be chillin' by the pool at the hotel. I don't think he will have missed us much. :o)

Next day we will be visiting with our friends who live in the area. lesliereid, and The "H" family. That should be great fun. We all have two children so they should be occupied nicely to allow us to visit for a little while after dinner. Leslie has opened her home to all of us and all our silliness. I am not sure she is fully aware of what she has done. Shhhhh don't tell her either. :o) Let's just see what shenanigans come up. hahaha!!

I am making some yummy cookies to take to the party. I know I will have time to make them it is just concerning to me that they will be within close proximity to me and my family for over 24 hours and we will not be able to eat them! What torture! Oh well I'll do it for lesliereid. ha!

Early Thursday we will be heading out to Chicago....the real adventure! It will be just fun to be in such a huge city. I wonder if people will be able to tell we are tourists? I promise I won't wear a fanny-pack. (like i really need any more attention in that region.haha)

We will also be meeting an fellow blogger, Seeker, and her family. we will be attending the aftermath of her grand-daughter Ella's first birthday party. Just in time for the sugar rush to wear off from all the icing the babies will be eating. I can't wait to hold them....all of them!

I am sure I won't sleep a wink tonight. The day before vacation is like the day before Christmas when you were a kid isn't it??

Have fun and we will be checking in when we can. Please pray for our safety and that I won't have to hurt Uncle Joe for pinching my legs. (He loves loves loves to pinch the soft inside of my thigh when we drive. He is so naughty and annoying, but I think I'll keep him. He is kinda cute and his lips are soft.)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cookies and Cream Homemade Ice Cream

This icecream is so yummy you might want to come to Oklahoma and hug my neck! I got it from my friend Beverly at work. She assured me "ITS THE BOMB!"

Cookies and Cream Icecream

2 cups milk- scalded (here are instructions for scalding: TIP )

1 tsp salt

1 3/4 cups sugar (does anyone know can you cut down the sugar?)

combine until dissolved then add:

2 cups half and half

4 cups whipping cream

1 T. vanilla

chill for 30 minutes

place in icecream freezer and follow manuf. instructions. when the icecream reaches the consistency of "soft serve" icecream mix in 24 broken up Oreo cookies.

We ate ours right away and it seemed to be better once we let it sit in the freezer. Even then it didn't get super hard, it stayed "soft serve".

All in all a very good and pretty easy recipe. I think if we did it again I think I might cut the sugar a tad because it was very sweet....but very yummy on a hot Fourth of July here in Oklahoma. :o) We sat on the driveway with Nana and Papa (the Original Icecream Lover of our Family) and had a nice cool snack before heading the school for the fireworks show. It was a very good evening to be alive.....icecream, fireworks shared with loved ones and our community on a nice summer night.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Fitty Sense and Boogie Days

Today as we were driving to do a little pre-vacation shopping I asked CarlyJo:
"Carly did you buy something on I-tunes without asking?"

"No, well by accident" she replied

"So the answer is yes."

Says UJ "Was it 50 Cent?"

Me: "No it was ninety nine cents."

It was several seconds of him laughing before I got it.

See I told you I was a flibberdagibbet. :o)

We also had a giggle when we saw a man walking across a parking lot stop and boogie to unheard music. He must have been singing and was very happy. UJ said if he ever loses his mind completely he wants to be like that. haha

I will defeat you

We go on our Big Adventure in 4 days and I have to be caught up on laundry before we do. Why you ask? I have no idea.

That is why I am up at 1:18am washing and folding clothes and watching Joe vs the Volcano.

I was chatting with her until she had the nerve to go to bed!

In other news: Uncle Joe has a nasty ear infection that we are hoping and praying will be better by the time we have to fly. He got an external ear infection and is on some drops and he takes them so well. (Not like my children did when they were little.) He felt badly and went to bed early for a change, leaving me up all by my lonesome. (I am actually glad because he needs some good rest and maybe he can get it while I am not there to get in his sleep bubble. haha!!)

I think I am procrastinating the next basket full of clothes........and my eyes are getting a little bit heavy now. I must not slow down now! Keep. moving. keep..........folding............................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Most of this used to be in the floor. Not any more!! VICTORY IS MINE!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Our Special Dog

Last night as we were eating dinner (cooked by Joe of course!) Shelby kept wandering around the kitchen looking up in the air and snapping at what seemed to be nothing. That was not the case at all..........

Shelby is a Fly Catcher. Joe noticed it soon after she moved in. If she sees a fly buzzing around she will follow it and try to snap and bite it. Sometimes she actually catches it too. She is focused and diligent and does not give up the hunt easily. It really is funny to watch!

I give my puppy her Cherokee Indian Dog Name: Shelby Flycatcher.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Deep Thought

The first time I read this quote I cried. I was in the middle of the realization that my loved ones love me even when I mess things up, and they weren't going to STOP loving me if I wasn't perfect. It was a liberating moment for me.

"To love means to open ourselves to the negative as well as the positive - to grief, sorrow, and disappointment as well as to joy, fulfillment, and an intensity of consciousness we did not know was possible before." -- Rollo May