Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hugh Jackman

OK I never would have ever thought of this, but Joe got me started with his post about Hugh. I sniffed out my Kate and Leopold movie and am watching it right now as I blog.

I like his character because he is aware of what women be appreciated and treasured. I love to hear that Joe appreciates me and loves some certain thing that I do for him, what ever that may be. I like it when he lets me know that I am his treasure.

Ok enough mush. How about that Hugh Jackman's smile?? :D

Happy Bloggin Birthday Susie!


(It's also Mr. Firebarbie's Birthday too.....Happy Birthday Mr Firebarbie!)

Friday, January 27, 2006

he's so fine

I just wanted to tell everyone how wonderful my husband is!!!!!!

I love his bald head. I love it when he snores. I love when he makes me do his laundry.

I just love HIM. He's so fine. MY MAN!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

One...Two...Cha Cha Cha

We went to our first Ballroom Dance class tonight. (Wowie don't we wish we had a digital video camera!?) What a hilarious sight we all were! Joe and I were the youngest couple there. One fellow appeared to be about 80! Go Clarence!!

We learned the Foxtrot, the ChaChaCha all with basic steps, and what we in the dance world call "open conversation steps" Say it with me........

It was very fun and we actually got the hang of it fairly quickly and did quite well considering that we have not danced together very much. (I know I know.....very sad isn't it, but "Baptists don't dance" as Carly said once)

We liked the music we were dancing to alot, but really got into it when she played some of Santana's "Smooth".

I think we are gonna have a great time and make some really fun memories! At the end of the class there will be a "social".

We are doing this because we want to sponsor a "Grown Up Prom" with some of our friends this spring. Doesn't that sound like the most fun!? I think it will be an absolute blast! If y'all get down our way, please stop by and we will dance up a two three cha cha cha!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Can I brag?

Can I just tell y'all if we have a contest to post a picture of "under your bed" we would win?? Joe got a wild hair this weekend and we cleaned til we were blue in the face and our under the bed area was clean and free of dust bunnies and stray Polly Pocket paraphenalia, stray socks and my silicone ear plugs.

Our closet is the girls new favorite place to play. It is clean and they can shut the door for privacy. I am thinking of setting up an office in there.

Where will our cleaning escapade take us next? The girls rooms? The kitchen? The hall closet? Who knows? Only Joe.

It is amazing to me the stuff I saved. I found all kinds of stuff. Some sad and some sweet. They are all examples of a particular moment in my life, a memory or a phase. They were all extensions of me and some of them were hard to discard.....but I dug down very deep and I did it. Purge!! Purge!! Purge!!

We are also going to sell some stuff on eBay. We got a lot of info from a fellow blogger, Gobhole Girl who is an eBay' do the rest of you have any advice for virgin eBay'ers? We have selected cd's, books, and vhs tapes for our first sale items. Will vhs tapes even sell?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Take a Free Flight To Japan

My brother-n-law has moved to Japan for a Big Adventure. Please visit his blog and take a look. He has already posted some pictures and has a nice little blog goin on!

You can find him at: Yokie From Muskogee

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Challenge Post

I have been challenged by Susie post a picture of my refrigerator. Here it is.

But first in response to her wish list:

I wish:
I was thinner
Joe had a healthy heart
My children to be happy adults
My children to be happy children first
I could be a better Christian
I was more proactive and less reactive
I was more bold
Life had a pause button
I could breathe underwater
I could go on a luxurious vacation to a deserted fully stocked tropical island
I wish this was really my fridge
My children had a mute button
I could get paid to just be me.
My brain included a brain-camera to save those special sights
I could sing
I could remember better
I could think of funny things to post
I could take a nap.

Hey I can take a nap! I think I will.....

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tickle My Funny Bone

Ok here is my favorite joke in the whole world. Let me warn you it is corny but funny. It was told to me by my former boss, Dr. Morgan. I still laugh when I think of him telling it to me. (He was about 6'5" and weighed about 270 and just laughed the whole time he was telling it)

OK there was this guy in a hot air balloon floating all over creation. He had been at it a long time and got tired so he decided to sit down and rest in the basket. He fell asleep and when he woke up he had no idea where he was. He lowered the ballon a bit over a farm and called out to the farmer down below, "Hey you down there! Where am I?"

The farmer being very intelligent replied, "Haha! You can't fool're up in that balloon!"


Ok Bloggers, tickle my funny bone with YOUR funniest joke. (and don't tell me if you didn't like mine.haha )

Monday, January 16, 2006

Leaving Cable TV Behind

Joe and I recently decided to turn our cable tv off...or at least down to the most basic of services. (That includes the local channels and a few others 12 total) We have talked about it since the summer of 2004 but never had the guts to do it. We admit, we liked it too. Food Network, Spike, HGTV, AMC etc. Tonight I saw something that confirmed that our decision was a good one. Joe was out of the house at music practice and I was in the living room listening to some Christian music really loudly while I cleaned. I realized I hadn't heard any noise from the girls in a while so I went in to check on them. They were in my bedroom. Cassidy was sitting on my bed coloring quietly. ( a rare treat in itself) and Carly and Bailey ( our guest for the evening) were quietly playing on the computer. I stood in the doorway looking at them and was thankful that they were doing something other than staring at the television mindlessly. They were using their brains!

This has been the best thing for our family. I did not even turn on the tv tonight and I did not even miss it. I totally recommend this to you bloggers. It freed us to spend time with each other, find an interesting activity or CLEAN!!:o)

Joe announced to the children last night as they struggled to find something to watch, "TV is now the LEAST important thing in your life." They haven't fully grasped that yet, but they are on their way.

The only thing they have found they like to watch is TV Guide Channel, and who can take much of that? haha

I am a Dove commercial

I would like to ask all you bloggers, male and female, what are your favorite products?

Lets start with personal hygiene products

Soap: girly Bath and Body works stuff like Warm Vanilla Sugar at the moment
Shampoo: Dove
Facial cleanser: Dove exfoliator
Facial moisturizer: Oil of Olay but I want to try Dove next time
Mousse: Dove
Deodorant: Dove solid (but for my piggies: spray)
Hairspray: Dove (see I told you!)
Body spray: warm vanilla sugar or toasted hazelnut from B&B
Lotion: I make my own...a mixture of lavender baby lotion and vit. e cream and shea butter. lemme know if you want some and i will be happy to send you some.
Toothpaste: Aquafresh extra fresh
Perfume: Chloe Innocence (but only when I am not "sugared" up
Razors: Daisy with the comfort strip

We will be conducting this study on other products at a later date. This is totally for research for the perfect facial moisturizer, right Susie? If you use a product not sold in stores, please include a hyperlink on your blog.

OK y'all are it. :o)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Tagged by ~Jennifer

For those of you who don't know me very well I love these things. Before I got hooked on bloggin I was getting these things on email and forwarding it to everyone I knew. Very few people ever took the time to fill them out. I tried and tried to tell them how much fun it is, and only one cousin listened. My mother is afraid of so much information about her floating out in cyberspace.

Anyway, here is my 2x2 list from ~Jennifer

2 names you go by: Aunt Su-Su, SuBo
2 parts of your heritage: Cherokee, Human
2 things that scare you: Losing someone in my immediate family, car wrecks
2 of your everyday essentials: deodorant for my piggies, Diet Pepsi (or any diet soda)
2 things you are wearing right now: Tennis shoes, jogging pants
2 things you want in a relationship: communication, loyalty
2 truths: God loves me, Jesus saves us
2 of your favorite hobbies: making bead jewelry, reading
2 things you want really badly: a digital camera, for my children to get along
2 places you want to go on vacation: Australia, Hawaii
2 things you want to do before you die:1. Hold my grandchildren , retire
2 ways that you are stereotypically a chick: I have breasts, I cried in Steel Magnolia's
2 things you are thinking about now: I hope I don't go psycho on the two children screaming in this room, I hope my slap-top doesn't fall off this chair
2 stores you shop at:Walmart Homeland
2 people to tag: Susie, Meow

2 weird habits: picking at my head, spraying my feet with deodorant everyday
2 favorite items in the house: my spyderco knife (best knife I have)my bed
2 stores i wish we had: Target, Olive Garden (i know it's not a store, but i wish we had it)
2 things that make me cry: fighting with hubby, the fact that Jesus died for me
2 things i wish I could do different: if i did anything differently i wouldn't be who i am today and be in this exact moment, so nothing.
2 things I do very badly: stay on task, and do things on time
2 hidden talents: i can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, and the other will remain hidden from y'all ;o)
2 other email names: subo...thats the only other one.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pitiful Purse Pictures

Here is what I found in my purse....aaahhh! JOE!
This is the contents. Neatly arranged. Do I win?
This is the purse. Amazing isn't it?
Here is a run down of the contents:
Wallet crammed full
2 lotions
1 lip gloss
1 recipe for baked fudge...let me know if you want the is SO good
1 pkg dove body wipes (I have no clue why I have those...I guess to wipe Joe's head)
2 emails from Susie 4 pages long :o) I read them on my lunch break
2 computer document holders
2 pens
2 clackers
5 loose coins
1 section of rope
tall stack o mail
1 fingernail polish
orbit gum new flavor yum!
1 kiss
4 pay stubs
black card holder
label from microwave cake...saving it for the little coupon thing on it
check register..full
witness cards
stack o trash including multiple receipts, m&m wrapper, ear ring holder
build a bear card
pill holder
4 gift cards
2 paperclips
address book
Oh make up bag too.
Can you believe all that fit in that skinny purse???
I think we have a winner. Who can beat me??
That was fun!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Letter to Jamie Dawn from CassiJo

Dear Jamie Dawn,

You told my mommy that you were sending her some Ruby Red Slippers for Christmas and some Munchkins to play with me and my sister. Where are they? We have been waiting so long for them. I promised Mommy this morning that I would only wear her sparkly shoes in the house when she gets them. What do Munchkins eat? We need to be sure and go get some food for them. I still don't know where they will sleep when they get here, but send them anyway. We have sleeping bags.



Saturday, January 07, 2006

Weekend Update

Uncle Joe has finally finished his clever post. You can find it here . He had the computer tied up most of the afternoon and I had to wait very patiently indeed. Please check it is really cute. I think most everyone who visits here also visits him, but just in case........

While he was working I went up to him and without thinking, smelled his head. It was not good. It did not smell good like baby's heads do. It smelled like man-head that needed a shower.

Well I am being summoned to the shower by Cassidy who can't do it by herself, so I will make this post
(I am very self conscious about my foot odor so I spray them with deodorant every day.) TMI?? Too bad. :o)

Friday, January 06, 2006

From Josefina's Kitchen to Yours.....

These are some recipes from my cookbook. These are diet friendly except the first one. You can also get a lot of good recipes, diet tips and encouragment here It is not a Weight Watchers sponsored site, but is full of real men and women who are trying to change their lifestyle of eating.

Here goes:

This is a local favorite in our Mexican restaurants.

Hamlin's Dip
1/2 c. chopped onion
1/2 c. green olives chopped
1/2 t. garlic powder
4 oz. Blue Cheez Dressing
1 pint real mayo

Mix all together and thin to desired consistency with real buttermilk.
Refrigerate over night. (It is best the next day)

Serve with tortilla chips. YUM!

EZ Cheezy Soup

3 cans FF Chicken or Vegetable Broth
1 - 16 or 20 oz pkg (frozen) California Veg Mix
1 can Rotel

Mix all into a stew pot and cook over med heat to desired veggie tenderness.

Add: 10 oz LITE Velveeta Cheez

Heat thoroughly

1 cup=1 point on WW

Salmon Corn Cakes
Don't be afraid to try these...they are wonderful!!!

1- 6 oz can salmon rinsed drained and flaked (do not try to double this recipe with the large cans of salmon it
1/2 c. corn kernels
1/4 c. plain dried bread crumbs
1 large egg white
2 T. minced onion
1 T cilantro chopped
1/2 t. pepper
1/8 t. chili powder
2 t. canola oil

Mix all ingredients except oil. Let stand in fridge 10 min. (this is important) Shape into 4 -4" patties 1/2" thick. (Sprinkle each side with corn meal to keep from sticking to pan.)

Heat oil in skillet over med high heat. add patties cook 8-10 min pressing with spatula

Serve with a dollop of FF sour cream

1 serving = 2 patties
258 cal 11 g fat 2 g fiber
6 points each serving

Fake Carmel Apple Dip

1 small butterscotch pudding mix
1 small CoolWhip
Apples of your choice

Mix dry pudding into CoolWhip. Dip apples.....yum yum yum
My fave is Granny Smith Apples

G-Mom's Lemon Dessert

1 Angel Food Cake
1 large tub CoolWhip Lite or FF
1 jar lemon curd (found in the jelly section. it is like lemon pie filling only very concentrated)

Fold lemon curd into CoolWhip.
Serve over the Angel Food Cake.
One of my my fave desserts!!

There you have it. The first installment. I hope someone tries these....they are all very good and very easy. I am all about easy cooking! (Joe is the pastry chef in our house...he can make bread and piecrust from scratch and it is very good!)

We have been walking at night and getting some exercise, in addition to all the walking I do at work. I am down 5 pounds so far. Yippee! How are y'all doin?

Does anyone take a vitamin? I take the Dieter's Vitamin (walmart brand) and it has something in it that helps with my appetite and a shot of caffeine. Anne, you are the healthy eater aren't you? What do you take?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Benefits of Blogging

1. You get the chance to meet all kinds of people. (I had a comment yesterday from New Zealand! Cool!) I feel like I know some of you very well just by your posts and comments. How many of us have met and maintained a real life friendship with a blogger?
2. You can help people remotely; by listening and lending an ear and an occassional guffaw.
3. It gets your creative juices flowing. People are usually so funny on these things! Why can't we be this funny in person? I personally don't think fast on my feet and usually have to ponder my comments.
4. It demonstrates the humor in daily life, and what fun that is poking fun at ourselves and others.
5. It demonstrates that most of the time you are not a freak of nature. Everyone has a collection of
nail clippers, pens, scissors and remotes, plastic bags and magazines
6. Brave people post hot spots in their houses to help motivate them to clean. I must get a digital camera. I have several hot spots. One is the bloggin chair/bloggin spot, but I can't seem to catch it unoccupado! :o)
7. It has given me a lot of fun with Joe in the blogosphere and out.
8. I neglect food while blogging so I have lost weight.
9. I neglect laundry while blogging so I got to shop for clean underwear.
1o. Joe can wear the same jeans two days in a row (or more) cause he doesn't sweat while blogging. (He does however wet them from laughing at some of you cwaazzy people!)

What are your benefits of blogging?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Why: does time pass so quickly while swimming in the blogosphere? And why is blogging so addictive?
I sat down at the computer last night to blog a minute or two before bed and before you know it, it was 11pm and I was still at it. I am tired again today.

Where: does JamieDawn live? Its like that game, Where's Waldo!

Who: is Saur?

When: will Milton get his ever-lovin red stapler back for Pete's sake?

What: am I doin bloggin? I have to get up and get the Joe Family off to school and work!

Hope you will have a zoopr day today.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dinner's Ready!!

Hmmmmm the last two times I have cooked, the smoke alarm has gone off. Shortly thereafter you could hear me call, "Dinner's Ready!!" Please hold all nasty comments. It was a total coincidence. Really.

My role in a family drama

Today the instant I walked into the house from work, our eldest, and most dramatic, loverly daughter said, "Mom LuLu(the names have been changed to protect the innocent) has invited me to go to the movies with her tonight."

I replied in my most haggard voice, "I don't think tonight is a good night. The movie won't start til at least 7pm and you would be out until 9pm and tomorrow is a school day. You just got off a long break, lets do it another night."

Oh my 'lard', you would have thought I told her she could never breathe again or something. The wailings that came out of that child's mouth were unsurpassed to this point in her young life. I retreated to my bedroom and looked at Joe, who was blogging (a RIVETING POST nonetheless...Jamie please stay calm) and said, "What on earth is that about?" He advised that LuLu was supposedly moving, and he being the sensitive "girl dad" that he is suggested I go offer to let her talk about it. Just about that time she came busting in the room asking for the movie listings. After a little bit -o- sass on her part and a little bit -o -yellin on Joe's part she retreated and gave up.

I knew she was stewing about something more than going to the movies, probably about losing her friend, so I went to her very sweetly and said, "Honey is there something you need to talk about? Is something going on with Leslie? Is she moving?"

Big tears welled up in her eyes and she nodded. "When? I asked

" year." she said.

I used a lot of restraint here. I suggested that she had a lot of time to spend with LuLu before she left and we could plan some "special time" with her real soon.

Am I over-reacting here or was that a little bit much? I remember how "big" things seemed when I was her age . What joy awaits us as she enters puberty!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Photo #1: It is a Joe Kinda Christmas for Uncle Joe (see what he is holding?)
Photo#2: Uncle Joe and his Baby Girls (with his other favorite identity: Batman)

Introducing The Joe Family

Here is the Joe family: Uncle Joe, Aunt Jo, Carly Jo and Cassi Jo
So, whaddayathink?

You know you're a blog addict.....

when you dream of blogging.

I dreamed of blogging all night. I am so weird.

I think I can......

Our sermon last night was so good I have to blog about it. It woke me up this morning so I know it is the right thing to do.

Key verses: Isaiah 43:10-21 (See comments for the text)

God is bigger than our past. He doesn't dwell on it, why should we? He is interested in our future, because that is where we will be spending the rest of our lives, not in the past.

Have you ever wanted a "Do Over"? Well we can't go back and have a do over, but God can give you a fresh start if we allow Him to by doing the following:

1. Stop making excuses for failures.
~stop blaming others
~stop being a victim
~be honest and accept responsibility for your part of the problem

If you give up when trouble comes you are weak -Proverbs
People good @ making excuses are rarely good at anything else.

2. Act in faith
~act on what YOU know, not what others know, or what you don't know but what you KNOW to be true.
~act on as little knowledge that you have. eg: a new Christian may have very little knowledge about what
Jesus can do in their lives, but they know that he died on the cross and rose from the dead. act on that.
You know that to be true
~acting in faith ensures that you won't make the same mistake
~Quit feeling sorry for yourself
~Stop regretting the past and look to the future
~Learn from the past but don't dwell on it

3. Focus your life on things of God
~Focus your thoughts on God
~Our LIFE is shaped by our thoughts
~Renew your mind=Renew your life

Get around God's people as much as possible. Get around other believers who are focused on God and you
will gain strength from it.

4. Trust God in all this
~When is the last time you REALLY trusted Him? The world teaches us to believe in ourselves and what
man can do for himself. God wants us to just look to Him, trust Him and let Him prove Himself mighty!

Brother Monty also reminded us to take "Baby Steps" and grow.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Look to the ant you slackers!

Proverbs 6:6

A line in our Sunday School lesson today. After Joe read it, I leaned over and said, "Sounds like a post title to me." We laughed to ourselves......

Yes look to the Aunt and see what there is to learn:

1. Always look behind you when backing up. (There are poles hidden in bushes)
2. Think before speaking. (I have tasted my feet in my mouth many times.)
3. Always read the instructions.
4. Refrain from gossip in public. You never know who is listening and who they are related to. So, save it for
closed doors. (I was talking, not bad, about a highschool classmate who committed suicide at a lunch date
once and was horrified to learn his widow was sitting behind us. Even if she had heard, we were not saying
anything bad,but learned a lesson.)
5. Always look in the mirror one last time before going to work. (I have been humiliated many times when I
realized I forgot to blend a swipe of makeup in or forgot to comb our my bangs....what a laugh that was!)
6. Never assume anything when dealing with the public.
"Is this your father?" "No, he's my husband."
"WHen is your baby due?" "I'm not pregnant" or "She is 6 months old."
7. When talking to someone about an ex, use all human restraint not to chime in on the ex-bashing. Won't
we feel stupid if they get back together?
8. Sometimes we can learn more by listening than by asking a lot of nosy, dumb questions.
9. Always check the pockets before washing pants. (I have found $50 and also lost things in the washer)
10. Pay attention in Psychology class....some of that stuff really works.

There you have it folks. That's all I have to say at the moment, but stay tuned, cause I feel like I am on a roll here.