Sunday, December 31, 2006

Resolution Revolution

It is that time of year when we in the Joe house like to reveal our plans for the coming year. I had big plans for 2006 and crossed a few off my list. This year my list will be shorter and hopefully a little more attainable. :o)

Eat healthy (this will of course still include chocolate, coffee and diet drinks)
Get moving (notice I didn't say E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E? moving can be in the form of dancing, walking, cleaning, shopping etc)
Find a hobby
Have a family supper 4 nights a week (cereal counts too)
Date night at least once a month (Joe you have to be good and nice to me though)
Spend money wisely (Hey wait when you don' t have it don't you usually spend wisely?)
If something breaks I will fix it or call someone who can.
Delegate chores
Obliterate snores (it just rhymed)
Hug my daughters every day
Pray every day

I have no plans to be up at midnight tonight. It will be among a handful of times I won't see the New Year in. This will be our first New Years Eve in the new house. I wonder if the neighbors here are as rowdy as the ones in Muskogee?? Muskogee folk set off fireworks. These Fort Gibson folk may get out their guns for all we know. All we have is a pellet gun and that won't make much noise.

I need some coffee now.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

December 24th Birthdays Cubed

I have three people in my family who have a birthday on December 24th: My Aunt Joyce, my brother Tom and my brother-in-law Ronnie all have a birthday today.

As long as I can remember up until about 10 years ago Aunt Joyce had a birthday cake for her and my brother. They always had their picture made together. Neither of them particularly enjoy having their picture taken but endured the torture on a yearly basis. One of my favorites is when Tom is about 8 years old and he is saying something and Joyce is looking at him and laughing.

The way our family does it so Joyce and Tom really have a birthday celebration is we all (18) go out for lunch at Western Sizzlin and bring gifts for their birthdays. We all sit together and our waitress gets a very good tip. :o)

We had birthday cobbler for Ron at g-mom's house last night after our traditional grilled cheez sandwich and tomatoe soup dinner. ANP what do y'all like to do for Ron?

What a special gift to have a baby on this day. Looking down at the face of your child, just as Mary looked into the face of Jesus.

Happy Birthday Tom, Joyce and Ron!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Coolest Gifts Ever

Oh I can't wait for Christmas morning. I got Joe two of the coolest gifts ever! He will like them so much he may throw all the gift wrap aside and kiss me right on the lips in front of the girls. (EWWW MOM AND DAD ARE K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!)

Let's hope so anyway.........

if you want to know what they are, email me and I will send you a picture. One is so cool I will score MAJOR points for even FINDING it, much less getting it here for Christmas.

.......just three more days. The anticipation is killing me. ;o)

It will just be marvelous

12-27-06 Due to technical difficulties beyond my control (a terrible night's sleep and a volcano in his gut) Joe was not quite up to rolling around in the wrapping paper, but did smile at the gifts: The Official Batman Handbook and a Marvel Edition Monopoly game and some Marvel Matchbox cars....with the coveted Captain America car.)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


What does that mean you ask??

4:02am is the exact time I have been waking up for the last week. I have no idea why. Every day when I wake up and the clock says 4:02 I am amazed. Sometimes I can go back to sleep and sometimes I get up and do something for a while until I get sleepy again. Sometimes I pray for who ever pops in my mind first....sometimes it is Karina and the babies. I don't know who it will be tomorrow. Maybe one of the doctors at work, Dr. Elgin....his little mother died today.

If you have something you would like for me to talk to The Big Guy about tomorrow, say about 4:02 am, just leave me a comment and I will talk to Him about it.

Really it is kinda nice. No one to talk to except God and no distractions. Is He showing me how to find the time to talk to Him?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Updated photo

I updated this post with a picture.....please take a look at my pretty Birthday Girl. :o)

Thanking God for a small thing

Thank you God for your provision in this "small" thing that makes a big difference in my life:

Recently my employer updated our Business Office computers at work, equipping us with internet at all computers, not just one in the back of the office. As you know, I work at the front desk and get to greet all our patients coming in our office. This is not a hard job, but the stress is a little high especially when we are busy.

Anyway, I have been checking the website for my favorite Christian radio station: KXOJ and until today, they have not had the "listen" button. Today, when I logged on, there it was!! I can now listen to uplifting Christian music at my desk. This music encourages me and keeps me happy, so much better than secular music.

When I feel happy inside, I will be a more effective employee and be able to greet all our patients with a smile ;o)

Here is a tidbit I heard on this great radio station today:

God is NOT looking for a steeple, he is looking for a people.
He is looking for his peeps
I want to be God's Peep! Do you??

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Boys and Bears

Last year Carly's best friend was a Build a Bear, now it is a boy.

I just couldn't wait!

I ordered this ornament for Joe (despite what the camera date stamp says) for his stockingthis year. I just couldn't wait to give it to him. Do you recognize it?? It is our very own Jenn's creation nicely put on a ceramic ornament at

Isn't it just adorable

Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Boobah Cassidy

Seven years ago today Cassidy Faith Joe was born into our family. She came into the world fast and furiously....just like she lives her life.

For seven years old she sure knows a lot and is not shy about telling you what she knows. Lord only knows if she is right or wrong sometimes.

She sings from the time she wakes up til she falls asleep at night or when our ears get tired, which ever comes first.

She is not your average girl either. She loves to play with Matchbox cars. She and Carly construct large mats with roads, shops and houses. Her cars talk to each other and have little car-families. She only likes real-life race cars. I think her favorite is a Mini Cooper or a VW Bug with no lid. (Cassi-speak for a convertible)

She wants to be a big sister or at least the Boss of her big sister Carly. :o)

This morning she told me "Mom I am never gonna get a job. I am gonna just stay home for ever. " I asked how she would do that. She has it all figured out. "I will just let my Honey go to work."

Cassidy Faith Joe, we are blessed to have you for our little sister and our baby daughter.

Happy Birthday

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Norwegian Treats

We recently received a pleasant surprise in the mail.....a package from Norway! Nerdine sent us a bunch of stuff about Norway and a very newsy informative letter.

We got a book about Norway and the Vikings, several post cards, one of her work, and some Norwegian chocolates. We have not eaten them yet......not for lack of trying on the girls' part though. There were also two Viking bead necklaces. That is right up our alley. We love to make beaded jewelry here in the Home of the Joes. There was also a treat for me: a cd of Norwegian music made by Nerdine.

I have a picture of all the loot, but don't have it downloaded. We are still having computer woes....nothing horrible, just stay tuned for pix.

Last night Cassidy was trying to tell PrayerfulMom about the package and she said," We got a package from Nerdino, our friend from the blogs. She is from (MOM WHERE IS SHE FROM?!) Norway. It is very far away."

Carly piped up and we had the thought at the same time. In "A Cinderella Story" one of the characters says Norwegian salmon is from Norwegia, so of course we had to laugh and say that too.....

Thanks Nerdino!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weird Schmeird Etc

Leslee is so bossy. She wants me to post weird things about myself. Well first off, I am not weird. Y'all are. I could post a whole bunch more weird things about you than I could about normal little ole me, but here goes:

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the '6 weird things about you.' People who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. I recently started listening to classic rock on STAR 103 . When I started to like it i thought to myself, "I am finally grown up." In my mind, only older adults liked that station.....and now that I am about to turn 38, I finally feel like an adult. (I bet Joe is so relieved.)

2. I peel the top off of pizza and eat it first, then the crust.

3. I sleep with ear plugs.

4. I find a scent I like and wear it all the time until I get tired of it, or find something I like better. Currently I am still loving warm vanilla sugar but would also like to try some Pink Sugar from here. If Joe found something he liked I would wear that too, but his nose gets itchy when it smells perfume. (I will also add here that I love a good smelling man!)

5. I blush VERY easily. My face always gives away my emotions, no matter how hard I try to hide them.

6. I have only been drinking coffee for one year. (and I love it!....another sign I am grown up.)

Bonus weirdness:
7. I have freckles between my toes.

8. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

9. I am pretty smart and intuitive about certain things (don't tell Joe) It just gets lost in this dingy shoulda-been-a blonde head though.

10. I hate those mail-in cards in magazines and rip them all out when i read the magazine.

Tagging: BandGirl, Carly-Fries, Ted, ANP, and Nerdine

Today I will go to the annual Sister's Christmas Lunch with my mother, her sisters (7 total) and all my girl cousins. We will eat and have a gift exchange at Aunt Ruth's . It might get nasty. They like to play Dirty Santa and I don't. I think I posted about that last year. I love to see everyone and visit and laugh at how old they have gotten! haha

My gift is pretty cute: a snowman mug with a matching stirring spoon, some "dash/smidgen/pinch" measuring spoons, hot chocolate, mini flavored coffees and creamer.....all things I love. :o) Is it wrong to take things you would like? I usually do, and have even ended up with my own gift (and promptly returned it for the cash)

Here are all my aunts: Betty, Ruth, Iva, Mary, Thelma & Velma (my mom) and Sandra

Did I tell you that Carly won the MRMC "Holiday" card contest? Her design will be featured on the card sent out by my employer. She won a $25 gift card from Walmart. As soon as I receive our copies, I will post a photo.

I have more to post but will save something for later........

Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Ice Cream

I used to love it when Mom would make snow ice cream when we were is a good recipe:

1 cup Half & Half
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
dash of salt
5 cups of fresh, clean snow

I think you could also use liquid vanilla coffee creamer....what do you think?

We only got a few inches of snow last night. Not near as much as the rest of our state. There were blizzard conditions near the OK/KS border. We have been lucky, no power outages in our town. That is what is the worst I think.

I went outside this morning and only had to sweep off my car a bit and break a little bit of ice accumulation from yesterday, otherwise it wasn't bad. I left in plenty of time and only drove 30mph the whole way.

Everyone in the clinic made it but one person and there have only been 5 patients so far. We will have to find a bunch of busy work for everyone. I brought movies just in case! haha

Snuggle up with a good book or your honey and stay warm today!