Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September Whatth??


Are you kidding me? Where did the time go??

Oh my what have we been up to? Last weekend the Joes went on a trip: The Joes Big Tent Camping Trip. Uncle Joe made a huge list and gathered up items all week for our trip. I was very impressed. He thought of almost everything we would need for a two day outing to Greenleaf State Park in Braggs, OK.

He and the girls left to pick a good spot as soon as they got out of school, leaving me to get last minute items and my clothes packed after work. They didn't get there in time to get a spot with electricity but got a fabulous spot anyway. We were out of the way at the edge of the park. Good for quiet, not so good for trips up to the bathroom. (and we all know with children that means 800 trips to the bathroom)

We awoke to the morning sun shining on us over the lake and it was beautiful. (after a quite chilly night...UJ swears he told me to bring more blankets but I think we had a bad cell phone connection and I didn't hear that so he and I had to snuggle really close under one blanket.) Uncle Joe cooked some eggs for breakfast as the girls snoozed a bit. After breakfast he even made coffe on the fire. What a man! (and what Manly coffee he made! it put hair on my chest!)

There was t thief among the campers too. We woke up to a mess of peanut shells on our table. UJ was ready to scold the girls until he talked to our neighbors who suggested that raccoons had been by. Yep they were right. All of our bread was gone too. We found clues later to confirm it.

The girls and I had to run into town for some Weight Watcher friendly food for Mommy and more bread and by the time we got back it was lunch time and we had company arriving!

Ted and Teddy came to visit followed shortly by my dad, then UJ's mom, sister and two nieces. We had a good visit and UJ, Teddy, Ted and I all played catch for about 45 minutes. My arms were noodley the next day when I tried to play catch again with Carly. The girls had a fawn walk right up to them to taste of Cousin Elle's apple. I guess those deer have it all figured out: where people are, there is food!!

The next day Cassidy and I walked around the park with Shelby , our new dog, and made friends everywhere we went. Kids+dog = instant friends!

We packed up the stuff and headed home and are looking forward to our next trip. I hope it is soon. I really had a good time.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Yesterday I volunteered (well....with pay) to help one of my uncles do a catering. I really had no idea how much they would need me. I thought it would be a couple of hours, so that is what I was mentally prepared for.

I went at 3pm and got home at 9pm. It was a frenzy of food! Cheese was flying this way and that as I flung it on the twice baked new potatoes. The marinara was flowing as it was poured over sliced zuccini. Cooking spray fumes filled the air as we sprayed cooking sheets to bake bacon wrapped shrimp. I didn't even have time to go to the restroom until we got home. We hit the door running and didn't stop. I didn't realize how badly I had to "go" until I was driving home and had to make an emergency stop at Mom's.

I was not prepared to be out in the reception with the guests. I was dressed in shorts and tennies and an apron for cryin' out loud! There was no one else to help so I HAD to be out there. I tried to be invisible but you know how it is in a small town......"JOSEFINA!! I didn't know you did this!" Of course I saw every one I knew and was horrified that I looked so out of place. Oh well.....in my opinion, there should have been some better communication from my uncle who was "in charge".

He did get several offers to cater more events and I don't know if I will help out again or not. I will let you know after I get my check. :0) haha Oh, and I am charging him extra for the anxiety he gave me cutting it so close. We were putting the final food items in the warmer just minutes before the guests came in. We made it by the skin of our taters.

I went home and unloaded my left overs on UJ who ate them gladly and fell into bed exhausted.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Wow I have blogging for two years!

Happy Belated BloggerDay to me!