Sunday, July 20, 2008

We Be Chillin' and Grillin'

Uncle Joe and CassiJo made us some yummy Shish Kebabs yesterday for lunch. He found a great marinade in his newest Cooks Magazine (not the real name I just made that up) and he marinated the meat and veggies. Did you know you are supposed to cook the veggies a little first? We microwaved them for several minutes in the marinade to make sure they were soft and would finish cooking quickly on the grill. Don't forget to soak your skewers!

Cassi honing her kebab

Uncle Joe's handy work

Below: the finshed product.
They were ars yummy as they look.
Don't you wish we had smellavision?

Since we live with Batman we decided to honor him with some BatmanBrownies They were very tasty with our homemade icecream too. I'll be posting that new and easy recipe later.......

We had a good day. My friend, Hudson, came over and spent the day with us on a spur of the moment inspiration. He arrived just as I was pulling the kababs off the grill and kept us company all day. We visited and reminisced and even got to show off UJ's other movie, Batman Begins. :o)


Vanilla Ice Milk
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
1 (12 oz) can evaporated lowfat milk
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp sugar substitute
2 large egg yolks
2 1/2 cups low fat milk
1/4 heavy cream
1 table spoon vanilla extract (**I recommend using more to your taste this recipe left me wanting a little more vanilla taste. you may have to increase the sugar just a bit too.)

In a medium saucepan, sprinkle gelatin over evap milk. Let stand for 5 minutes to soften. Whisk in sugar, sugar substitute and egg yolks until no trace of yolks remain.

Over medium heat, cook stirring constantly, 10-15 minutes or until mixture thickens slightly and coats back of spoon. Remove from heat; stir in lowfat milk, heavy cream and vanilla. Pour into large aluminum loaf pan or rectangular baking pan. Refrigerate 1 hour or until chilled. Cover with foil and freeze 2 hours OR FREEZE IN ICECREAM MAKER FOLLOWING MANUFATURERS INSTRUCTIONS* (preferred method)

Manual instructions: In a large bowl, beat mixture until smooth and creamy. Return to pan cover and freeze 2 to 3 hours. Transfer to bowl and beat again. Place ice milk in airtight container, cover and greeze until ready to serve. Remove from freezer 10 to 15 minutes before serving. Makes 12- 1/2 cup servings. **95 calories per serving! (but who can just eat a 1/2 cup serving??!)


  1. mmmmmmm
    everything looks tasty

  2. Seeker: it was pretty tasty.
    A yummy group effort.

  3. Very clever to do a batman motif out of powdered sugar!!

    He must have loved that!

    The kebabs look good, and no, I did *Not* know that veggies should be know that explains a lot...hmmmmmmmm

  4. Double L: The brownie mix had the Batman cutouts, of course when we saw it we HAD to buy it.

  5. I pretty much heated up a hotdog today

  6., today is a sad day, - i will be no longer.

    take care and thanks for the e-friendship.

  7. Ponder what do you mean??

  8. hey, you just got me before i hit the button...

    ...over the last 2 months i've struggled to blog at home, (long hours at work, and then gettin on the computer at night has not been conducive to a good marriage/family life) and i can't blog at work....

    so i've reluctantly decided to close up shop.

    thanks again.

    (if things change at some point i'll be back in a flash!!)


  9. i totally understand and support your decision. your family will appreciate you sharing air with them.

    good decision.

    see ya 'round
    you have been fun to blog with.

  10. Sad to hear about Ponder This!

    Uncle Joe is such a great dad and hubby!

    Love reading your blog!


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