Monday, July 31, 2006

Day Duh and Tree

We somehow managed to get to the conference just as the first speaker was starting every day. I will count that as a blessing. I (and Susie I believe) would not have wanted to be in that hall with 4,000 women buzzing around. It gave me a bit of claustrophobia, and I could not help staring at everyones shoes.

Day Two we got to hear two new speakers: Jan Silvious and Donna Otto. Both these women were very funny and gave us a wonderful lesson. They both had books for sale in the "bookstore" but we did not buy any. I will be checking some of them out in our local library.

We had a long lunch break and decided to walk downtown for some lunch again. Did you know that on Saturdays that a lot of the downtown merchants close?? We didn't. There was a young woman outside the conference center handing out flyers advertising free cookies to conference attendees so we (of course...who is going to turn down free cookies?) headed down there. We located the deli quickly as we had seen it the previous day but decided to walk around a bit and just survey our choices. There were not other choices so we walked back to The Steamboat Deli where we were treated to a local who blurted out a very politically incorrect statement that I won't even repeat. We just looked at each other and inched as close as we could to the entrance of the deli. (for a quite yummy lunch I might add)

We had some time later to do some shopping at a HUGE mall near the conference and had a ball shopping for our family. I found Joe a cute shirt with a jazzy fellow running that says "Cuppa Joe on the go" Susie sniffed that one out for me. I missed it. I repaid the favor when I sniffed out a couple of Calvin and Hobbes books on Clarence's Rack at Barnes and Noble later. Why is it I could find all kinds of things for my family but had the hardest time finding something for myself. I hate that. Oh well, it gives me another reason to do some shopping TODAY! haha)

After a late supper...come to think of it all our suppers were late (We were having some difficulty with the time difference) we went back home to blog a bit and to bed. You know we didn't turn the TV on once while we were attending this conference?

Day Tree was very short, and actually more of the same with one difference. We discovered there were RECLINERS in the bookstore. They had a video feed in there so we got to listen to the last round of speakers in style!

All in all it was a good conference. The speakers were very inspiring women of God. You can tell by the way they act and speak that they are very intelligent and very in love with our Most Awesome God. We both came away inspired and challenged to make changes in our lives....ones that will continue to feed us and help us feed others by the word of God.

One thing that Kay Arthur said was that we are like a precious jewel in the hand of God. Can things still get to us? Yes. She points to the cracks in her fingers. BUT remember ladies that nothing can get to you without first having been filtered through LOVE. It has to pass through the hands of God before it gets to you.

If you ever get the awesome chance to go to a conference like this by all means go. It was so awesome being in a room with 4,000 women who love God and were there to learn and grow.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Day One

  1. The first day of the conference was wonderful. The speakers were great and we spent a lot of the day hearing some of the wonderful Christian ladies I have heard on the radio: Janet Parshall and Kay Arthur. The other speakers are ones that I have never heard of but were great, save one, who was too loud and we politely ducked out for a break during her rousing lesson. (We could hear her lesson on the speakers outside in the foyer so we didn't miss anything but the loudness of it.)

    Let me give you a run down of the Idiot things that happened today:
    1. we didn't judge our travel time well enough and were late
    2. we had to park in the highest level of the parking garage
    3. there were no "edge" seats in the place and we had to crawl over people to sit down.
    4. we both forgot to pack our Bibles and gladly bought ourselves new ones in the book store. :o)
    5. both meals we had today were served by the two slowest waitresses in the nation, but we were nice and tipped them anyway. (our tip was, "Don't eat yellow snow.")
    6. we, along with 20 other women took over the men's restroom when the line to the ladies was too long.
    7. when we left to come back home we were almost run off the road by a crazy driver passing us on the RIGHT hand side of the road, scaring us half to death.
    8. the key to our room was deactivated when we got back from the last speaker 9. barnes and nobel closed and we didn't get through smelling the books. (heehee!)

    I think these are all a result of the "gobhole phenomenon".

    Truthfully, we are having a good time and enjoying the teaching we are hearing and just looking foward to hearing from God.

    Here are some pictures to look at:

    here is Susie at her favorite purveyor of coffee beverages: Starbucks. It was in the swanky hotel where we had a $9.00 club sandwich.

    We had a much better supper at Cracker Barrel, as you can see it was teeth pickin'good. I just love those rockers on the front porch. It was here she tasted her first fried okra. We had fun shopping in the store for the kids. Didja know they will ship stuff home for you? Cool huh? That way you don't have to lug it home.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gobhole Adventure in Oklahoma

The adventure has begun y'all!

Susie and Dylan arrived safely in the state of Oklahoma last night about 9:30pm. We arrived a little early at the airport and it was the longest wait of our little girl's lives! They asked every few minutes, "How much longer Mom/Dad? Are they here yet?"

We spotted them way off down the hall and recognized everyone immediately. We had made signs to welcome them and even had someone come up and ask to see who we were meeting when they walked up- I guess they had no idea what a Gobhole Girl was. (who would?)

Susie has a beautiful smile and is more beatiful in person. Dyl wasn't a bit shy and will fit right in with the Goofballs at our house! (ie Carly and CassiJo) He fit in so well that they all had to be paid a dollar to be quiet on the way home from Tulsa. It was the hardest dollar Carly ever earned and Cassi fell asleep so it was the easiest for her! :o) Heehee!

We made it home after a snack at McDonald's and visited a little while until everyone got sleepy.

They are still snoozing because their bodies are still on Idaho time......two hours behind us. Our girls are up and wanting to play.

Good morning and let the games begin!! :o)

PS Note to self: ALWAYS CARRY EXTRA CAMERA BATTERIES! (i did it again......the batteries died right before they got here)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gobhole Day

Today is finally here!! The Joe family has been anticipating this day for months and months and it has finally arrived.

Susie will arrive in Oklahoma this evening and we will begin a 6 day Gobhole Adventure! I am anticipating lots of fun, maybe a fall-down or two, laughing til my gut hurts and maybe some odd people watching.

Please pray for their safe arrival and return trip........

More to come

PS We are moved!! Well mostly to follow

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Graduate and The Girl

Proud parents of the graduate.....the KINDERGARTEN graduate.

CassiJo waiting for her big moment to cross the stage.

Things have been so hectic around here I failed to get CassiJo's graduation pix posted more timely. Here she is in all her kindergarten glory. By the way, she is very smart and knows a lot of stuff. If you have any questions about life or candy you need answered please leave them in the comment section.

Breaking news: she is learning that she is FINALLY big enough to ride her big girl bike. It had been too tall the last few times she tried to ride it, but with the growth spurt she has had, she can finally touch the ground. (No training wheels either!)

Here is our 5th grade graduate. She will be attending Middle School when we move next month. She is a little nervous but has learned that some of her friends from her old school have also moved to our new town.

Our new neighbors have 3 young boys (and one more on the way) so hopefully CarlyJo will have lots of opportunities to babysit. She has been working really hard with Papa (my dad) mowing and helping him so she can earn enough money to buy an ipod or shuffle thingy. I am very proud of her for sticking with it. (It also helps that Papa is keeping the money til she has enought....that way she is not tempted to spend it. haha!)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bloggers Meet Part Duh

Peanut Snail Rescuer! She wanted to take them home but Mom said no.

Peanut's first bite of Sam & Ella's great pizza. Stretching that cheez to its limit!

Bloggers Unite: Aunt Josefina (yes my hair is a reddish color! Note to self: don't try a new hair color while your hubby is napping. It disorients them.) Leslee and Uncle Joe

Peanut "fell" in the Town Branch where we were playing. (I think she did it on purpose to get wet!)

Lesee and CarlyJo cooling off in the Town Branch

As you can see we had a great time. The children got along wonderfully and I was so nervous I chattered the whole time and Leslee could barely get a word in edge wise. We laughed so much my mouth hurt when we left. :o) That is a good thing!

There were some interesting folks there too. I'll direct you to Leslee's blog to read about them.

We left after about 3 1/2 hours of fun and promised we would do it again soon.

Thank you Leslee for making time to play with us. We had a great time and we look forward to seeing you and Peanut (and maybe Nickel next time) again soon.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bloggers Meet

Tonight The Joe family will embark on a new adventure. We will meet our blogger friend, Leslee. Her family lives in a nearby town and we are meeting at the best pizza joint in Green Country, Sam & Ellas. (I am looking forward to that Rock Island Red pizza almost as much as I am looking forward to meeting her and Peanut. :o)Pictures will abound.I wonder what her voice sounds like?I wonder if our daughters will get along?I wonder how tall she is?Will I recognize her?If I have spinach in my teeth will she tell me?

Tank You!

Thanks to Uncle Joe for giving me some linkies on the side bar. I have been whining wanting him to help me do it for a long time. :o)