Friday, July 18, 2008

Dark Knight on a Dark Night

Tonight Uncle Joe and I went out to see Batman The Dark Knight. I was so excited that I secured our tickets on my lunch break. Our movie theater was showing TDK on 3 or 4 screens. The associate who answered the phone when I called asked which theater I wanted to view the movie. I told her the best one, so we got the largest screen with digital surround sound. :o) woohoo! The only thing better about seeing Batman is seeing a HUGE Batman.

The movie was very intense and in your face.

Batman also said something funny. At one point during a fight Batman had some "help" from civilians dressed as him. They were upset when he bound them up to save them from harm.

They asked "what is the difference between you and me?"

"I'm not wearing hockey pants." says the Dark Knight.

That must be Bat Comedy.

Here's more.....Joe kept interrupting the movie by saying "Yay me!" or "Look at me go!" gosh you would think he could contain himself at his own movie premier.

On a serious note: If you are lover of Batman then this will be a great adventure for you. Heath Ledger's performance was very memorable, maybe his best.


  1. Joe must have been in batman heaven/glory.

    I've heard that this movie is very intense and dark.

    I still miss the old batman tv shows.....

  2. Dooz: very sad

    LL: He was so impressed with himself during the whole movie. It IS very intense and dark. There is a feeling you get from Heath Ledgers performance that is so sad....
    I remember the old Batman reruns from when I was a kid. UJ remembers them the FIRST time they came out. :o)

  3. Yep, we saw it too, also, as well.
    We really liked it!
    Heath Ledger was really good, and it makes me sad to know he died so young. His performance was totally creepy and funny and weird and evil.
    I'm glad UJ (Batman) enjoyed his movie. He was very good in it.


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