Monday, December 31, 2007

This is a post about Carly

Carly is my eldest daughter.

She wants me to make a post about her.

She is 13 years old and has the most beautiful porcelian skin and curly dark hair.

She is very funny, a comic genius says Tedly, and makes silly noises when she is happy.

She wiggles when she eats something she likes. Always has....even as a baby!

She turned her feet in circles when she was a baby sitting in her swing. She still does that when she is thinking or tired.

She has a teddy bear named AprilBear. She was a gift from my ex-sister in law and remains her favorite bear.

She loves Dr. Pepper. She got a Dr. Pepper shirt, a six pack of Dr. Pepper and Dr. Pepper lip gloss from her silly mother for Christmas.

She is currently boy crazy. She gets that from her mother.

She has beautiful eyes. When she was born she had the longest eye lashes. The nurses told me that was a sign of a truly beautiful baby. I totally believed them.

She prayed for a baby sister once. Now she wonders why she did it. (haha!)

When we shop together she has to be touching me at all times as we stroll. We appear to be conjoined twins, attached at the elbow. Sometimes it annoys me, but most of the time I just laugh when I notice it.

All her friends are nutso like her so they are a herd of silly sweet goofy girls.

She also has bedroom floor issues. Apparently it causes her stress to actually SEE the it is always covered with clothes. I just keep the door shut as that annoys me.

She is a joy in my life and I am glad God have her to us to be our daughter.

She Has It All Figured Out

A co-worker, Cathey, has a niece named Alli. Alli is Cathey's MiniMe. Cathey is kind of matter-of-fact in all she does. She doesn't get all silly goofy about things like I do. She is the voice of reason, the devil's advocate and always the one to put you in your place and tell you just how it is. Her niece is the same way. Alli is 4 yrs old.

Cathey went to visit Alli this weekend and was asking what she was going to get for Christmas. Their conversation went like this:

"Alli, what is Santa going to bring you for Christmas?"

"Blue Dora (the Explorer) ear-rings and necklace"

"Oh.....that sounds nice" At this point Cathey realizes these items have never been mentioned before and her mother is clueless that she wants these.

"Well you know sometimes Santa doesn't bring us every single thing we want, and that's OK isn't it?"

Alli replies, "He is bringing me Dora ear rings and necklace Aunt Cappy"

Cathey knows there is no chance Alli will get the jewelry so Cathey and Alli's dad decide to try to persuade her against wanting the earrings. They get a pair of earrings and tell her, "Alli do you know how ear rings get in your ears? They take the ear rings and put a little tiny hole in your ear."

"Does it hurt?" asks Alli

"Yes but just for a minute" Cathey tells her.

Alli ponders this thought for a while and when her dad is visiting with her later about Christmas the ear rings come up again.

"Remember Alli, you'll have to get little holes in your ears to wear the ear rings. You don't want them to do that to your ears remember?"

Alli has it ALL figured out and says, "Oh Santa is going to bring me new ears."

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Uninterrupted time

Today I am out of town on a GirlsNightOut or GNO as CarlyJo has christened friend, Carol, and I are in Tulsa for a night of fun.

We left town as soon as I picked up my paycheck yesterday and headed out of town. I was glad that my niece, Salani came over to keep the girls company while I am away. You know how Drama Queens can be! As soon as she arrived I was old news.....thankfully!

I fetched Carol from her parent's home in Fort Gibson and we were on our way. I felt like I was going to take a big breath and not stop talking for 30 hours! We have a lot of fun together, but we can also be quiet together and be totally content.

Our hotel is directly across the street from the huge local mall, so I imagine we will be there first thing. It will be a great thing to be there with no one else to have to worry about, take to the bathroom, corral or separate from their sibling.

We had dinner at Carrabas, an Italian restaurant, and it was SO good. Our waiter was fabulous and really made our maiden trip very nice. I had Lobster ravioli. (Good, but I don't think I would get it again) Carol had plain ravioli and we shared a great unprouncable dessert. It was butter cake with vanilla pudding, fruit and whipped cream topping. Very yummy and seemed simple enough to duplicate at home later.

We went to see P.S. I Love You and it was very good. It made us cry throughout the whole movie but we laughed a lot too. I would recommend it for a good chick-flick. Two thumbs up here!

Barnes and Noble was the only store open after the movie so of course we went to sniff some books. I found something for CarlyJo and Uncle Joe but decided to wait to find something for myself. I have limited funds you know! I will hunt for a goodie for CassiJo tomorrow too :o)

I must have been major tired because I fell alseep as soon as my head hit the pillow and Carol said I slept through our noisy neighbors banging/clanging/hollering at 1230am.

Now we are channel surfing and blogging, throwing the idea of breakfast is good.

Our time may be limited, so we will maximize it by having major fun!

Our girls (she has 2 girls and 1 boy) kept asking what we were going to be doing. We both told them, "Whatever we want......uninterrupted!" It is just nice not to have a plan and do whatever we want.

Right now there is a cup of coffee calling me to come downstairs......

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hi Kai!

Our nephew Kai has learned a new skill.......can you guess what it is??

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas is coming!!

It is hard to think of things I want for are the intangibles:

You can never have enough grace......or smiles. Good thing about smiles, they are contagious, so pass some out!

Hugs and kisses are wonderful.....especially when they come when you least expect it or really really need them after a bad day.

Now the tangibles......

I am trying really hard to grow my nails out long and pretty. I have been told I have nice long nail beds so they look long even when they aren't. I would love to have a nice manicure from Shannon at Salon Secrets on York Street. :o)

I have always wanted one of these necklaces....costume jewelry of course.

I missed seeing this at the movies last year so now it is out on DVD. :o)

Here is my fave B&B scent and I am out of bath/shower gel.....

Dark chocolate is best....and good for you too! (if that is a lie, don't tell me.)

Our kitchen chairs don't have pads in them. Maybe if they did we could use the dining table more. ;o) (that and clean it off!)

Walmart has some black checked ones we liked, right Carly??

I need some new toons!!

I love flannel pj's! These are so sweet!

I must must must have a new calendar people! It is my lame attempt to try and stay organized.

This is my new favorite perfume. It smells SO yummy. (A little like Obesssion)

I wonder if it will drive Uncle Joe mad? I must invite him into my bubble to test the theory: Just a dab will do....just enough that you have to be "in my bubble" to smell it. Mmmmmmm

I have everything bought and wrapped. I went on a marathon shopping trip to Tulsa last Friday all by my self. I was so proud of myself! I didn't have any trouble in traffic, and only had to ram one person who pulled out in front of me in front of Krispy Kreme. I had ideas galore and cash to spend. I got the girls gifts here and there and everywhere (Carly did you really think I was going to tell you where I shopped? haha)

Uncle Joe got us a "together gift"
a Batman Black mixer. I am firing it up today and making some cookies. I think I might try Chocolate Chip Oatmeal and Snickerdoodles. We also got a pasta maker with it. I hope to try that out soon too.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Christmas, that you are surrounded by your loved ones sharing your love and laughter.

Thank you Jesus for leaving Heaven to come to earth, to share our air and walk our sod. Thank you for teaching us how to love one another as you loved us. Thank you for loving us when we fail and for encouraging us to keep on keeping on, and thanks for hanging around and NEVER leaving us, even when we feel alone. ~

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Boobah Cassidy

Happy Boobah to my baby!

'bout this time 8 yrs ago I was snuggling with my newborn baby daughter in a warm hospital bed singing Christmas carols softly in her ear. She slept right through my songs.

Since that night we have been laughing with this kid and the silly stuff she says. (Like last week: "Mom do boys have something called a nut?" My reply: Yes it is on top of their shoulders and it is called THEIR HEAD" Carly was in the back seat saying, "I can't WAIT to hear your answer Mom." I handled that well don't you think? )

Friday, December 07, 2007

All I have to do today is...

go to work
get as much done in 6 hours as I do in 8
come home
pick up Cassidy early from school
(My friend Carol and her two daughters are coming to spend the night and go to Tulsa with us to celebrate Cassidy's upcoming birthday Dec 11. )
make a cake
make icing (for the first time)
decorate a cake (Cassi designed will follow after completion)
sweep and mop the floor
clean up the mess from the cake
grocery shop
tidy up the bathrooms
wrap a gift for Cassidy
have fun!

I like the last part best.

Bizzy Buzzy Day today

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hump Day

I feel like I have a hump on my back. Too much over time for AJ who is getting older and older.......but I am tough, I will bounce back befor you know it. (and probably hit you in the face on the return trip haha)

I helped with a catering for the local power company last night. I got to be at the most important table: THE DESSERT TABLE. I had a table full of pumpkin pie, turtle cheesecake and strawberry cake to serve. I did not push the turtle cheesecake under strict orders from my cousin Wendy across the way. She was really hoping that some would be left to take home with her. The last time I saw Wendy she was absconding with a left over pecan pie. She is a Pie Snatcher.

CarlyJo is sick this week. She caught Mom's cold. I suffered through it last week and thought I was going to explode in a snotty mess. Isn't it amazing the amount of mucous your body can produce? It just isn't right!

A local radio station is playing Christmas music 24/7. It is nice for a little while, then it gets annoying.

Got any good ideas for home made Christmas gifts??

UJ and I got ourselves a KitchenAid mixer, black of course. I can't wait to whip up some cookies! It should arrive soon. Now I won't have any thing to open on Christmas morning! :o(

I got Carly the coolest gift's a

eeeep! gotta go look at the time!

Monday, December 03, 2007

I knew

if i left my sweet snow flake background up long enough it would finally be in season's kinda like leaving your Christmas lights up all year.

My Christmas shopping is started, barely.

My tree is not up yet.

I have lights for the house......on the kitchen table.

I have good intentions for Christmas cards too.

Cassidy's birthday is December 11th. She will be 8yrs old. NOOOOOOOO!
My baby is 8??

Ok gotta run! This indoor internet is great!! (but now I have wasted too much time and will be late for work!)