Thursday, July 31, 2008

Deep Hoe Faux Toes and Swirls

Depot Photos and Swirls

Know who this famous Oklahoma musician is?? This banner hangs in The Depot/ Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame (where UJ's reunion was) I got to see him several years ago when I was in college, before he got too famous. Uncle Joe recorded a really good concert on DirecTV but some naughty little Joe girl erased it. My favorite song he sang was "It's Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night That Chewed My A$$ Out All Day Long" It was hilarious!

Any guesses?? you might just win a prize


In other news: The Daughters of Joe have been gone to G-Mom's Camp for two nights. G-mom and Grandpat took them to Marval Trout camp in Gore, OK for some fun before school starts. They rented a cabin (too small I hear) and everyone got along pretty well.......that being a relative term! I think everyone is tired but had a good time.

Since our house was extra quiet Uncle Joe took me on two dates in a row! Day One we went to Tahlequah to The Village Cafe for a gyro (for me) and some Italian samplers (for him). We also went to a movie. I am not telling which one because it was not that great. We laughed but it was one of the strangest movies we have seen.

Day Two took us in the opposite direction to Wagoner. We ate at a restaurant that has been getting lots of local attention. By that I mean on the message boards for UJ's class website. Mr. Chicken is almost to legendary status for the Class of 78. I decided I had to have some! They have these small little bread items they call puffs. They are like little Indian Fry Breads......and soooo yummy with honey dripping off them. I had the batter dipped fish that was very tasty and UJ had chicken....also tasty. Wagoner is about a 20 minute drive away from our home and we took the scenic route so we also had a nice drive.

A very nice two nights were had by Mr. and Mrs. Joe. No....not what you think!!

It is soo hot here today. The next two or three days have heat warnings. Me thinks we will be staying in tomorrow. We have seen a lot of heat related illnesses at work. I don't know how some people do it!! I think I am about to find out..... I am going to mow the lawn now. Thank Heaven it is on the riding lawnmower!

That's all I've got. Not much......


  1. Looks a little like Bubble Art. Not sure.

  2. That, is a jaw breaker. Nothing else.

    I know those from anywhere.

  3. your windshield in the carwash?

  4. WHAT!?

    OK, A gumball? A bowling ball?

    I was certain I was right. I felt all righteous.

    I am an idiot.

    I am glad though that you got all that special time with UJ. There is nothing like it. Recently the Professor and I were able to have time like that and it was SO NICE.

    lesliereid you can have your choice of some of AuntJo's Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies or a free lifetime supply of air!

    R: You are silly! Where did the Professor take you? Somewhere educational?? haha

  6. yay me! cookies or air? i'm no fool. i've HAD your cookies and i need some more. and btw, i think i've found my new theme song, at least on his grumpy days.

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  8. :o) they are totally healthy too...

    That song was hilarious!!

  9. Vince Gill. May I please have a cookie?

  10. Okay, I have no idea who that musician is. Looks a bit like Will Ferrel! The second pic appears to be the side of a ceramic vase of some sort. Now having read this post, I now know what puffs are (that were in your other post). They sound harmless enough...I'll have three or four!

    So hot that heat related illnesses are occurring? Wow, that is hot. Had my air going the last few days but turned it off today....the house is cool, but how long will it stay that way?

  11. That guy looks like he was photoshopped, and they removed part of his neck


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