Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Princess and The Pizza

Waiting in anticipation of good Chicago style pizza from Gino's East.
Oops! We waited too long. CassiJo is exhausted and takes a nap on my shoulder.
She doesn't wake up until after dinner. She slept the whole time. Honest!

Mmmmmmmmm looks good doesn't it?

You can't eat Chicago Pizza and be neat can you CassiJo?

The pizza was worth the wait.


  1. so dinner was rather peaceful?


  2. mmmm. now THAT's pizza!

  3. Doozie: Um yeah.

    Seeker: You said it!

  4. I live in anticipation of eating authentic Chicago pizza, and steak......(a girl can dream!)

  5. Lady L: I hope that dream comes true for you because Chicago is a wonderful city full of things to be experienced and discovered by little ole Okies like us.


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