Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Deal of the Day


Here is the deal of the day I found at Walgreens....ain't it the cutest!? It will hang on the wall soon, because I found CassiJo carrying it by the bell handles. It really rings too!

I have been coveting it since Christmas waiting for it to go on sale. Got it for $4.99!!

Think it will inspire Joe to cook more? I hope so. He is a great cook. He likes to add secret ingredients as we all know from the SPAM

Here are some updated photos to demonstrate the size of the clock against my favorite coffee cup. ( a gift straight from the gobhole!)

The clock also has a neon light I forgot to mention! Here is a neat picture of the light on. :o)

Flat Forks

I hate it when you go to a restaurant and you get a flat fork.

I like my forks to have the proper degree of curvature so it will
aid in the consumption of food material.

Don't you agree?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Smart Glasses and Green Things

If you want to be smart, just wear Smart Glasses says CassiJo. (don't mind the chocolate on your mouth!) Don't you wish you looked this cute AND smart in YOUR glasses?? :o)

This is a picture of the house around the corner from us. The yard is prematurely green and has been for a few weeks. The single man that lives there puts the same old rusty chairs at the end of the driveway every year to act as guides for backing out we have decided. I don't know why he doesn't go ahead and invest in some posts or something.

We won't be talking about our yard that still has leaves all over it. We are waiting for them to mulch. haha

Blogger is locking up and I am having problems posting an embarrassing picture of CarlyJo. Please check in again later.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Simple Saturday

Today was a good day...
I got up fairly early and had a little bit of work to do at the office. Got that done and came home to tend to the Princesses of Hiney while Joe and Ted practiced for tomorrow's praise and worship at Ted's church.

While Joe was gone I promised the Princesses I would take them to the mall. CarlyJo had some money in her pocket that was burning a hole in it so I indulged her. Her treasure for the day was a small Beanie Baby lamb, just in time for Easter. She named the little dear Chloe The Lamb. All her animals have names and I have also learned to night that they have feelings too. If she does not sleep with Skiperdee the Dog he gets his feelings hurt. Poor Skiperdee. Maybe she should just sleep with them in a big pile around her every night.

My treasure was found in a bookstore....a bargain bookstore!! I am not sure if it was Borders or Waldenbooks.....don't they own both?? I found a book of poetry and a Thai cuisine cookbook for Joe and a sticker book for CassiJo. I hope he will cook something from the is the real deal. The best we have done so far is the little boxed ones from Walmart, which are very tasty by the way!!

My niece, AlliJo came over for a play with CassiJo while their sisters went to sell Girl Scout cookies at Walmart. They were so good!! Sometimes (unpredictably) they get their feelers hurt at each other and won't play nicely, but today was wonderful!! They were so very very good and I had a laugh or two listening to them play. AlliJo loves to pretend they are animals. She told CassiJo, "You can be a Dalmation or a purebred." CassiJo said, after looking at her like ....what??!! "ummmmm I'll be a dalmation."

We went to Mom and Dad's for dinner...a simple dinner of meat, potatoes and veggies. Mom is a meat and veggies kinda gal, and since Dad wasn't there to make her over do it, it was easy for her. Dad likes to prepare for an army, and always prepares TOO much! :o) One good thing about that is the left overs that get sent home with all the family though......

CarlyJo and CassiJo got to play with one of their cousins, SalaniJo. They are always a hoot to listen to. Nana actually tried to suggest they sit still for 2 whole hours and watch a movie....wrong!! They hadn't seen each other in a while and there was too much fun to be had!!

I just love weekends like these....not a lot to do but just enough to keep you out of boredom. Tomorrow should be fun too....we are going to lunch with the Ted Family. Last time my mouth was cramped from smiling and/or laughing so much!!! (That was the time Cassi asked Patti and Ted, "So you are the Mom and you are the Honey?" so you can see why I laughed so much!)

Changing the subject:
I was surfing around on the google videos tonight and people record some of the silliest things!! My favorite was the quadruplets laughing at their dad. You can find it here . There is nothing sweeter than the laughter of a baby is there?? You cannot watch it and not laugh!

Friday, March 24, 2006

I Had a Little Pity Party

One day last week, I was having a little pity party for myself. I was at work feeling all alone in an office full of people. I was praying, "God please let me know you love me today. Please let me know in a way that I know it's you...."

A few minutes later, as I was filling out paperwork for the umpteenth patient, the cd I was listening to caught my attention. The following song was playing and speaking to me in this moment. I smiled and laughed to myself.....God was speaking to me through this song.

Something Beautiful
Written by Matthew West, Chance Scoggins
Performed by Natalie Grant

This is a song for anyone whose ever been
Knocked down and can’t get back again,
Stuck in the corner, can’t move forward
All alone and you think you’re going nowhere
This is a song for anyone whose ever stood
Underneath the sun
And felt so small, two feet tall and so out of place
He sees you – He knows you- He loves you
And He wants you to know that

The life that you’ve been living, the days that
You’ve been given
Were made for something beautiful
Life- don’t let it pass you by
Because you were created for something beautiful

Heaven holds a dream that’s just for you
And there are things only you can do
So step by faith put the past away
It’ll take you to a better day

Second to minute to hour to life
Time always seems to fly
It’s on the go and before you know
Your days are through
But He sees you- He knows you- He loves you
And He wants you to know

The life that you’ve been living the days that
You’ve been given were made for something beautiful
Life-don’t let it pass you by
Because you were created for something beautiful

What are you waiting for?

There’s something beautiful.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Java Cabana

Here is one of the "perks" of working in a medical facility:

Today some drug reps "catered" in a really neat treat for the employees of the clinic. It was a Coffee/Smoothie Bar! The gentleman had a traveling wet bar and made us our choice of smoothies, coffee or frozen coffee treats. It was a very cool set up.

I wish I had thought of it. Does that sound like the coolest job ever? Traveling around making people happy with coffee and smoothies, two of God's wonderful creations!!?

I had to call Joe and say, "If you just HAPPEN to be out about 10:00am, come by....." ;o)
so he got one too. I take care of my UJ.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Pet My Peeves

Believe it or not I have some pet peeves. ;o)

I work in a medical clinic at the front desk. I am the meeter/greeter/checker- inner. My desk is also known as "The Hot Seat". Come watch me work through a day like yesterday and you will know why. (originally written March 10th)

Here is a short list of the stuff I see at the front desk that just pets my peeve.

1. Smokers that exhale their smoky breath in my face. (am seated lower than the counter)
2. Truckers that come in calling me Hon, Sweetie, Dear etc. I reserve that right to sweet little grandmotherly ladies
3. Drug screen donors that try and pull one over on me. We know the tricks, just stop, and don't do drugs.
4. People that get mad at me personally for what goes on in the clinic. It is not my personal
fault that you have to work. Every scheduled appointment was not scheduled by me. I
do not take responsibility for, nor will I take a cussin' for anyone but me and my actions.
5. I cannot stand to hear other staff members gripe about working. I like my job. I am
grateful for my paycheck every week, and I am going to make sure I get one next week, and
that means getting off our duffs and treating patients!
6. The people that come in at 4:30pm deserve to be treated as nicely as the ones that came in
at 8:30am. They are working parents. We dont' know what they have been through to get
here at this time. Just be compassionate. We are patient advocates and here to serve them.
7. If I don't know you, don't touch me. EVER.
8. It freaks me out when strangers call me by name. It makes me think I should know you and I don't remember your name! :o) I hate wearing my name tag with my first and last name on it.
9. Don't try to grab my pen out of my hand when I am showing you what to fill out. Patients have germs and I don't want them!

On a lighter note:

I saw this joke on Jamie Dawn's blog I believe and I laughed out loud. :o) I love to laugh. And someone please please tell me why farts are so funny!?

An elderly woman leaned over to her husband in church and said, "I just let a silent but deadly fart. What should I do? " He leaned over to her and said, " Get a better hearing aid."

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Name The Band

Uncle Joe is needing some help naming the band he is currently playing with.

Can y'all lend a hand??

Go to his blog and put your two cents worth in please?

Y'all hurry because their first gig is coming up in April at Muskogee's Chili Cook Off/Azalea Festival.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Meet My Good Friend, Michael Buble'

Meet my good friend, Michael Buble'! You can see him in the center of this photograph taken from our seats in the balcony section (sometimes called the NOSEBLEED section) of the Tulsa PAC.

Mr. Buble' encouraged lots of photographs and on a whim ran down the aisle and out the door and into the elevator to the mezzanine section and much to our surprise to the balcony where we were seated!!

The concert was wonderful! He has a wonderful band and put on a fun show. (aside from some potty mouthed humor) He and his sax player had a Zoolander style Cat Walk-Off cracking the audience up. He also had a Johnny Cash impression as well as a pretty good Michael Jackson! He sang wonderful songs from Ray Charles to Tulsa's own, Leon Russell. He was exposing a new generation to music they would have never known existed if it weren't for him.

Joe was seated between me and a stranger, a young woman who shared my ability to whistle....loudly! I wanted so badly to get out in the aisles to dance with my sweetie but the balcony was very steep and made me a little dizzy when I stood up. Toward the end of the concert, Michael invited people to dance in the aisles and the floor area quickly filled up with screaming women and a few men who were dragged down there by their sweeties. One granny lady cracked me up...she was reaching for Michael when he walked by and he stopped to shake her hand.

My great MIL brought along two pair of binoculars so I was able to look at him when he sang to me. He looked at me a lot....right into my eyes, crooning just for me. It was very sweet. It was a weird feeling looking throught those binoculars and him looking right at me.....

One thing that made me laugh was his shoes. I am sure they were very expensive Italian shoes, probably eel or something, but they had the longest pointy toes!!

Another thing that made me laugh was the "Mysterious Gas Passer". I kept getting olfactory sensitory input that someone in our vicinity was passing gas. I know it wasn't Joe, cause he is proud of his and announces them, at least to me anyway. :o)haha

A great night!
Great company!
Great concert!
Great memories!

If you ever get the chance to see my friend, Michael Buble' in concert, please do. It will be worth the wait.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's Buble' Day

Today is the day we go to see Michael Buble' in concert!

This has been the longest wait!

Birds flyin high
you know how I feel!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I met Joe on or about December 16, 1991 at a friends house. I was there studying for a certification test. This was my newest friend, Michelle, but an old friend of his. He visited frequently, and had been friends with the husband, Bobby, since 7th grade. (a long time!) When he drove up and realized they couple had company he drove on, but stopped before he got to the exit of the apartment complex. He says he thought to himself, "That might be someone I am supposed to meet." so he drove back around and came in. I was so shy and self conscious (...i had just been divorced) that I would not even look a him. He sat in the living room, visiting with Bobby, listening to me and Michelle talking and studying. He tells me he liked the sound of my voice....

Bobby and Michelle had tried and tried to fix Joe up with many other friends, and they were excited....once they stopped trying, everything fell into place. We hit it off immediately and were soon off to a sweet relationship. Our first year of dating we spent a lot of time together. I was in a internship at a local school and we would go on picnics for lunch occassionally. We went on road trips and walked many miles together. We shared lots of new experiences and made many happy memories. He was just what the doctor ordered after a bad relationship.

We dated for a year before we got engaged. He proposed at Christmas 1992 and I was thrilled! I had made it on my own for a year, had a great job, a great guy and a new life (and a new car too! I had driven a gross Mazda pickup when we was very sad)

We got busy planning our wedding, which was held August 14, 1993 at Bacone Chapel. Since it was Joe's first wedding we planned a small wedding. Our ceremony was very simple and I was so happy to be surrounded by our closest friends and family as we began our lives together.

I remember when I walked down the aisles with my father, finally reaching Joe, his hands were sweaty. I looked at him and laughed. We laughed again when I got a little nervous and started to sway a bit from nerves.

Here are a few pictures from our wedding.

Mr & Mrs Joe share a kiss ;o)

This is a picture of the Scrabble tiles he drew one of the first times we played on our honeymoon.

It says EYE DHOO. :o)

Joe I am glad you did.

Commando CassiJo

Today while we were in "big church" Cassidy leaned over to me and whispered, "Mom, we forgot to put panties on me this morning."

I almost swallowed my gum and did crack up.

What? We were in a hurry!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

List about AJ

I am having bloggers block right now so I will post this little (maybe boring) list about me.

2. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? The 5 Love Languages
4. FAVORITE BOARD GAME? Scrabble...Joe and I bought one on our honeymoon
5. LEAST FAVORITE SMELLS? someone elses vomit
7. FAVORITE COLOR? I have more blue than anything
10. FUTURE CHILD'S NAME? none. i am done
13. DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? only if joe counts after a big meal
14. DO YOU LIKE THUNDERSTORMS? yes, if i am safe at home with my family
15. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? 1979 Datsun pickup my dad wore out and gave to me
16. WHAT IS YOUR SIGN? QueenBee....really, I am a Pisces.
18. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB WHAT WOULD IT BE? Successful Bookstore/Coffee shop owner
20. IS THE GLASS HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY? half empty...i just drank it
21. FAVORITE MOVIE? Wizard of Oz
25. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Baseball or Ice Skating
26. YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST INTENSE PAIN? Physical: childbirth Emotional: when Joe got sick and I couldn't help him.
27. deleted
28. deleted
30. HAMBURGER OR HOT DOG? Home made hamburgers
31. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? Fall...Indian Summer
32. THE BEST PLACE YOU HAVE EVER BEEN? I loved going to Tennessee
33. WHAT SCREEN SAVER IS ON YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT NOW? home: My pictures. Work: clock
34. FAVORITE FOOD? chocolate...oh is that not a food?
35. FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD? that's hard. i want to say Joe but he is not a thing. OK Then my wedding ring.
36. BEST MEMORY? when i married joe followed closely by when we became a family x 2
37. WHAT IS YOUR BIRTH NAME? V. Suzanne (and don't ask what the "V" is.)

Monday, March 06, 2006


My loverly eldest daughter heretoforevermore known as Princess CarlyJo, has been witness to much of our blogging antics since the inception of our blogs in August 2005. She has gotten to know you all through your comments and emails and has come to know each of you for your unique sense of humor. She has asked and asked for a blog of her very own and we finally relented and created one for her. You will see her funny little self shine through and as soon as we figure out how to post some of her computer drawings you will see what an aspiring little arteest she is. Go here for a peek into her world.

I also got to meet my Sister In Law's, (heretoforevermore known as ANP) favorite cousin, BK Wilson. He came to my birthday party at G-Mom's house yesterday just to meet me and eat some cake with us. He has read our blogs and has decided that he wants to swim around in the blogworld too. He is a lover of words and I elect him the keeper of all word games. You can find him here. Who knows the meaning of the title of his blog? No googling!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rhyme Time

Gobhole girl has a past-time of rhyming words.....we like to play the Rhyming Game at our house with our girls, and they come up with some very cute words.

You are invited to play along today.

please list all the words you can that rhyme with:


Friday, March 03, 2006

Movie Night With the Aukermans

Tonight was the first Movie Night with the Aukerman's. Joe and I went to Ted's house for a viewing of Joe's favorite movie, Joe vs. the Volcano.

We have seen the movie so much at the Joe House that I can quote quite a few lines...especially Meg Ryan's parts. Joe indulged me for a few minutes, the had the gall to shush me! How rude! I thought superheroes had super manners, but I was wrong wrong wrong.

We had a good time and previewed our next movie night fare...."Earth Girls Are Easy" . :o)