Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hello Neighbor!

This is the new kid on the block. Her name is Emily Danielle. Her head smells soo good! I can't wait to see all her piggie toes. She lives next door and I imagine we will all keep the grass hot running over for a Emmy Fix! :o)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Beef Head and a Princess

Uncle Joe's long time friend, Jeff came for a visit. He and CassiJo hit it off splendidly. He pestered her and gave her the business all night long. She loved it. She some how got to calling him Beef Head. I am not sure why.
I think he looks like Hugh Grant don't you?? He said he once was stopped in customs and the officers thought he really was HG!! (of course he let them think he was....wouldn't you??)
Jeff and his wife Monica live down south and he comes by for a visit with us while passing through to visit his mom. We only get to see him once a year and we are always glad he comes by for a visit.
We had a nice visit and went out to dinner in Tahlequah. We went to a new restaurant that I don't want to name because it wasn't that great. I hope to give them one more chance before I say something bad about it. Our first clue should have been the fact that there were only about 6 people in there on Friday night at 7pm. Our second clue should have been the waitress. She got my order all wrong and left a lot to be desired in the attentiveness and accuracy department. The not-so-discreet tattoo show we got was nice too. NOT!
The company was way better than the food, so I can't complain. Prayerful Mom and DaBigKahuna went with us and we laughed the whole time. These three guys love to get together and talk about old times, old girlfriends and the way things were. I tolerate the old girlfriend talk and just wish I could have known Joe way back when. I bet he was a hottie. :o)
We even got to squeeze a visit in with Ted and Patty before Jeff had to hit the road. (go on over to Tedly's place and get a linkie to his myspace account to hear his newest music. he just got back from california where he got to record some songs with Randy Stonehill and Mike Pachelli!)
We could all learn something from Jeff. Here is how he greeted me. "WELL HELLLLOOO GORGEOUS!"
Now THAT is how you greet a woman!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Slide

Carly's Youth Director and his family live on a biiiig hill. They have an annual activiey called The Slide. I think you can see why.
The put a hose at the top, slather the plastic sheeting with liquid soap and slide away.
It is all good clean fun. :o)
I couldn't resisit the pun.

He has his uncle's hairline

Baby Kai

Baby Kai loves his girl cousins.....especially the ones with long hair to pull!!

Campin' Joes

Here is the Joe Campsite at Greenleaf State Park
UJ is cooking up a mess-o-eggs and sausages for breakfast.

Guess Who Came to Dinner

this is a fawn who walked right up to my nieces, ElleJo and AlliJo and CassiJo when we were camping.
i guess he or she smelled ElleJo's good apple.

My Other Baby

Here is our new addition to the Joe Family. This is ShelbyJo. She is a collie mix that Uncle Joe and the girls got from a rescue project in Pryor, a town about 40 miles away. She is a funny dog who loves me so much she tinkles in the floor when I get home. That is why I go straight to the kitchen floor.
She won't go outside for me. I have tried every trick and she is onto me. She will however follow Joe around, even outside.
She is still a big ole puppy and loves to chew on hands, toes, arms, legs, socks, panties, dolls and pig's ears. We are hoping she will grow out of that.