Thursday, July 03, 2008

Our Special Dog

Last night as we were eating dinner (cooked by Joe of course!) Shelby kept wandering around the kitchen looking up in the air and snapping at what seemed to be nothing. That was not the case at all..........

Shelby is a Fly Catcher. Joe noticed it soon after she moved in. If she sees a fly buzzing around she will follow it and try to snap and bite it. Sometimes she actually catches it too. She is focused and diligent and does not give up the hunt easily. It really is funny to watch!

I give my puppy her Cherokee Indian Dog Name: Shelby Flycatcher.


  1. I think your dog needs doggy therapy for this obsession

  2. I would like to know what she does with the fly when she catches it. Does she eat it or spit it out? That is an unusual but endearing characteristic of your dog and must be quite comical to watch...

  3. Maybe you could rent her out for picnics and cookouts.

  4. it is quite comical to watch, but at times it confirms that I AM living in a nuthouse!


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