Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proper Driving Position

Note the proper positioning of the drivers hands at 10 and 2.
I am so happy I drove OUT of Chicago.

Note the not-proper driving postion of the male driver. :o)
.....but he is kinda cute so I let him slide. This time.

Joe, tell me when to go! He did and then he said,

"When I say go you better punch it woman!!"

I punched it.

Right after this photo was taken we were almost hit by a crazy pizza guy and UJ got to lean over and lay on the horn and honk at him. Can you believe WE didn't get honked at?

Our rental car was a Camry. We loved it and hope to get one .....someday.


  1. It may be in the year 2216 when your photo was taken but now with more modern cars, it's 9 and 3 (due to airbag deployment and less injury to your head/fingers/hands).

    I HATE it when I see someone steering with their 'girls'. Like HOW close do you need that seat?!

    This was brought to you by the Informational Anal-Retentives of America.

    PS. Is he really going 70? Such a rebel...

  2. looks like '9 & 4' is the preferred position for pinching.

    ....and be careful with that hire car, the steering wheel is on the wrong side....

  3. you punched him? you're an abusive woman.

    I can attest to the fact your hands never move from that position. The problem I find with 10 and 2 is that it's hard to eat when employing that position, it's a public safety issue, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I eat a lot in the car

  4. yeah, going 70mph and the chicago drivers are passing you like you're standing still. am I not right?

  5. Bee: I don't know who jacked with my camera. I didn't notice it til I downloaded 800 pictures from vacation. I have never seen someone steer with their girls. I can steer with my knees though. 70mph?? That slow? No. MOre like 80.

    Ponder: the car just looks backwards to you because you are on the bottom of the earth.
    oh he can pinch from any position.

    Doozie: He likes the abuse. I will attest to the fact that you DO eat a lot in the car. :o) You made me nervous so I was using my best defensive driving techniques, especially while chasing photo ops down the highway in Memphis.

    Seeker: Ha! I was leading the pack! We did 80mph back to Chicago!

  6. Driving looks like a lot of fun, the way you two do it.

    I would say that Aunt Jo has the 'correct' driving hands position down pat...

  7. Lady L: HA! Can you tell UJ that for me??


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