Friday, July 04, 2008

Fitty Sense and Boogie Days

Today as we were driving to do a little pre-vacation shopping I asked CarlyJo:
"Carly did you buy something on I-tunes without asking?"

"No, well by accident" she replied

"So the answer is yes."

Says UJ "Was it 50 Cent?"

Me: "No it was ninety nine cents."

It was several seconds of him laughing before I got it.

See I told you I was a flibberdagibbet. :o)

We also had a giggle when we saw a man walking across a parking lot stop and boogie to unheard music. He must have been singing and was very happy. UJ said if he ever loses his mind completely he wants to be like that. haha


  1. Hey, send me your email address at gitrdone.girl at gmail dot com, and I'll send ya an invite!

  2. uj: 'its the end of the world as we know it'

    aj: nah, i don't think that's something she'd like.

  3. Uncle Joe aka Batman will never lose his mind! But if it means dancing to his own private music, I guess we are all okay with that?...teehee

  4. Ponder: who sang that song?

    LL: As rich as Joe is in the mind department I doubt he would ever lose it eiter, and he already marches to the beat ot his own drummer. :o)

  5. 99 cents...that is a classic! I love that, it made me laugh out loud.

    UJ lost his mind along time ago and it's sad but true, he had it replaced with someone else's and it's been a bit confusing since. am I right?


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