Monday, July 14, 2008

Back on Tulsa Time

We are finally back home from the Biggest Joe Adventure Ever.

We are all exhausted and are resting today.

I have lots of pictures to post at a later time but for now
just let me tell you what I learned about being in Chicago:

1. When driving in Chicago (which I TOTALLY DID!!) and your
navigator says "Go."You better punch it!!

2. Chicago pizza is worth the wait in line outside in the cool
rainy air at Gino's( they had a little ways
to go to beat Sam & Ella's but it sure was a CHicago
sorta way very cheesy and saucy and soo yummy!)

3. You better be alert for crazy taxi drivers that might hit you.
(andd just so you know don't walk away from Navy Pier and expect
to see taxi's in abundance. We had to walk several blocks before
Joe found us one....up hill)

4. Don't walk looking up all the time. It targets you as a tourist
and makes you trip on cracks in the side walk. (and do you
know my family laughed at me??)

5. Get a personal GPS system. it is easy to get off by a block
or two and when you have 2 hot and tired kids plus a husband
it will feel like MILES.

6. Carry a big bag better yet a back pack...because you can't
afford to drive around you have to carry everything you might
possibly need. Tennis shoes,umbrella, lunch etc. Always carry
an umbrella.

7. You are surrounded by people and no one talks to you unless
they are working. Sometimes that was nice because you could
just talk to your companion and not feel like people were
listening but other times I wanted to speak to someone
and didn't have the nerve.

8. I understand why they call cities that big a Concrete Jungle.

9. It wasn't scary walking around alone at the
area we were in anyway. It was exhilerating and fun!

10. They don't have Cracker Barrels in Downtown Chicago.
(our daughters secondfavorite place to eat after RainForest Cafe)

11. Never say to your kids, "They don't have RainForest Cafe's here.
They are only in malls." We walked around a corner down the
street from our hotel and what did we see? RFC! Cassidy was so
happy! We came outside and HardRock Cafe was right next door.

12. There is always someone out walking around the city.
it really never sleeps

13. I love the doormen! They opened the door of the taxi
and said, "Welcome back"everytime we arrived back
"home" in a taxi.

14. Get a plan for sight seeing. 1 1/2 days is not enough
time to see even a fraction of what we wanted to see.

15. Take someone you love to this great city. I want to go
back just me and Joe sometime. It was just overwhelming
to try and do everything with the children.
It is a beautiful, romantic city and I want to go back
again and go to a Cubs game and take some architectural
tours and have a really fancy dinner, and walk around the
city at night strolling or better yet, take a carriage ride.
How romantic!

16. Chicago hotdogs are very unique. Poppy seed bun, frank, onions,
tomato, ketchup garlic pickle and peppers. I wasn't as crazy
about it as I thought I would be.But I loved the deli sandwiches!

That's all my brain can produce right now. I am going to download
some pictures later and hopefully get them posted.


  1. Your trip sounds wonderful! I was in Chicago for a business meeting in early April and it was sooooo windy and cold. I got some great homemade soup at several places. I will be going up to Indiana for a family visit in a few weeks and can't wait. Were the Jonas Bros all that and a bag of chips? My granddaughter, Avery, loves them.
    I'm glad you had a great time!

  2. Chicago is so user friendly! Sounds like you had a great time and the best food Chicago has to offer! Welcome back.

  3. Welcome back. Sounds like a very interesting trip. I could use a doorman or two, that sounds good.

    Poppyseed bun for hotdogs? I have never seen that.

    My brother in law just got back from Chicago, he loved it. In fact anyone I know who has visited, has loved it.

  4. Sounds cool.

    I went to Chicago for my thirtieth birthday last year. It was nice. Perfect snow in December. Yes, December.

    The Uno Pizza place was so packed that we just went somewhere else. I was bummed.

    Love the Art Gallery there! So awesome.

  5. did anyone come up to you and say "white people needs' killin"?

  6. Nana: I think Chicago any time of year would be interesting....
    How long will you get to visit in IN? I always wished we had family that lived far away when I was a kid. All my family lives here.

    MusieSwing: I think we walked all the food off by walking as much as we could. :o)

    Ladyslipper: Yes poppy seeds! And tomato! It was interesting but not for me I think. I am a redneck. Give me chili (just a dab) cheez, mustard and relish with a sprinkling of onion. (you never know when you will have to pass out kisses!)

    R: 30 last year!? I was pg when I was 30. I didn't get to go to Chicago. If I did I probably wouldn't have been pg. haha Chicago in December sounds divine. I wonder if it gets quiet when it snows there like it does here? I wanted to go to the art gallery/ museums but we ran out of time.

    Doozie: No but we got scared in the taxi when the cabbie started mumbling to himself in another language. UJ heard it not me.


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