Saturday, February 24, 2007

I am feeling rawther snoggy

Here is my newest find. Rimmel Lip Gloss in the shade called Snog. It is so pretty on and smells good and I put it on all day. By the end of the day my lips are nice and smooth and very kissable. *hint: Uncle Joe come check them out!*

Someone tried to trick me on the phone recently. She called and said, "What's your address?" I knew who it was. Leslee. :o) She and her family sent me flowers for my boobah. I also got a nice gobholey surprise in the mail: a starbux cup, starbux gift card and a nice vanilly candle.

We are outta here for some boobah lunch with the girls.........and then to Mom and Dad's for a Dual Boobah Dinner with my family. My baby brother's b-day was yesterday and mine is today so we have always shared our celebration(s). Menu: Coconut shrimp, pasta salad and Chocolate Delight. MMMMMMMMMM

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey Whatchall Doin??

Hi Bloggers......I have been sooooo busy at work and without a good reliable wireless connection from my neighbors at home, I have not been blogging like I used to.

Let see what has been going on in my life??

Cassi and Uncle Joe are under the weather. They caught the respiratory bug that has been going around like wild-fire here in our county. The kids are dropping like flies at area schools. Both my sweeties came to the doctor last week and got some medicine and are on the mend. It has been my observation that this "flu bug" is very hard to shake and a very long bounce back to normal time.

Carly, my other sweetie, has completed her science project. (Thank God!) She and a partner started and finished it Saturday. Her project was putting home-made carpet cleaner head-to-head with commercial products. We followed the manufacturers instructions and the home-made cleaner beat the commercial product in cleaning a mustard stain!!
Here is the recipe:
1 T ammonia
1 T Ivory dish washing liquid
1 quart hot water
squirt on stain and scrub with a brush. soak up solution with an absorbent towel.

I am reading a book called "A Three Dog Life" by Abigail Thomas. It is a memoir of her thoughts after her husband was injured in a car/pedestrian accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Her writing is very thoughtful and thought provoking. It is very comfortable to read and she is very observant and quiet.

I am looking forward to my Netflix delivery of The Nun Story starring Audrey Hepburn.

There are tree surgeons all over our area STILL cleaning up tree debris. I heard that they are about 1/4 of the way done. There are piles of limbs out by curbs waiting for FEMA to pick up. I wonder what they will do with all the wood chips?

We have found a great church in Fort Gibson. They just voted the interim preacher to be full time and we are very happy about that. He and his family are pretty awesome. His wife is my SS teacher and I am really enjoying her class, and I look forward to every service to hear Gods word. I was just starving for it and I am really getting fed. God is so good.

That is about all that is going on in my about yours??

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Shmalentine

Valentine's day sucks when your honey is sicker than a dog.

That's all I have to say about that.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Serving my country

Today I went on a catering job with my dad and some friends from Charlie's Chicken to serve breakfast to our soldiers training at Camp Gruber in Braggs OK. I was in charge of sausage patties. One per soldier...strict orders. No favoritism and no seconds til everyone has eaten.

It wasn't a hard job, just an early job. We had to be at Charlie's to load up at 4am and leave Fort Gibson at 4:30am. We arrived and got set up and started serving the soldiers about 530am. We will be serving supper to night and breakfast again tomorrow before they head home.

They came in with sleepy eyes and bed head. I was cheerful and greeted each of the men with a nice "Good morning". After a few went by, my dad leaned over and said, "Quit being so cheerful....some of the men don't like that." I just smiled and kept doing it. :o)

There were few women that came through....only 5 if I counted right. I have always admired women in the service. It is not for me, but I am glad it is the calling of some.

I observed alot.....the soldiers now have different cammo print than the green I have been used to. They all still have the military hair cut even though they are National Guard and do not serve 24-7. most of them ate hot sauce (Louisiana Hot Sauce , not salsa) on their eggs. Just because they are eating a meal does not mean they can let their guard down. They still must maintain their focus.

Dad said during the summer months when they train for Air Assault School you are instructed not to address or talk to the soldiers. They are herded in and they have to gobble their food and get out. They are still under training mode even during meals. The Instructors are watching them like hawks the entire time.

This is something fun to do this weekend since I am not on call to do drugscreens. It is a way to make a buck or two and give something back to the soldiers who are serving us. I will give them "service with a smile" no matter if they want it or not. :o)

*Yawn* That early wake up call is catching up with me.........

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Souper Bowl

I WAS going to watch the balance of the Souper Bowl after church on the 20 ft screen but was informed rather rudely that it was for "youth only MOOOOOMMMMM!" (I am not that bad am I??)

Cassidy and I came home to a quiet house as Uncle Joe went to Peggs to watch the game with some friends. I couldn't go for two reasons: I am on call for drugscreens and Cassi had a dinner date with her bestest bud, Jasmine at McDonald's. (This dinner date AFTER her parents mentioned Cassi coming over to their house then had to change their plans....tears ensued from both little girls)

My favorite Souper Bowl is Tomatoe Bisque from Harmony House in Muskogee.