Monday, February 27, 2006

Sweetie Pie

I love to hear people have funny pet names for their spouses.

Once when Joe tried to call my name it came out, Pooby. The name stuck.
He doesn't use it all the time, but when he does it always makes me smile.

He also calls me Hummy sometimes.
Sometimes he calls me SuSu.

I usually just call him Babe, and since we have been blogging, I find
myself calling him Joe in the real world. :0) (and I find myself thinking
of my self as AJ)

What do you call your Honey? What does he or she call you?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

My Thai

Here is my yummy Pad Thai. Susie says I look like a food critic.......

Very yummy noodley dish!

Read the rest of the story below............

Aunt Josefina and Uncle Joe's Big Birthday Day

Uncle Joe , rather than buy me a gift ,decided we would go on a big adventure for my birthday.

We dropped the girls off at Nana and Papa's mid morning and headed out for Vinita Oklahoma. We went to a little
vinyard/cafe there and had lunch. It was very tasty! I had chicken salad in honor of my good friend, Ted. They were serving gumbo for Mardi Gras. They gave other people some beads to wear, but I was NOT going to flash them for some cheap beads. I am a lady you know......

After lunch we decided to head on over to Joplin, MO. It wasn't too far away and we had never been there, so off we went. We had no plan and no expectations for what we were going to do and it was wonderful.

I didn't even take my lap top so I wouldn't be tempted to work on the way. We talked the whole time and I tried to ask Joe dumb questions that he wouldn't answer. "Who was your first kiss" , "What is my worst fault?" Can you believe he didn't answer that?? Very smart man dontcha think?;o) I was serious too....I really wanted to know.

Anyway we arrived in Joplin and was pleasantly surprised by the town. It is a little bigger than our town but had so much to do! They aren't near a big metro area like Tulsa so they had to be self sufficient. THey had lots of strip malls and one huge mall that we walked around in for a while waiting for a movie to start. I was predictably drawn to every book store in the place. I have so many books I can't read now and I wanted more! I did buy Joe one since he WILL sit down and read it.

We went to see The Pink Panther and it was very funny! The theater was packed and we had to sit on the 8th row. Our necks were craned to see the screen. We sat in front of some easily tickled ladies and got a kick out of them laughing to hard at the movie. Steve Martin did a good job, but no one could play Inspector Clouseau like Peter Sellers.

On the way into town we spied our dinner destination: The Thai Restaurant. We arrived at sunset and had a lovely dinner. The food was fabulous and I am a new fan of Thai food. I had Thai Pad (or is it vice versa?) and Joe had Chicken Thai. Mine was very light ant almost sweet, Joe's was garlicky and a little more hearty. We shared our food and just enjoyed it all. I can cross off "eat Thai" off my 2006 resolution list now. I wish there was a Thai restaurant closer than Tulsa though....

We arrived back home about 9:30pm and just had a loverly day. We had a quiet evening at home and enjoyed the time alone.

Joe's birthday is coming in May......I wonder which direction we will go then?? :o)

Thanks for a great day Joe.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

What's In a Name?

Yesterday I was having a conversation with Slick at work and we were discussing unique names. I think it originated when Beverly told us she named her children (who have 2 middle names each) after her husbands grandparents. We elected not to use family names when naming our daughters. We have Gussie, Gertie, Benton, Harve, Velma Wannette and Willie and Sequoyah and Alberta as our grandparents. They are all very unique names and have so much character! I also have in my family Altirean, Vada, Fannie, Noble, and Joe has Bootsie, Put, and Liddie. I am sure there are more that I cannot remember at this moment but I will update after I talk to my MIL. :o)

My paternal grandfather, Tom (Pap), had a habit that I have inherited, of nicknaming our friends. He called me Smiley (i used to smile from ear to ear when he came around and especially when he sneaked around and gave me money!) my closest boy cousin was Little Boy. His wife (my Nan) was Toots and my dad is still to this day called Toodie.

We chose to name our daughters Carly Grace and Cassidy Faith. I was blessed being named after my mother and paternal grandmother who share the same name. My middle name is what I chose to use in it's short version: Suzy. I do not know any other Suzy's spelled the same way as me....

Slick told a story of his Aunt Luna from the 1930's. He said that she slept in the front bedroom of their very large house. (I might add at this point that he snickered when he said her name: Aunt Luna....tic) She slept with her husband's Colt 45 beside her bed and when she heard a noise outside she got up, took the gun in hand and stood at the door. She called, "Who's there?" If no one answered she shot through the door! One night when she heard something on the porch she predictably got the gun, went to the door and said, "Who's there?" no one answered so she shot through the door and went back to bed. The next morning they awoke to find a dead black man on the porch.

So, do you all have any interesting family names you would like to share? I would love to hear your stories.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Moonlight Sledding

Here are some pictures of the snow that fell on Joe Street in Oklahoma Friday night. It was mostly ice with a little snow on top. We had to warm up the car a loooonnngg time before I drove it Saturday. We all got out just after sunset and played for a few minutes in the road, pushing CassiJo around on a plastic box lid with a shop broom. We didn't have anything that resembled a sled to be found or any rope, so we improvised !

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Obviously Obfuscated

Slick and I were talking about my one word post that had 24 comments. He thinks he can beat it but he is already not following the rules. Apparently, the instructions were obfuscated. Check out his post.....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tut Tut Looks Like Snow!

Here is Uncle Joe pickin'...he is grinnin too but wouldn't let
me take a picture of that.
Here is the picture of my photo board that started
all the hubub about Hugh Jackman. See? It is not
a big picture and there are lots of pictures of Joe

I hear we are in store for some snow this weekend here in Oklahoma! Yay! It will be one of the few snow (for some reason I keep typing snot instead of s-n-o-w.! haha) days we will get this winter. It has been very mild so far, which is good for my late night walk/stroll with Joe.

I love the moon right now. It is so bright! I wish we lived out in the country where there were no street lights and we could see the stars and moon uncumbered by all the lights and wires.

I have been accidentally overdosing Joe on Claritin the past two days, so he has slept A LOT. Sorry Joe! He was among the living and undrugged today and appeared fairly normal. One good thing was that he hopefully got caught up on all the sleep he lost last week....see? I can see the bright side.....I just hope he can too.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Funny Valentine......

Happy Valentine's Day Uncle Joe

You are the one I choose
above all others
to share my life
and my love with.

You are my hero
and my best friend.

Thank you for sharing your life with me


Aunt Josefina

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I am a LOSER!!

I am such a loser.

Uncle Joe proposed a contest. I was SO confident in my spam detecting abilities that I didn't think he would win in a million years. I mean SPAM is so disgusting to me that I felt sure I would know it if he tried to make me eat it.

Well I was wrong.

While I was at Walmart last night providing sustinance for my beloved family, he was at home feverishly cooking up a scheme to trick his loving wife. I can just see the glee on his face as he mixed the ingredients and I can hear his laughing as he pulled them out of the oven.

He whipped up some SPAM MUFFINS !! Who the heck makes up recipes like this anyway??

Well I will say that I had no idea it was SPAM in them. He kept asking me if I wanted to try one last night, but due to an overindulgence of onion rings at lunch, I passed. Good thing he saved two for lunch today. BTW we also had company over so my humiliation was made public!! Dazzler and her Lil Dazzler were dining with us and she got such a laugh!! She was in on it too!! I know I had a stupid look on my face when he said, "Do you know what is in them? The top layer was blah blah blah and the bottom layer has SPAM." HUH??? Did he just say SPAM?? I did NOT just eat SPAM and like it. I had to taste it again to be sure. I still couldn't taste it but there were no more muffins to pick apart and inspect, so that must tell you they were good.

OK I admit it. I ate SPAM and liked it. ARE YOU PEOPLE HAPPY NOW???!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Lil Joe

Is this not the cutest little face you have ever seen?! This face was duplicated in our oldest daughter Carly...I'll post a picture of her later to prove it. :o)

Friday, February 10, 2006

There Can Be Only One

(first who knows what movie that title comes from? )

Joe and I are purchasing a digital camera tomorrow Saturday 2-11-06......and we need your opinion. We have a gift card for Best Buy and adding a little money to that plan to purchase a small camera. I have the opinion of Susie, and now we await yours too.

What kind of cameras do you all have?

How many pixels?

Do you use all the bells and whistles? (haha)

Do you like it?

What kind of memory stick does it take?

Give us your recommendations pleaseandthankyouverymuch.

~Uncle Joe and Aunt Josefina

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We Must We Must We Must Increase Our


I cannot believe how many comments I got on a one word post. How funny is that?

Cassidy asked me recently if she could have some "bump beds". You know, with one on top and one on bottom? (uh oh. this could be bad)

Carly asked me not to go to her school in my flannel pants last week. She was embarrassed of me! I thought I was a cool mom! I thought she was proud to be seen with me! It was a sad day to realize that she thinks about me the same things I thought about my mom. I didn't appreciate her.....really appreciate her til I was an adult. We are great friends now (now that she can't boss me around!haha )

I am afraid our home computer is going down.....Joe just called and said he can't get it to come up. I think he might cry if it crashes. I haven't seen him cry.

Where is a geek when you need one? Geek Man!! I need you!! Mayday Mayday!!

Friday, February 03, 2006


You all will happy (and maybe even a little jealous haha) to know that our Michael Buble' tickets have been secured.(Thanks to my wonderful mother in law and Joe) I am so excited.....if I could do a cartwheel I would. ( I never could do a cartwheel right so it's no big loss!)

Joe is at music practice right now and I had to go there to pick up the girls after work. I got to hear some of the music and they sounded great!! They are trying to think of a name for the band......can y'all help them out? C'mon bloggers lets hear what you is a Christian band....rock.....4 guys and 1 gal...2 guitars, 1 keyboard, drums (and a red headed) singer. The style of music they sing is Big Tent Revival, Big Daddy Weave, Todd Agnew and others that I don't remember at the publishing of this post. :o) Imagine that.......

One of the girls at work is in need of prayer in the worst way. Her 19 year old niece has been missing for almost a week. The niece's name is Sara Smart. She was dropped off at a local McDonalds and hasn't been seen since. It is not looking good at this point and her family is asking for any help anyone can give. Blogger Friends please remember this family in your prayers.

Well my eldest daughter has just departed for a sleep over with her friend Payton. The house is so quiet. Cassidy is watching a video being still......I think I will go enjoy it. (the quiet that is)

I hope all of you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Michael Buble' and Birthday Cake

I heard on a local radio station that one of our new favorite crooners, Michael Buble' is coming to Tulsa in March. How convenient, that my birthday just happens to be near the concert date! How sweet is that?

Tickets go on sale Friday so Joe may be making a morning trip to Tulsa to buy us tickets. The concert will be at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center March 14th. If any of y'all would like to go with us please let us know so we can make proper arrangements. :o)

This concert is right in line with our Ballroom Dancing class we have been going to so this should be really fun...I wonder if he would croon a song just for me?