Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am Falling

It is finally starting to feel like Fall in Oklahoma. The weather is getting chillier and chillier in the morning and evenings. I am outside watching Cassidy play with one of the little neighborhood girls, Molly, age 4. She knows everything and isn't afraid to tell you about it. Cassidy is getting a run for her money.

Carly has a flat tire on her bike so she has been homebound for a week. Good thing the phone lines work! She and her friend, Madison, have been keeping the lines hot. She went to Meet You at the Pole yesterday at 7am. She got up so good and mom actually got her to school on time. I was a little nervous though as a storm was brewing complete with thunder and lightening. Later she went to a Youth Rally in Muskogee and had a blast

Halloween should be fun in this neighborhood. I remember when we lived here as a kid that it was packed! I am looking forward to it. We usually don't participate in "Halloweeny" type stuff but it might be OK to pass out some candy. We lived in Muskogee for 10 years and had only 2 trick or treaters. I expect hundreds here. It is a nice and safe neighborhood and the town knows it. :o) Gotta stock up on some candy now!

I am craving Thai food so bad right now. I have been for a couple of weeks. Seems we usually have some excuse to be in Tulsa every month or two so we can get a fix. Maybe we just need a date night for Mom and Dad. :o)

I am also wanting to make some caramel apples. Real caramel apples complete with the stick. I haven't done it since Middle School!

If you need a good laugh, go on over to Joe's place and check out his Western Love Story. He had me cryin' the first time I read it.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?? This is my favorite time of year......

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Host My Hubby

I have come to realize (after some good advice) that I need to find a hubby.

It is hard to think of a hubby for me.

Will you help me?

No rock climbing- too fluffy

No jogging- too bouncy

No recreational geometry- too silly

No guitar picking- i love my nails!haha (that and my fingertips got numb after a lesson the other night)

No kick boxing- I live with Batman...I don't need kick boxing to protect me

No kayaking-too far to travel to the rapids (unless McBunni invites us over!)

No water skiing- too bouyant (Islands in the Stream)

No singing- I sing through my nose I am told (i still don't believe it......heehee!!)

No sculpting- too muddy

No painting-unless it is by numbers

No cake decorating-too many calories.....and i would HAVE to taste my work!!

No bead making- i hear it involves hot tools and that is just what i need lying around my house a mini-flame thrower.

No golf-too long and it looks boring....although i have it on good authority it is loads of fun.

No wine tasting- it made me tipsy and almost fall down. ;0)

What would you suggest my Blogger Friends??

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Boy of Summer

Please visit my brother in law, Jory-San's blog for a tribute to his late friend, Jeremy.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ugly Car Contest

Here is my submission for the Ugly Car Contest over at Susie's place.

It is a hearse that my Father In Law's neighbors drive daily. It has a flaming skull on the front quarter panel and some scary graphic on the back quarter panel. (I took the picture back in May on a rainy evening, so that is what the white specks are.) Needless to say these neighbors go all out for Halloween.....with lots of yard decorations, house decorations and of course the hearse front and center. It kinda gives me the creeps with the scary graphics. *shivers*

I will look forward to using my nice shiny new stapler and set it next to my spiffy red fan.

If I see any other strange vehiclemobiles I will be sure and post them too.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

You know.....

You know you are from Oklahoma if you have to use your heater and air conditioner in the same day.

Yesterday I had a call to do a drugscreen collection about 2:30am. It was very chilly and I had to use my heater on the way. After work yesterday, it was very hot in my car and I had to use the a/c a bit just to cool off.

We have had wonderful weather lately. Chilly mornings and warm afternoons. Makes me wish we had a picnic table at work.....or better yet a hammock to lay in a read. Ahhhhhh wouldn't that be heavenly!

Please keep Joe's mother, G-Mom, in your prayers today. She is having an angiogram and at least one stent put in her heart, and possibly more. She will be at an area Heart Hospital where they specialize in cardiac care, so she will be in excellent hands. Our prayer is that she come through safely and without incident, and that this procedure alleviates some of the symptoms she has been having lately that have prohibited her from enjoying her normal active life. She loves to be active in the lives of her grand-daughters and grand-son (and grand-dog) and they love to be with her. They especially love taking turns spending the night one by one. There
are 4 grand-daughters here locally and they keep her hopping!

One day last week something strange happened to me. I wasn't having a particularly BAD day at work....just feeling a little stressed. This man checked in and when I asked him what he was here for he answered me in a Donald Duck voice! I put my head down and laughed so hard, then got so embarrassed for laughing that my face turned 9 shades of red. It broke the tension that had built up in me and was so funny! He also had other voices, but none of them seemed quite as funny as that unexpected Donald Duck.........

Yesterday Cassidy told me "Mom I don't want to ever hurt Jesus' feelings cause he is my favorite."

Carly and I went to a foot ball game here Tuesday evening and of course she wanted to pal around with her friends. (Who wouldn't?) She went up and down the bleachers so many times that her legs were sore the next day. I am so glad she is making friends. She seems to be happy and having a good time with them too. THey are a little herd of giggly girls doing all those things giggly girls like to do.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Courtyard Bistro Gig

The Courtyard Bistro gig that Uncle Joe had Friday night went off without a hitch. He had a nice quiet evening picking and grinning for about 13 people (including the owner and her assistant). The music he chose was nice jazzy type music that wasn't too loud or too busy. We visited with each other as we listened to him. He played everything from jazzed up gospel, show tunes and some original compositions. He used a gizmo called a looper that records a 30 second snippet of music and plays it in a loop. (That is why it's called a looper DUH!) You can add layer upon layer of music to this 30 second snippet. He used that, and made a one guitar performance sound like several. (pretty cool!)

Look who showed up at the Bistro! It's Leslee!! And Peanut!! What a surprise that was. She called to say she was on her way to Tahlequah to visit her family and wanted to stop by. She followed my expert directions and found the Bistro without getting lost. ;o) Leslee is pictured here at our home claiming the "Furthest Traveled" prize.

It was a fun evening and the food was fabulous. We (Me, Leslee and my FIL Patrick) all had Corn Chowder followed by an Italian Tomatoe Pesto Sandwich (tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber sauce, chipotle sauce, tomatoe and cheez on ciabatta bread Yum) followed by the most wonderful the moment the name escapes me.....Leslee help me out here!! It was a crunchy/gooey chocolate brownie with very vanilla icecream and whipped cream on top. That and three spoons made Leslee, Peanut and me very happy girls! Hey chocolate ALWAYS makes ME happy!!

Joe made $6 in tips and got a free Mocha Freeze.

Something funny: the owner, Donna, asked if Leslee and I were sisters. :o)

The evening ended with Joe playing some gospel music and Donna, Leslee and me singing along.

It was a good day.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

UJ Strips

Go on over to Carly~Fries blog and see UJ's strip.

P.S. it really isn't that far to the kitchen



Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Funnies

I may or may not have been tagged by Susiebadoozie:

1. Three things that scare me: creepy men, tornadoes, public speaking (i have made progress I dont' vomit at the thought of it!)

2. Three people that make me laugh: Laurie Notaro, Will Ferrell, Steve Martin (what? oh you mean real people? ok then, Carly, Ted and Joe)

3. Three things I hate the most: fake people, liars (the fall under the fake people category don't they?) celery and SPAM

4. Three things I don't understand: rocket science, computers, foreign languages

5. Three things I'm doing right now: sitting, typing, breathing

6. Three things I want to do before I die: see the ocean, (i was actually thinking of this today, and for the life of me can't think of the one thing that i thought of!!) see a foreign country, see my children have a happy life

7. Three things I can do: tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, make some great lasagna, play the flute

8. Three ways to describe my personality: sweet, happy, dingy (it's true, and i just laugh at myself)

9. Three things I can't do: back a trailer, eat SPAM, make pie crust

10. Three things I think you should listen to: Michael Buble', Jazz music, Adrian Rogers' preaching (Love Worth Finding of Memphis or

11. Three things you should never listen to: people who tell you not to try, people never have anything nice to say, Mar!lyn Man$on.

12. Three things I'd like to learn: how to sew, how to speak a foreign language (French), cake decorating

13. Three favorite foods: Pizza (Hawaiian), chocolate chip cookies, Tex-Mex

14. Three beverages I drink regularly: (in random order) Coffee, Diet Pepsi, Crystal Lite

15. Three shows I watched as a kid: Gilligan's Island, Batman, The Little Rascals

So there you have it. Useless information about me. Oh great. Joe just told me that I just sold a "How to Speak French" CD in our garage sale. (which incidentally went well....we got rid of a lot of treasures and made a little bit of money) SSSShhhhhhh don't tell, but I also sold his SPAM cookbook in the sale too. *snicker*

Have a great Labor Day Y'all! We will be at the grandparent's having a cook out. No one makes Potatoe Salad like Nana! Question: Do you like cold or warm potatoe salad? We eat ours as soon as Mom boils/mashes the taters so it is still warm. That is the way we grew up eating it, so I never knew any different. Mom does make certain OutLaws in our family some cold tater salad though. I think she might like them a little bit. ;o)