Saturday, May 27, 2006

See, it IS all about me!

It's All About Me
A Meme
by Aunt Josefina
tagged by Susiebadoozie
I AM: a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a child of God
I WANT: breakfast in bed somday
I WISH: my daughters would get a long
I HATE: creepy men, people invading my personal space, mean people, SPAM, celery
I MISS: playing soft ball
I HEAR: the sound of laughter, Joe's hiccups
I WONDER: what makes hiccups stop
I REGRET: not buying stock in Microsoft, not really.
I AM NOT: a skinny woman
I DANCE: the cha-cha with Joe and make him laugh.
I CRY: very easily...when my feelers are hurt, when I see my children or husband hurt, when your feelers are hurt.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: focused....i get scatter-brained pretty easily (but at least I can laugh about it!)
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: good food, comforting touches, gifts
I WRITE: compulsively. i am a note taker. (May 27th, 2006, Joe squeezed and hurt my knee)
I CONFUSE: myself and others frequently and with ease. :o)
I NEED: words of encouragement and physical touches
I SHOULD: go to bed. i am so so tired
I START: things and sometimes don't finish them
I FINISH: other people's sentences and it annoys them
Tagging: CarlyJo, Uncle Joe and Ted, the non-bloggers with blogs

Happy Birthday Hummy

Happy Birthday to Joe!

Today is the day that Uncle Joe was brought into this world 46 short years ago.
( I should get his mother to guest host and tell the story!)

The world became a better place when you came into it.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Deeeeaaaarrrr Joooooooe
Happy Birthday toooooooo yoooooooouuuuuu!
You look like a monkey
and you smell like one too.

Hope you are enjoying your present ;o)

I love you and hope your day is full of fun and love.
I will do my best to fill it with laughter.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Crossing things off my list

I almost forgot! I can cross "sing a special" off my 2006 Resolutions list found way back here. Uncle Joe, Shannon, Kerney and Kahuna were invited to sing at a Block Party for Shiloh Baptist Church last Saturday. One of our friends from church, Nate, is the pastor there.

We (me and the girls) arrived just as the band was setting up. It was very VERY hot and they were set up on a stage right in the sun. It was 1pm so the sun was beating down on them even then.

They sang about 4 songs and then Yours Truly was invited to the stage to sing the last song with them. I remember very little about it. I was very nervous and Shannon had to hum my harmony part to me before we started. I almost passed out. All I remember was Joe leaning over to me during my solo and saying, "Sing out Baby!" All in all I don't think we stunk it up too bad. (besides, everyone else was hot too, so they were a little delirious too.)

The set was over then and I had to get my overheated daughters out of there. Little Cassidy looked on the verge of heat stroke and Carly was hot too. She wore black gouchos, so you know she was hot. Joe came down and we poured water on his hot cranium and got him cooled off too. It was the hottest day of the year in the mid-day sun. The band wilted, but had a good time I believe. Kahuna said he could even see some people come out of their houses to listen to the music. I think they ran back inside when I sang though. Haha!

Oh BTW......someone in my house is having a birthday on Saturday. It's not me and not my daughters. Come back by and wish him a happy birthday.........

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer is upon us, woe is Joe

The girls have 2 days left of school and then the torture of Dad begins. I have put out a distress call to all Aunts/Nanas/Gmoms/Pa-Pas/Papas/Uncles/Friends: please feel free to take one or both of the girls any time you want for as long as you want M-F 8am -5pm. Haha

Please keep them all in your prayers this summer. They are a handful and get so annoying with their fussing.

They have a few activities in the works, mainly some art classes for both the girls, which should be fun fun fun! There is also VBS to look forward to at Nana's church as well at our new church.

More updates as they develop. :o)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Me friend, Meow

Our good friend, Meow sent us a post card from waaay down under this week. It was hard to explain to CassiJo where exactly Australia is without a globe though!

Meow received our post card from Oklahoma this week too for her post card collection. I couldn't find any post cards quick enough to suit me so I made some letterhead with some Muskogee land marks for her, including the Okie from Muskogee logo.

Thanks for playing Meow. There is nothing like getting a little surprise in the mail box is there?? :o)

Jenn Cleaned Her Closet!

Jenn cleaned her closet, and since she has mucho arto stuff, she sent CarlyJo some neato magazines, instruction books, watercolor pencils and a bundle of Jenn original cards. There was also a spattering of silk flowers, a box of bobby pins, stickers, material, and some Disneyland Coffee for me and Joe to share as well as lots of matted prints.......very cool. CarlyJo was very excited and CassiJo can't wait to get her little paws on those watercolor pencils. We had to hide them quickly!

We were thrilled to get the box especially since we weren't expecting it. A very welcomed surprise from our new friend Jenn.

On behalf of the Joe Family, Tanks so much!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

'Nuther note to self

1. Never miss an opportunity to shut up
2. Listen to your first instinct (and repeat #1)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Note to self

Before going on a great field trip with lots of photo opportunities, check the batteries in the digital camera.

Missed photo ops:
1. Llama farm
2. Mini goat farm
3. Horses in the field with colts
4. Beeeyoooteeeful scenery at the lake
5. Pictures of me and Carly having a good time

I went on a field trip with CarlyJo's class to Marval Trout camp. It is an annual field trip for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes. They let the kids run around, play all sorts of games and hike the nature trails. A good time was had by all. Thank God for the perfect weather.

Poor CassiJo's field trip to the Tulsa Zoo was cancelled not once but TWICE due to the rains we had last week and this week. We needed the rain so badly so it is hard to complain, but her little sad face almost broke my heart. We are now planning a family trip to the zoo with the tickets we received from the school.

With just two weeks lieft of school, the natives are getting restless........

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nerdine's Meme

I modified the list. I had done it wrong and had only words I could think of and not things I liked. There were words on there that I didn't like and I didn't want y'all to think I was a freaky deaky girl......

I am playing along with a game from Nerdine. She has assigned me the letter "G" and I am to list all the things I can think of beginning with the letter "G". Ok here Goes

Gobhole Girl
Gas (the car kind)
Girls (especially my own)
Gabrielle ( my brown-eyed niece)
Guys (well mainly just one)
Games (Scrabble is my fave although Joe always beats me)
Gregariousness (is that a word)
Grass( i love to mow it)
Generosity (giving and receiving)
Glad trashbags
Giovanni Ribicci (is that right?)
George Clooney
GEHA (government employees health association)
Glaze (carly is helping me and has come up with some good ones!! )
Gone with The Wind (Can you believe I didn't see this til I was 23 years old?!)
Gevalia (coffee)
Good Value brand
Guys Potato Chips
Gummie Bears/worms
George Washington
Grant (Hugh)
Grown( i don't feel grown, do you?)
Gordan (Jeff)
Garrison (the street Joe and I lived on when we first got married)

That is all we can think of. Man my kids are smart! They thunk of a big hunk of this list!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Jazzy Friends

This is the couple we stayed with....Octagon Man and Octagon Gal. They live about 30 miles away from Denton and came to enjoy the music with us. We went home with them and had a great visit. UJ and OM reminisced about days gone by and OG and I got to know each other better and enjoyed seeing our guys have such a good time.

Jazzy Pooches

I bet there are some kids out there who wanted
to ride this dog.

This dog was politic'in.

This pup was howling and whining. I think he
was just hungry.....we were near some food vendors.

Cujo was there too. He has gotten nice in his old age.

Jazzy Pictures Part V

I gave this girl some money for some real clothes. She came in her pj's!!

....and these folks just snoozed away!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jazzy Pictures IV

So, how is the weather up ther Slim??

Jazzy Pictures Part III

Here is the booth of an artist named Gail Shelton. Her pictures were so vibrant and wonderful! I asked to take a picture to show Carly. You can find her work here. She is a traveling art teacher....traveling all over the country and even around the world. What fun her class would be!

Jazzy Pictures Part II

This is the Jazz Stage where we spent most of our time

Jazzy Pictures Part I

Here is the surprise we found in our suitcase when we got to our hotel. Two little animals to remind us of our two little monkeys at home. :o)

And we're off!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Coming Soon

I took lots of neat pictures at the JazzFest and I will have them posted soon. I promise.