Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Notice Anything Missing?

It's fun to kiss his smooth face , but I love the moustache and goatee.
All three of his home-girls kissed his face at least 80 times each the day he shaved. I think he liked the attention! :o)

Disclaimer from Uncle Joe: This is not my real kiss face. Ha!


  1. See, now I am a no facial hair kinda gal. My husband has had a beard and a mustache before. I always thought he looked like the bad guy. I likes 'em smooooth. lol

  2. JD: Riiiiight!!

    GM: I love facial hair. He has always had a moustache and when Cassi was born I think that is when he started growing the goatee. I love it on him. He usually keeps it short so that makes it look nice.
    His face is smooth and I just love to smack him in the kisser and feel his soft face under those whiskers. He is already getting some stubble so I think he is 'bout ready to let it grow out again.

    If we had used "real kiss" face I would be weak in the knees and out of breath. We did try to get a pic but all i got was his head because I couldn't hold the camera! haha

  3. I really don't recognize that man you are kissing there.

  4. UJ, my thoughts exactly...
    WHO is that guy??!

  5. well you asked a question and then you proceeded to give it away?

    and besides that goatee's are sooooo yesterday....LOL

  6. UJ: you do look so different! it is fun to see that smooth face every now and again :o)

    Seeker: I think I squealed when he came in the room and surprised me. I got NO warning! (well that isn't totally true. he did say several days before he was thinking of shaving)

    Dooz: yes! and they are never out of season here. :o)

  7. That is so sweet...true love!


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