Monday, July 28, 2008

What I Have Been Doing....

I see you! Like my new mask? I keep my eyes peeled for injustice and will leap into action....when the need arises. If I am busy I will send Batman.

Frozen Chocolate Heart Attack On a Plate

A dessert made by Uncle Joe and CassiJo today. It was icecream sandwiches on bottom, chocolate icecream, crunched up candy bars, graham crackers, vanilla icecream, chocolate chips and chocolate syrup. We had this for dessert after eating a nice healthy supper of grilled fish & veggies with extra steamed veggies on the side. I am pretty sure they cancelled each other out.

A poem I constructed when I was pregnant with Carly . I made this at G-moms. She has those great word magnets and we all took turns making poem. She has left it there all this time. :o)

The most beautiful dog on the block. ShelbyJo. I love her eyes. Funny thing about her: she thinks she is a lap dog and loves to sit in our laps....especially Uncle Joe's.

I have no words for this.

This is not normal. Rubber Face Joe made me laugh so hard this night I almost fell out of my chair. I crack up when I look at all the silly pictures I took. Feel free to save this picture and use it for your desk top. It is on our computer now and I can't look at it without smiling. :o) But then again, I am a flibbertagibbit. haha


  1. Ooooh, look at those dangerous eyes! Look at that dangerous dessert! Yikes! Look at that dangerous, um, dangerous Joe?

  2. good gosh.
    please don't enlarge the pic of me.
    I said DON'T enlarge it!!!

    you'll be sorry.

    ice cream sandwiches bottom layer
    choc. ice cream 2nd layer
    klondike bars and hershey bars 3rd.
    crushed graham crackers 4th
    chocolate drizzles inbetween each layer
    vanilla ice cream and semi-sweet choc chips on top.
    one piece is enough.

  3. That's the face he makes while dreaming up new and cunningly decadent desserts...

  4. Recipes must go on the Simple Gourmet blog. If you don't I will...that one looks SO GOOD!!!

    It must be so exciting being a Batwife.

  5. Uncle Joe is scaring me!!!

    The dessert isn't.

    You, my sister, have beautiful eyes!!!

  6. Lovely fridge poem! That is actually very beautifully put.

    Heart attack on a plate....("I'll have what she's having!")

    Batwife Blue Eyes!

    Your dog is exceptionally beautiful, I must say. As for Joe, what a face, what an of his finest, I'd say.

  7. why don't you just hook an IV into your arm that pumps pure sugar into your veins?


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