Friday, October 27, 2006


Here is an updated photo of our bedroom after my parents helped me hang the curtains that coordinate with my "new" bedroom ensemble. We just love it and it satisfied our need for a java-colored room. (Thanks!)

See my exercise ball in the corner? I step over it every day and call that exercise. haha Seriously I really need to get on the ball and get back to exercising and toning up my tummy. :o) (No pun intended)

Uncle Joe and GrandPat went to a local music store to hear a guitar player named Bugs Henderson. I don't know anything about him, but you can read about him here:
I hope they have a good time. Maybe he will inspire some new guitar licks for Joe to play for us tomorrow.
(Update: Joe came home with a rockin' cd of this man's and it was great!!)

Cassidy's school sponsored a "Trunk or Treat" tonight. Have you heard of that? The participants parked their cars and opened their decorated trunks and passed out candy to the children. It was over quickly but Cassi was happy with her small haul of candy. I am sure she and Joe will sit in the floor later and ooh and ahh over what she got.

Carly is having her first sleep over guest tonight: her bestest cousin, Elle. Not too much giggling is coming from the living room just yet, but the night is still young. ;o) These girls are so funny together. They can find a treasure in anything you put before them. Tomorrow I imagine them outside in the garden or under a tree creating a little city of nut shells, pine needle houses and rock cars. You just never know what they will create together. :o) I love that about them. They are very different, but also alike in a lot of ways.

I am just glad it is Friday.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The eyes have it

Here is the "face" in our kitchen watching us cook.
He kinda looks like that creature on FarScape. What do you think his name should be??

This "face" creeps me out. It is in our bathroom. Good thing Batman is there too. I am thinking of hanging SOMETHING over this face, or at least the eyes. haha

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Boo Bah!

Happy BooBah to Jen!

She is turning 33 today

Go on over and wish her a happy day........

We called to surprise her with our own Okie Singing Telegram :o) Joe picked out Happy Birthday on the guitar and the girls and I sang along.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cuppa Joe

Ever wonder where "cup of joe" came from??

Go here to find out.

Mmmmmm I already have my grande joe. (he is 6'2")


Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Got a Wild Hair.......



Whaddaya think??

I like it. I did it while Joe was asleep again. What's up with that?

The Clown Who Couldn't Spell

Bless his heart....he can't spell.

He was very sweet and boy, could he make a balloon thingamajigger!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Here is our "new" home....actually it is the 20+ year old house that my dad built for his parents in 1983. It is right next door to the house I grew up in, so I really moved "back home"! This first view is the kitchen. The floor was updated as well as the sink (I don't think that is visible in this photo, but it is great! Thanks Mom!) and just freshened up with a nice coat of paint. We left some of Nan's things here and there...the little shelf by the back door for one.
There is a great plate rail above the cabinets that Joe promptly filled up with all our doo-da's. Some are antiques some are just things that tickled our fancy. Notice the Hello Kitty lunch box? The block letters below it originally spelled C-O-U-N-T-R-Y or W-E-L-C-O-M-E and Uncle Joe, being the creative dood he is, rearranged it to spell M-E-O-W. :o) I thought it was funny!
Here is the girls bathroom. We thought coming here they would be so excited to have their own bathroom. The shower has a seat in it and the spiffy new shower curtain is just what they like. OH BUT NO!!! They want in the big middle of mine and Joe's bathroom!! We have the bathtub/shower and they LOOOOOOVE to take baths. Oh well, it saves me from having to clean TWO bathrooms. So, I guess this is really Charlie the Cat's bathroom.
This room is the brain child of me and my parents. They are both aware that I struggle with a Laundry Monster on a daily basis so we re-thunk the layout of this room, took out a freezer and a cabinet and added a laundry folding station! It has a large table for folding, shelves underneath to hold 4 small laundry baskets for sorting clean/folded laundry and 3 large laundry hampers for sorting dirty laundry underneath the table. Dad also added a sturdy pole for hanging laundry. That is my favorite. This has saved a huge mess in our living room and bedrooms. I LOVE THIS ROOM!!! (and it smells good!)

Here is our bed room. As you can see, it is small, but CLEAN. Bedzilla has taken up most of the room. I love our King sized bed and hated the thought of giving it up, so we didn't. The bedspread is Mom's deal-of-the-day that she found at a yard sale just up the road in the new housing addition. If the owner's husband was telling the truth, it is a $800+ set and we got the whole ensemble: comforter, bedskirt, pillows, shams (that I dont' have pillows for) and 2 curtains, all for $100! I caught them at the perfect moment: CLOSING TIME! Despite our best efforts to enjoy this comforter, we still sleep with our old one (It is just so comfy!) and just put this one out for show.

One thing that you cannot see in this picture is the great bookshelf Dad put in a dead spot on the wall just around the corner to the right. He raised it off the ground so there is storage down there for our one suitcase and 5 shelves to hold all our books/magazines etc. He painted it coffee-bean brown for us, the color we actually wanted on the walls but decided against in such a small space.

My parents worked so hard on this house for us all summer and words cannot ever express my gratitude for their tireless work for me and my family. I choke up with emotion every time I try to speak my gratitude to them.

Nan has been gone for almost a year now, hard to believe. I know she (and Pap) would be so very very glad that we are living in her house. She would be glad that Joe is working in her yard, making a garden. She would be glad that Cassi has the Doll Room and kept her shelf for dolls, and even rescued a baby doll from a garage sale just last week. She would be glad that Carly is using her bedroom suite that she saved for us all these years. She would be glad that her house is filled with the sounds of little girls laughing, crying, singing and fussing. She would be especially glad to hear the music that comes from within these walls from Joe & Cassi. She would be glad to see our daughters making friends all through the neighborhood, playing outside and riding their bikes. She would be proud of me for helping to make this house into a home.

More pictures will follow , so please stay tuned!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sam & Ella Ain't Got Nuthin' on Uncle Joe

Here are a couple of pizza's Uncle Joe whipped up this week. He made the pizza dough from scratch too......

They were very yummy in our tummies.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fair Fotos

Here is my dad....Papa to the girls. Do you like his hat?? He is a hat guy. Always has one on and loves to see his grand daughters wearing hats.

Here is a cool cake we saw at the Cake Contest. I thought Uncle Joe, Ted, Roy and Kahuna might appreciate this one. :o) The contest was featured on The Food Network. We could see cameras in the middle of all the cakes, but we steered clear of them. They had the most fabulous wedding cakes I have ever seen. I would have hated to cut them!

I assume this is a brown sugar "sand" castle. I bet it is very sticky. Do you like Cassidy's pony tail holder? I put something bright on her so I could spot her if she got seperated from us.

Carly, Salani and Cassidy on the way to the fair.

They looooove their cousin Salani. They fight over who gets to sit by her. I am sure she gets sick of being in the middle all the time! She is literally and chronilogically in he middle of them. She is 8, Carly 11 and Cassidy 6. Just the right spaced between them.......

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Law of PP

My fatigue factor is directly proportional to the probability that I will get a call to do a drugscreen.

I was sitting at the computer about to fall asleep about 11:15pm this evening , ready to turn in when the pager went off. I had to drive to the hospital to collect a drugscreen. The donor could not go and I had to wait for 30+ minutes for her to finally go.

*Yawn* I am feeling Mr. Sandman again........

Good night Bloggers

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Meme Me

I am very tired and have nothing better to post than this.

1. How many keys are on your keychain: 8 identified and 1 unidentified
2. What curse word do you use the most: holy canoly!
3. Do you own an iPod: no
4. What time is your alarm clock set for: 6:00am (do i have to admit how many times i hit snooze too? OK 3)
5. How many suitcases do you own: 1 and i have to share it with Uncle Joe.
6. Do you wear flip flops even when it's cold outside: Only if it is for a short while
7. Where do you buy your groceries from: Harps/Walmart/Albertsons
8. Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture: both. i have too many pictures of others and not enough of
ones with me in them.
9. What was the last movie you watched: The Illusionist (it was ok but wait for the video)
10. Do any of your friends have children: all of them i do even has 5
11. If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you would buy: my house
12. Has anyone ever called you lazy: Not lately!
13. Has anyone told you a secret this week: it is Sunday so the week is still young!! I am hopeful.....
14. When was the last time someone hit on you: Saturday morning...Uncle Joe hit me on my arm and it hurt.
15. What did you have for dinner: cereal and toast
16. Do you wear hoodies often: no not often
17. Can you whistle: oh yes....very loudly too.
18. Have you ever participated in a protest: just protesting work
19. Do you think people talk about you behind your back: yes on a daily basis
20. How big is your local mall: it is big but a lot of it is empty
21. Are you shy around the opposite sex: yes they make me nervous especially when the smell good
22. When was the last time you laughed so hard your sides hurt: last week when Joe read me his Western Love Story
23. What movie do you know every line to: Wizard of Oz, Babe, Joe vs the Volcano, most Disney movies
24. Do you own any band t-shirts: not currently, but i used to.....
25. When was your last plane ride: sadly, 1993.
26. How many chairs are at your dining room table: 6
27. Do you read for fun: yes doesn't everyone?
28. Can you speak any languages other than English: I am fluent in the language of Love *snicker*
29. Have you ever cried in public: yes and i really hate to. i hate for people to see my ugly cry-face

wow that took 30 minutes.
now i am really really tired.

good night all

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fairly Fun

Whew. I have never been so glad to be home! We had a buzzy-bizzy-bee day today.

We had an early rise (which was hard after a late night at the Fort Gibson vs Sallisaw game AT Sallisaw, an hour away) and went to a Pancake Breakfast at Cassidy's school. For some reason I thought they would also have other food items. Wrong. It was pancakes. Only pancakes. Served with apple juice and coffee as thick as mud. Needless to say I ate only one pancake. (I am a pancake snob...i will only eat them with Griffins Butter Pecan syrup and sausage)

Outside in the parking lot, they had rented parking spaces to have a community garage sale. We found a few treasures: some cherry capri pants for G-mom (hope she doesn't see this before we give them to her!) a cute little Smore marshmallow snowman picture holder, several shirts for Carly and some cool jeans, a ginormous pot for Uncle Joe to make dumplins in and a wonderful stuffed monkey that Cassidy named after her teacher: Mrs. Roff. I wonder if she would find it as funny as we did??

We had the energy and the spare change to go to one more garage sale after leaving the school and found several more treasures: a leather Fossil wallet for a quarter, a baby doll for 75 cents (Nan would be so proud of us for rescuing her!) and a sparkly purse for Cassidy. By the end of that treasure seeking escapade it was time for us to get ready to go to the Tulsa State Fair with Papa.

Papa picked up my niece, Salani, then me and the girls and we were off for some fun at the Fair. (UJ stayed at home. He didn't feel too good)We got there about 1230 and immiediately found our favorite fair food: roasted corn. We got four ears and had a seat and got all buttery and salty and enjoyed our corn. We smiled with corny teeth the rest of the day. Our other favorite fair food is Cajun Shrimp On A Stick. You talk about SO good!! We look forward to that every year. We also ate a funnel cake and frozen cheez cake. We got only one cheez cake and shared and it was 'just enough' for everyone to get a good bite or two and not be overloaded.

The girls got to ride several rides, maybe 5 each. Dad did the math on the last ride the girls rode and figured each time the ride started, they made $125.00!! Holy canoly!! That is just insane! There were several new rides but the lines were too long for Carly to ride them. I saw a few I would have liked to try, but at $4 to $5 a pop, I just couldn't bring myself to pay that! Carly is at that inbetween stage in her life. Not a child and not a teenager so she had difficulty finding things she wanted to ride with the little girls. Next year we will plan a trip and bring someone her age to ride with. :o)

It was a long day but a fun day. We had to listen to the gaggle of giggling girls in the back seat all the way home from Tulsa but they were singing and laughing, so we didn't even care. I love to hear them getting along happily.

I took several pictures, but I am just too tired to download them right now. (Blogger is so naughty it probably wouldn't have let me download them anyway.)

Hoping you all are having a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pepper Rallies and Pizza

Cassidy came home from school last Friday very excited. "Mom guess what we had at school today? A parade and a Pepper Rally!"

It was Homecoming and they had an all school parade and a Pep Rally. :o) heehee!!

If you have never been, I recommend you try The Incredible Pizza Company. My mom and I went along with Carly's Girl Scout troop for a big Field Trip. It was so much fun! They have several themed rooms to eat in (Family Room, Diner, Starlight Theater and Gymnasium) and lots of activities for the kids when they are done (Go Carts, Bumpber cars, Mini golf, Bowling, games games games) They don't use tokens or quarters for the games/activities either. You put money on a "credit card" and the kids scan it to play games. The prices were very reasonable. The girls each got $12 on their card and that was more than enough to play everything they wanted. We even had to scold some of them to "spend your money so we can go!"

I want to take Cassidy back there soon since she didn't get to go with us. Maybe Carly will volunteer to show her the ropes.

Happy Fall Y'all!!