Thursday, October 30, 2008

Falloween Princess

Updated with photo!! Princess CassiJo sans long white gloves

This Halloween CassiJo decided she wanted to be a princess. She decided this after choosing a lavender satin candy basket at Super Target in Edmond. We searched the local mall for a costume and unless I want my daughter to be a harlot, we will not be selecting a costume from their store. We settled on long white gloves and a crown from Claires, with the understanding I would comb the resale shops the next day for a perfect princess dress.

First stop....not much luck. I found a hunter green bridesmaid dress and that was the only thing that wasn't too long or too revealing. At the low low price of $6 how could I go wrong? I wasn't thrilled with the selection and decided to make one more stop at Twice Is Nice and check thier selection. BINGO!! SCORE!!! I found a tea-length pink chiffon dress that was perfect for our little budding princess. I scored major brownie points with this dress people!! (pictures will follow tomorrow)

I noticed rather quickly that CassiJo's demeanor and personality changes when she is HRH Princess CassiJo. There is apparently some unspoken rules about being a princess:

1. Attire must be long and flowing
2. Crown is required, the more jewels the better
3. Gloves, long and white, preferred but not required
4. Shoes must high heeled and/or sparkley. Bonus if they "snap" when you walk
5. Cupped hand wave must be perfected
6. English accent is required apparently
7. Princesses get to boss everyone around
8. Drinks must be consumed with the pinkie finger pointed up
9. Lips must be pursed
10. Princesses blink in excess
11. Everyone in the room MUST kiss the hand of the princess upon greeting.

This is for your information should you ever visit the Joe Household while we are still in Princess Stealth Mode........

Happy Falloween!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Break

Today is the first day of Fall Break for the little kiddies across Oklahoma.
CarlyJo spent it with friends doing what girls do about boys and paint their piggies. CassiJo and her daddy went to a movie after she spent the night with Nana and Papa. (BTW if any of you would like to invite her over for a sleepover, she would be glad to come. She is feeling a little blue that CarlyJo has so many friends to spend the night with and she really doesn't have many.....)

ME? I was at work. Someone beat me to the punch and took off first. Shoot!!

Here are some things I have learned this week:
1. More football rules and what-not, while watching the OU/Texas game
2. Heated seats are wonderful (we got a new-to-us truck with heated seats)
3. Running in cold weather makes me dizzy
4. 4am is very early to wake up every day. If you need a wake up call at 4am Central time, I am your girl.
5. Never engage a disgruntled doctor as to why drugs are so expensive
6. Never assume things will go off with out a hitch.....something always comes up. Thank goodness for family to help out. Right AndiJo?
7. My beautiful niece and nephew from Japan will be here for a Christmas visit.
8. There is such a thing as a chocolate ovarian cyst. (but it is not filled w/chocolate.)haha
9. Uncle Joe still sneezes really loud
10. Carlyjo talks really fast when she is excited.
11. Cassijo still sings ALL the time. The other night she sang herself to sleep. (and another day we caught her singing to herself in the mirror after her shower...The CassiJo Show!)
12. Only bad mommies forget to pack their baby's swim suit when going on a weekend trip. (Thank Goodness for Super Target!!)
13. Running to music is fun.
14. I was told by one of the providers, after defending a disgruntled and grumpy employee that I "could find something good in a pile of C-R-@-P." I think that was a compliment.
15. I have spent 3 out of 4 lunch hours in Walmart. I spend way too much time in Walmart.

That's all from AuntJo tonight folks!

Happy Fall Y'all!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Things I Learned While Camping

The Joes, (less CarlyJo who is too cool and waaay to busy to camp with us.....haha) went camping this weekend at Greenleaf State Park. We had a really good time and here are some things that I learned on our 48 hours while there.

1. Don't sit downwind from someone sprinkling red pepper. It burns your eyes.

2. Set up your tent to catch the cross wind, otherwise it will just blow your tent in and scare you in your sleep.

3. Don't serve chili one night then beans the next day. (but do mix the left over chili with the beans!!)

4. Don't try to walk to the farthest bathroom when participating in #3.

5. Bring a small basket to carry your shower paraphenalia.

6. Leave modesty at home when showering in the bathrooms. There really is not privacy. (or shower late and get dressed lightening fast like I did)

7. Be glad that your daughter collapses , exhausted, in her camping bed....put there by her very own self.

8. Bring lots of wood for the camp fire, and don't forget to protect it from rain.

9. Listen to the weather man and believe that a 30% chance of rain is a big enough chance you should put everything up for the night.

10. Invest in an air mattress. Totally wonderful! Beats sleeping on the hard ground and makes snuggling to keep warm much easier....

11. Inspect (and double inspect) the ground for sticky-up items before setting the tent up.

12. The smell of fresh coffee and bacon in the morning beats any alarm clock.

13. Rising with the sun and the birds (sometimes making funny noises) is wonderful.

14. Slow down and enjoy all the quiet.

15. Our universe is a wonderful and marvelous thing.....take a blanket and admire all the stars.

16. In quiet camp areas, voices carry so don't talk about your neighbors or say naughty things.

17. Electricity is overrated.

18. Camping is fun.