Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Boobah!

Uncle Joe had another boobah today!!

The girls and I were naughty and stayed home from church today so we could be home to enjoy Joe ALL DAY. A whole day of birthday togetherness was just about too much to handle!!

I made a nummy lunch and dessert (and can you believe I forgot to put the candles on the cake? i made a special trip to get them and then forgot them! I am not even sure where they are at this moment)

We rested and let our meal settle then went to see Shrek the Third. It was pretty cute. Since we had just eaten we didn't pig out on the normal movie fare of Dots and/or M&M's and popcorn and pop. We just shared a large pop. (soda for you northerners) Well having to children who are afraid it" isn't going to be FAIR if she gets more than me" they swigged all the drink and had to go to the bathroom 3 times!!

Leslee: we had a Twisted Joe pretzel in your honor before we left too! :o)

When we left there we decided to to a bit of shopping for supper and stopped at Albertsons where my wits almost ended. We got some sandwich fixin's and headed home to enjoy the rest of the day with Joe.

Happy Birthday Joe! I hope you had fun..........

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Flat Stanley, Major Ladies Man

Flat Stanley went to church with us. He captured the heart of Miss Allie in a flash.

Next he flirted with the preachers daughter, Taylor. They have agreed to stay in touch after Stanley has to return home.

Stanley and CarlyJo found a frog in our back yard. Stanley wanted to keep the frog in the house, but I had to put my foot down and say no. They will just have to visit Mr. Frog Legs in his natural habitat.

Stanley found a jumpin little juke joint. He made friends with the "interesting" musician playing there. What song to you think they are singing??

Thanks to CassiJo, Stanley had a nutritious breakfast every morning of his visit.

Stanley will be traveling back home this weekend. He is getting a little tire of his travels and is missing home and his friends and family. He has asked to take Allie and Taylor home with him, but the girls have prior engagements this summer and weren't too crazy about having flat hair ALL the time. :o)

Thanks for visiting Stanley!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today after spending the afternoon taking dance class pictures Cassidy and I stopped at Braums for an ice cream cone. ( I recommend the Cappaccino Chunky Chocolate) Cassidy chose Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on a waffle cone. They don't put kiddie size portions in those huge waffle cones, so I opted for sugar cones for our little balls of joy.
Cassidy is enjoying her cone and almost done with it when in true sugar cone fashion, it cracked and a piece broke off. She said, "Mom this wheat cone sure is tender!"
I think she is on to something.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mudders Day

I would be very sad if I were this mudder's Mother. :o)
Seriously, though:
To My Mother:
It has taken me my whole adult life to comprehend all you did for us, taking care of us and making our house a home, making sacrifices for us and teaching us to always do the right thing. Thank you for all you do for us to this day. Your help is welcomed and very much appreciated. I am so proud to call you my mother. You are a wonderful woman and I love you very much.
Thank you for making me laugh, letting me cry and for being my friend.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seven The Perfect Number

Here is my meme tagged by Leslee:

Write 7 random facts about you and tag 7 people to play along
I could write more, but you might puke. haha

1. I have freckles between my toes

2. My nose is crooked and I didn't notice until 3 years ago when looking at a photograph. One of my eyes is weird too. I am a mutant.

3. I blush very easily.

4. I was in the Colorguard in Highschool. I was the first rifle twirler. I loved it and still have my rifle and can still twirl it. You may think of us as band geeks but we had so much fun and those kids were some of the best kids in the school. :o) I was even Captain one year, and Band Queen the next. I was totally embarrassed and totally honored. I was terrified to kiss my escort, Rusty. I think I turned 9 shades of red. See #3

5. I love chocolate and think that I have to have some every day.

6. When we go to steak restaurants I always order chopped steak. It makes Joe laugh. When we were in Texas for the Jazz Fest, Terry and Sharon took us to Haufbrau for lunch on Sunday. When I ordered chopped steak they laughed. There may have been some money exchanging hands in payment of a bet, I don't know, but I think Joe won. He knows me like a book and I like that.

7. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. It is a special talent that my friends Linda and Deanna taught me. I demonstrated it for BaDoozie and Dylan when they came. Dylan wasn't impressed.

Tagging: Joe, Carly, ANP, Carol, Ted, Anne and who ever else wants to play.

You can leave your answers in my comments. :o)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Show me the money!!

Prayers are answered!

In our mailbox!

Blessings with dollar signs!

Thanks Uncle Sam!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mow is Me

Whew! Uncle Joe started mowing the lawn while I was working at the office today and I finished it up when I got home. The mower only bogged down 88 times. Way better than I expected. You see, it has been raining a lot here and our yard seems to hold water longer than most.....and the yard grew quite a bit.

The most terrible thing happened too. I'll make a long, sad story short: Baby bird fell out of nest. Move trampoline to mow. Screeching AJ. Poor baby bird!