Monday, July 07, 2008

Bricks and Bros

Please take note: The Joe's will be outta pocket for a week whilst we embark on our "Big Adventure"

First we will go visit The Jonas Bros for a special little concert at the Ford Center in OKC

We will be staying in Bricktown, an area of the city that has been re-invented and is wonderful! We haven't been in several years so I am excited to see what has been added since our last visit. Here is a pic from Bricktown looking toward the Ford Center. We will be about 2 miles away from the concert. I have heard the traffic to a JB concert is terrible so we may have to hoof it back to where Uncle Joe will be chillin' by the pool at the hotel. I don't think he will have missed us much. :o)

Next day we will be visiting with our friends who live in the area. lesliereid, and The "H" family. That should be great fun. We all have two children so they should be occupied nicely to allow us to visit for a little while after dinner. Leslie has opened her home to all of us and all our silliness. I am not sure she is fully aware of what she has done. Shhhhh don't tell her either. :o) Let's just see what shenanigans come up. hahaha!!

I am making some yummy cookies to take to the party. I know I will have time to make them it is just concerning to me that they will be within close proximity to me and my family for over 24 hours and we will not be able to eat them! What torture! Oh well I'll do it for lesliereid. ha!

Early Thursday we will be heading out to Chicago....the real adventure! It will be just fun to be in such a huge city. I wonder if people will be able to tell we are tourists? I promise I won't wear a fanny-pack. (like i really need any more attention in that region.haha)

We will also be meeting an fellow blogger, Seeker, and her family. we will be attending the aftermath of her grand-daughter Ella's first birthday party. Just in time for the sugar rush to wear off from all the icing the babies will be eating. I can't wait to hold them....all of them!

I am sure I won't sleep a wink tonight. The day before vacation is like the day before Christmas when you were a kid isn't it??

Have fun and we will be checking in when we can. Please pray for our safety and that I won't have to hurt Uncle Joe for pinching my legs. (He loves loves loves to pinch the soft inside of my thigh when we drive. He is so naughty and annoying, but I think I'll keep him. He is kinda cute and his lips are soft.)


  1. I don't know what you're talking about.

  2. Can't wait for you and your cookies! And I doubt any of you can out-shenanigan my own family, especially when we're on home turf, so GET READY!

  3. that ford centre thing looks like a big stadium....

    what's the go with the jonas bros...i've never heard of them (cept from you), yet they are doin the stadium circuit????

    also, for safety's sake, UJ needs to keep his hands on the wheel, ideally 10 & 2.

  4. UJ: let me demonstrate. *pinch*

    LKR: i hope the cookies make it. so are you challenging us to a shenanigan THROW DOWN!!?? :o)

    PT Cruiser: it is a big stadium and these boys have almost sold it out. i expect it will be by this evening. i am also taking ear plugs to protect my ears from the screaming teenaged girls.

  5. I lurve Seeker. I'm so jealous. I probably would lurve lesliereid too, but I don't know her...that I know of.

    So did UJ just veg by the pool? I would have cannonballed him. ;)

  6. PS. It's only 10 and 2 for Driver's Ed. The pros go 9 and 3 and I can see why as I weave in and out of minivan traffic, I'm just saying....

  7. I'm a pincher too. I pinch Groovy Dad's nipples all the time. He hates it. I can't stop. I'll bet it's an INFJ thing. ;-)

  8. I hope your vacation is going super doooooper well!!
    You've got lots going on. What fun!
    Enjoy meeting Seeker.
    I bet those cookies tasted good after you had waited SO long to eat them.
    UJ needs to be broken of his pinching habit. You may need to whack him upside the head a couple of times to break him of this habit. Reward him with cookies for every day he goes pinch free.

  9. I'm sure they will know you are a tourist because you will be obeying the speed limit at all times ;)

  10. Aunt Bee: You would love Seeker even more in person. she just makes you smile all the time because she is full of joy. lesliereid is a real life old friend that UJ went to school with. They got re-acquainted during the reunion hoopla and I got a new friend :o) I kept my hands at 10/2 all the time. I have pictures to prove it.

    Groovy Mom: LALALALALALALA (Fingers in my ears):o)

    JD: Our vacation was mostly fun. Just a few spats and tears from the girls when we wore them completely out. Seeker wants to meet YOU! The cookies were good and I even left the left-overs. I am a nice person. haha You know I would miss the pinching if he didn't do it. I even wore shorts to tempt him. ha!

    Doozie: I totally "speeded" the whole time. I was terrified we were going to miss that return flight home, girl I was doint 80mph and got there in plenty of time....but my hands were on 10 and 2 at all times. Hahaha


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