Saturday, May 16, 2009

Randomly Photographic

Welcome to my "catch up" positively photographic post!
I have had problems with my camera lately and someone finally got these downloaded for me. :o) Whoever you are, thankyouverymuch.
In random order:

Joe prepares to devour his Mom's Curry at Siam House in Denton. He smiled the whole time. The curry was fresh and very yummy.
See what I mean??
He licked his plate clean!
The birds even enjoyed some left over Thai the next morning! Terry and Sharon dropped their go-box and the next morning we found the local birds having a chow down. Those Texan birds sure do have good pallettes!

On our mosey home we found a Piggly Wiggly. I can barely remember having one here in our area and I loved going. Who wouldn't love going somewhere named Piggly Wiggly!? Joe went in to inquire about a t-shirt and came out dejected that they didn't have them on site, but with our photos maybe we can make our own. :o)

If we ever opened up our own place.....this might be what it might look like. :o)
(except it would serve coffee too!)

Cowboy Batman?

I was pretty happy to be in Denton with friends

We wore Sharon out at the Jazz Fest. She took a small snooze. We allowed it and didn't even bother her......except for the taking the picture part. heehee!

Who knew caterpillars liked jazz?? Terry did apparently.......

I think they were going to have a Mullet Contest later. This guy won.
not really

The first musician we saw. Joe, what was their name??

Joe and Jo's Big Jazzy Adventure 2009
We had a very nice and relaxing trip and look forward to next year when we can go again. Next year we promised to take Cassidy. She will be 10 and that is the age that Carly first went and of course she wants to follow in her sisters footsteps. That should be interesting.....she might even end up on a stage as much as that kid sings! :o)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Please Stay Tuned Jazz Fans

I have not forgotten about my poor little bloggie here....just been busy at work and home.

We had a great time at the 5th Annual Joe and Josefina's Big Jazzy Adventure down to Denton Texas April 25th. We went to the JazzFest and had a laid back and relaxing time.

Since I have started my new job and I am currently considered "in training" I did not feel it wise to ask for a day off, so we left town after I got off work at 415pm. We arrived in Denton about 10pm, right on schedule. (and no wrong turns!)

The only mishap on the way down there was supper. We will (hopefully) never set foot in a Carl's Jr/Green Burrito again. UJ ate a green burrito that turned him green a little later. Bleh......

The weather on Saturday was very nice: sunny with a little wind. Perfect for sittin', readin', eatin' , relaxin' and visitin' with friends.

We had a good time sharing some JazzFest fare: ginormous cinnamon roll, strawberry crepe, hot coffee, strawberry lemonade, gyros, roasted corn and Mr. Pibb. :o) My only complaint was about the vendors. None of the vendors I was looking forward to seeing were there. I had certain things I was looking for and didn't find them....and I had a hard time choosing anything else, so I left with nothing NOTHING! Can you believe that?

Terry and Sharon arrived mid afternoon and after we had our fill of the music, we trekked off to our next destination: Siam House, our fave Thai restaurant in Denton.

Russell, the owner has always been our server and he remembers us each time. This time he and UJ got to talk shop: music. In particular: guitars. It took us 2 1/2 hours to eat our meal due to their chattering. I had a good time listening to them talk......they bantered back and forth about who was the better guitar player and I was smiling to see Joe go head to head with him.

We must be getting old because that was just about the extent of our fun for Saturday, other than our bedtime visit to the Finish Line convenience store for late night snacks for us. :o)

Sunday morning we slept in and decided to mosey home after check out time. We stopped and shopped at World Market and bought the girls something to take home and headed back to Oklahoma after a loud lunch at TGIFridays in McKinney.

I had bought us some new tunes to listen to on the way: Brad Paisley, Foreigner and Lynard Skynard so we belted out some songs all the way down there and on the way home. (even with all that practice I still can't sing!)

All in all I would say it was a great weekend. Any time spent with the one you love is good in my book.

Stay tuned for pictures. I have had difficulty downloading pictures this week and haven't figured out why.......