Friday, January 27, 2006

he's so fine

I just wanted to tell everyone how wonderful my husband is!!!!!!

I love his bald head. I love it when he snores. I love when he makes me do his laundry.

I just love HIM. He's so fine. MY MAN!!!!


  1. He is also sneaking in the bedroom and posting on my blog.

    He is also in very big trouble and will be SEVERELY punished.


  2. okay, what are you trying to get from him. you rear kisser, you. hiney kisser.

    i bet he likes to be punished by his wife, wearing the top half of her wedding dress.

    so, where is the picture? i'm waiting. waiting for auntie joe.

  3. LOL!! Susie..I just shot my drink out my nose. wearing the top half of her wedding dress...

    Aunt Josefina,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to met another great blogger. okay, non generic now: Love your blog and you are friggin' hilarious. I just finished Shoot the Moon, as I see you are a Billie Letts fan. I also see you must be a little off upstairs. WHO keeps a fridge clean like that?

  4. Oh Bees Knees! You didn't read the list very well you silly bee! Right in the middle is the clue. That is not my fridge. I don't have a dig camera YET so I have to improvise.......

    Susie, I am not trying to get anything from him.....he posted that "he's so fine"....he sneaked in here while i was doing something else like COOKING HIS DINNER and made that silly stuff up. I think he wanted something from ME. You should have seen his face when I busted him. (But he is kinda cute so I cut him some slack)

  5. That's GREAT! You love him!!! But, he must not snore very loudly.

  6. I take it from your comment above that HE may have written this post. That's it! No food or clean clothes for the weekend!

  7. Hahaha like he would have had them anyway!! (Just kidding)

    He is very naughty. I am plotting my sneaky post on his and it will be just wait. :o) and don't tell!!

  8. why don't you two password protect your blog id's before someone gets hurt. boundary violations are screaming here. BOUNDARIES. lets put them in place. does he also wipe your rear. or does he wear your clothes? was it him that was posting in the top half of your wedding dress? was it YOU that was the bat man person?

  9. I am not afraid of him and he is not afraid of me. we are pals.......

  10. yes, and pals do each others homework. so joe better start doing your laundry, and folding your socks, and scratching your back, and and and.... do you call him "pal"? or "bud"?

    do you two hold hands and skip? do you pal around?

    i'm just being silly now. cause i can't hink of anything to say, and the cat is making an annoying smacking noise as she cleans herself.

    hey!!! you blogged from work!!!! i caught you

  11. Okay. Now we know. Let's move on.

  12. Where are we going Anne??!! :)
    Can I come too? I have been such a good girl today putting up with Joe's bossy hiney.

    "Here hold this nail"
    "Here go put this up"
    "Hey I need a break" (code for blogging)
    "What's for lunch?" (code for more blogging)
    "I'm tired" (do you get the picture yet??)

  13. Thank goodness my husband doesn't have the first clue how to blog. ha-ha!

  14. Oh UJ here you go physhing for compliments again! Shame on YOU!
    And I tip my 10 gallon to ya both for keepin the illusion alive with the ball room dancing real, and NO Da Kahuna and I would not be compatable with even the thought of attempting the process of doing something like that syncronized, instep and on beat...yes, I too would be laughing of that thoughtHA!

  15. AJ, I've got 2 words for you:
    password protected.

  16. Aunt Josefina,
    hehehe, oh, you have to READ the posts. Silly me.

    I want a fridge that is perfectly clean and organized but fat chance with four kids. My boys are going to eat down the house one of these days, nails and all.

    I am also with you on the breathing underwater bit. That would be fantastic. I think I'd go see the Titanic, if I could get around the pressure and cold.

  17. I am so glad my hubby doesn't know how to blog, let alone use the computer (barely) !!! I don't have to share it !!! Aunt Josefina, you and Uncle Jo are gorgeous ... can I adopt you as my aunt and uncle ??!!
    Take care, Meow

  18. I have always wanted to see Australia, so if there is free room and board, sign us up. What about the little Jo's though?;o)

    BK: I know we are going to have great fun....I am glad you are here to play with us. :)

    Cheryl: Hey! we were just visiting your blog last night!


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