Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pitiful Purse Pictures

Here is what I found in my purse....aaahhh! JOE!
This is the contents. Neatly arranged. Do I win?
This is the purse. Amazing isn't it?
Here is a run down of the contents:
Wallet crammed full
2 lotions
1 lip gloss
1 recipe for baked fudge...let me know if you want the is SO good
1 pkg dove body wipes (I have no clue why I have those...I guess to wipe Joe's head)
2 emails from Susie 4 pages long :o) I read them on my lunch break
2 computer document holders
2 pens
2 clackers
5 loose coins
1 section of rope
tall stack o mail
1 fingernail polish
orbit gum new flavor yum!
1 kiss
4 pay stubs
black card holder
label from microwave cake...saving it for the little coupon thing on it
check register..full
witness cards
stack o trash including multiple receipts, m&m wrapper, ear ring holder
build a bear card
pill holder
4 gift cards
2 paperclips
address book
Oh make up bag too.
Can you believe all that fit in that skinny purse???
I think we have a winner. Who can beat me??
That was fun!


  1. I'm here first, I'm here first!!!!!!

    Okay, we chew the same gum, and we both had just one lone piece of candy in our purses. but you had a length of string, for which i am very jealous. and i'm jealous of the clackers too.

    BUT we have a problem. i have more pens than you. and you live within the realm of pens. so you need to stock up on those.

    i like the dove wipes. i actually usually have antibacterial hand gel in my purse, but i took it out and replaced it with my new lotion. which is not antibacterial, but i have some gel in my little lifesaver kit.

    as far as quantity, i'm going to have to award you!!

    your purse was by far the fullest of clutter. out of everyones, and i hope you've had a chance to go all over and look.

    so what do you think everyone, did auntie joe win???

  2. oh yes...and a partridge in a pear tree too.

  3. no wonder i was having trouble getting this comment to post, AJ was posting at the exact same time.

  4. I thought that was weird too! By the time I could type and hit enter you were there! You sneaky little Gobhole Munchkin.

  5. the symbols were supposed to be #1, #2 and #3....I don't know what happened

  6. I do believe we have a winner!!! I got caught on a good day for some reason. I usually have A LOT in my purse.

  7. I am a weiner!! An embarrassed weiner, but a weiner nonetheless

  8. I carry more than that in one pocket. Where's the fun stuff?

    Only 2 pens?

    Actually pretty cool. Loved the picture of Joe in the purse.

    Take Care

  9. email me an address I can mail stuff to and i have some good stuff for you. promise. :o)

  10. Recently when I was doing a drugscreen I got a laugh from all the stuff in a man's pocket. It was like an episode of The Little Rascals. He had candy, toys, money, string, knife, lighter, keys etc. I had to tease him a little bit too, I couldn't pass that up now could I? Might as well laugh while you are dealing with hazardous body is quite gross.

  11. Aunt Joe, on the movie dick and jane, you are like the lady at the home shopping store that takes the drug screens. she is standing right there staring him down while he tries to go, and when he complains, she said, "i could sell you mine for 200 bucks, i been off the pipe for 2 months now". yup. thats you.

    looks like from the looks of it, juncle is still on the pipe. i just made up a new word for him juncle

    michael: she's serious. if you be real nice to her, she'll send you some cool pens. but you have to be nice. oh, wait. you are nice.

  12. Wow! That's a lot of stuff for one medium-sized purse! You definitely win, Auntie Jo. You also win on neatness, I think, having displayed all of your contents so nicely.

  13. she went the extra mile, and displayed the purse, on a mannequin. i appreciated that a lot. except that mannequin needs to shave. facial hair is sooooo yesterday.

  14. I think I win for smallest purse.
    I could never carry that much weight around with my shoulders.


  15. You got a lot of stuff in that purse. Mine used to be like that when I worked. Now that I'm home most days I don't need to carry so much, and I don't collect so much throughout the day.

    By the way, I tagged you. :-)

  16. I am cured!! My purse-itis is gone! Posting that picture cured me. It is not human sized and doesn't weigh a ton and have bunches of paper sticking out all over the place.

    Thanks Susie! Now can you help me with my house??

  17. Thanks for coming to visit my blog. Your purse is cool ... lots of interesting stuff !! Might get some ideas from your list, and add to mine !!

  18. She tricked me and told me that was a Batman mask..........
    Darn that Catwoman!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. I have a lot crammed in my little purse. We buy Orbit or Eclipse gum. Which ever I grab at Walmart.
    I keep anti-bacterial wipes on my purse at all times. My family teases me because I'm so germ conscious.
    I can't believe that Joe AND all that stuff can fit in that purse of yours!!

  20. i have a purse now. maybe i should add mine to the list.


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