Monday, January 09, 2006

Letter to Jamie Dawn from CassiJo

Dear Jamie Dawn,

You told my mommy that you were sending her some Ruby Red Slippers for Christmas and some Munchkins to play with me and my sister. Where are they? We have been waiting so long for them. I promised Mommy this morning that I would only wear her sparkly shoes in the house when she gets them. What do Munchkins eat? We need to be sure and go get some food for them. I still don't know where they will sleep when they get here, but send them anyway. We have sleeping bags.




  1. Yesterday Cassi asked me when I was going to get my sparkly shoes. "Can I wear them Mama? I will only wear them in the house OK?"

    Jamie, please hurry with those shoes. My baby is waiting!
    She is 6 yrs old by the way and so trusting! How cute is that?:o)

  2. Sweet, little Cassi:
    Your mom received those shoes a week ago and has been hiding them from you. She doesn't want to share them. I think that is so mean!
    These Munchkins are invisible. They don't eat anything (except air) and they have been sleeping at the foot of your bed since Jan 1. There are four of them (2 guys, 2 girls) and they want for you to give them names.
    They really love to hear jokes, especially knock-knock jokes. They really, really like roller coasters. So, if you're in the mood to draw them something, make it a roller coaster, and don't forget to take them along next time you visit a place that has roller coasters.
    I hope this clears things up.
    Jamie Dawn

  3. Oh Jamie Thank you for the best laugh of my day!!! I knew I could count on you!!

    She really really thought you were sending me shoes!! And Munchkins!!

    I am printing this out for her...... :o)

  4. well, i think april stole the red sparkly slippers, at least they are on her profile pic.

    i think the munchkins have been living in uncle joes hair, what there is left of it, and causing that smell, and also, i think that they probably eat m&ms' as well. so you should stock up on those. watch out for your socks, they tend to get in the wash, and take one from each pair. latch the fridge closed at night, because they've been known to get into it when everyone is asleep and wreak havok.

    when they bathe, they leave big hair clods in the drain, and they never close the toilet lid. if you find the toilet paper roll empty, you can be sure it was the munchkins. and please, whatever you do, don't leave your homework unattended because they eat it!!!

    thats my best advice concerning munchkins, to date anyway.

  5. Thank you very much for the Munchking insight Susie! How do you know so much about them? Have you been to Oz? Do you have some living at your house? Are YOU a munchkin? I know you are short, but I had no idea!! Wow! A real live Munchkin in our midst!! Cool.

  6. wow, you asked a question, examined the evidence, and drew a conclusion, all in one comment. you're the best!!

  7. I came in search of purse contents!

  8. Purse contents?! Hey Aunti J - it's Thursday. You're posts are aging.

  9. julian, she doesn't have a camera, i've been emailing her at work, buggin her to borrow someones, even though i promised not to be a pest, i'm being a pest, i can't help myself. because she said her purse beats all of ours to heck so i'm waiting. it had a clothes pin in it. so there has to be other stuff we need to see.

  10. I hope Cassie and the Munchkins are doing well.

  11. I am attempting to borrow a camera tonight. It will be shameful I tell you!!

    Be patient.

    I live with a computer hog


    You're fammous.


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