Friday, January 13, 2006

Tagged by ~Jennifer

For those of you who don't know me very well I love these things. Before I got hooked on bloggin I was getting these things on email and forwarding it to everyone I knew. Very few people ever took the time to fill them out. I tried and tried to tell them how much fun it is, and only one cousin listened. My mother is afraid of so much information about her floating out in cyberspace.

Anyway, here is my 2x2 list from ~Jennifer

2 names you go by: Aunt Su-Su, SuBo
2 parts of your heritage: Cherokee, Human
2 things that scare you: Losing someone in my immediate family, car wrecks
2 of your everyday essentials: deodorant for my piggies, Diet Pepsi (or any diet soda)
2 things you are wearing right now: Tennis shoes, jogging pants
2 things you want in a relationship: communication, loyalty
2 truths: God loves me, Jesus saves us
2 of your favorite hobbies: making bead jewelry, reading
2 things you want really badly: a digital camera, for my children to get along
2 places you want to go on vacation: Australia, Hawaii
2 things you want to do before you die:1. Hold my grandchildren , retire
2 ways that you are stereotypically a chick: I have breasts, I cried in Steel Magnolia's
2 things you are thinking about now: I hope I don't go psycho on the two children screaming in this room, I hope my slap-top doesn't fall off this chair
2 stores you shop at:Walmart Homeland
2 people to tag: Susie, Meow

2 weird habits: picking at my head, spraying my feet with deodorant everyday
2 favorite items in the house: my spyderco knife (best knife I have)my bed
2 stores i wish we had: Target, Olive Garden (i know it's not a store, but i wish we had it)
2 things that make me cry: fighting with hubby, the fact that Jesus died for me
2 things i wish I could do different: if i did anything differently i wouldn't be who i am today and be in this exact moment, so nothing.
2 things I do very badly: stay on task, and do things on time
2 hidden talents: i can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, and the other will remain hidden from y'all ;o)
2 other email names: subo...thats the only other one.


  1. Got your tag ... am working on it now. Come by later to check it out !! Thanks, though, I love these things too !!
    Take care,

  2. oh, you felt sorry fer me, and thanks. i was feelin left out in the cold.

    okaly dokaly. i'll get on it. i might even do it tonight. i'm going to watch wedding crashers on my computer. cause everytime i'm watching a R rated movie, mr snoopy pants comes out of wherever he's hiding and tries to take a peek. he is completely absorbed in something else until mom turns on a movie. it gets tiring picking out all PG rated, just in case mr snoopy makes an appearance. you know what i mean? and it was free. i got a raincheck. if i see a "gauranteed in stock" and its not in stock i ask for a raincheck. even if i wasn't intending to rent it. is that bad? am i stealing? is god going to punish me?

  3. I'm thankful you didn't tag me. I'm just the opposite of you on this; I don't like these meme things very much.
    I do enjoy reading about my blog friends and getting to know them better though.
    Hope your weekend is a goodie!

  4. You make bead jewelry? Cool! Me too. When you get your digital camera you'll have to post pics of some of your creations.

  5. Jamie I might hate them too if I had as many blogger friends to potentially tag me as you do. I however have only a few so I still like them.

    We are having a good weekend!

  6. Osiyo! I'm Cherokee too!

  7. are you getting my emails? where are you?????

    are you ignoring meeeeeeeeeah!!!

    you can't ignore the GOBHOLE GURLLLLLLah

  8. NO you changed email addresses on us! Our emails were all sent back undeliverable. Promise. Ask Joe. I thought it was me.

    So Sorry Gobhole Girl. You have new mail waiting.


  9. Oh my gosh, you and hubby are a lot a like. I am new to this, but how long have you been married? and why do you need deoderant for your piggie's? :)

  10. trust me, they are two pea's in a pod, but i think they like it in there together. am i right? just so long as they both use deoderant. the pod don't get stinky that way.

  11. We have been married 12 1/2 years next month.

    A couple of summers ago my daughter ruined a pair of tennis shoes from not wearing sox with them....and they stunk! Ever since then I have been self conscious about foot odor. The deo works too! :o)

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