Thursday, January 05, 2006

Benefits of Blogging

1. You get the chance to meet all kinds of people. (I had a comment yesterday from New Zealand! Cool!) I feel like I know some of you very well just by your posts and comments. How many of us have met and maintained a real life friendship with a blogger?
2. You can help people remotely; by listening and lending an ear and an occassional guffaw.
3. It gets your creative juices flowing. People are usually so funny on these things! Why can't we be this funny in person? I personally don't think fast on my feet and usually have to ponder my comments.
4. It demonstrates the humor in daily life, and what fun that is poking fun at ourselves and others.
5. It demonstrates that most of the time you are not a freak of nature. Everyone has a collection of
nail clippers, pens, scissors and remotes, plastic bags and magazines
6. Brave people post hot spots in their houses to help motivate them to clean. I must get a digital camera. I have several hot spots. One is the bloggin chair/bloggin spot, but I can't seem to catch it unoccupado! :o)
7. It has given me a lot of fun with Joe in the blogosphere and out.
8. I neglect food while blogging so I have lost weight.
9. I neglect laundry while blogging so I got to shop for clean underwear.
1o. Joe can wear the same jeans two days in a row (or more) cause he doesn't sweat while blogging. (He does however wet them from laughing at some of you cwaazzy people!)

What are your benefits of blogging?


  1. That's when my baby girl sits behind me in the chair and plays with my hair - I just love it.

  2. finding out that you collect plastic bags. and do you also, rinse then out, and hang them on your clothesline? like the lady next door here?

    and hey! i'm as funny in person as i am on my blog, honest!

    i like meeting people, and getting to know them and all their weird quirks and nothing pleases me more, to know that someone in the world, may wet their pants laughing at a post of mine, little old me.

  3. Remember what Mencius said, auntie jo:

    A man opens his mouth lightly because he has never been taken to task for saying the wrong thing.

  4. All I hear is blah blah blah Slick. Or maybe I am ignoring him cause I'M BLOGGIN MISTER!

  5. Anne: yea, but is she quiet? or can you talk and blog at the same time?

    Susie: Normal people recycle plastic bags. Freaks wash them out. I am not Freak. I am totally mornal. Yea there nothing like knowing someone soiled themselves in your honor. They get a warm feeling all over, or at least in their chair. hahaha

  6. you are totally mornal? are you sure you're mornal?

    what sorts of things have been inside these baggies which you "recycle". lets have it. i LOVE baggies. i have all sizes. i use them for everything, especially my wet undies, after blogging.

  7. She's generally quiet. Unless she decides to remember something I told her I would do and she startes to pester and wine.

    Would you all believe that as I'm typing this my son came up to me, lifted the back of my shirt and blew a fart sound on my back!!!

  8. I was wondering if you would catch that "mornal" You passed the test. You get a star for the day *

    I only recycle bags with groceries or Walmart stuff in them. Nothing else. Once a bag has been defiled by any food item it is immediately and forever thrown away.

    My new fave baggie is the itty bitty baby ones used for snacks. i like putting CassiJo's "tookies" for her lunch in them. :o)

    I do not wet my pants when I read blogs. I snort and occassionally blush. Did I tell y'all I am a blusher? I cannot hide my feelings. My face gives me away every time. Joe can read me like a book....a really ditzy book.

  9. the old lady next door, recycles ziplock baggies, the kind you use for food. she washes them out, and hangs them on her clothes line. does this make her weird?

  10. well are you guys? did milton come and get you?

  11. I like your list. I enjoy writing and I enjoy interacting with others on their blogs. It's a way of connectiing with people I would never have had the chance to meet. It's just, plain fun!

  12. Bloggin' makes me durn happy! Why if it weren't fer bloggin' don't know wher I'd be today. Bloggin' got me to be the person I always wanned to bee. Yessirree bob!

  13. *sniff* I am getting little misty!

    So, bloggin is: time for hair stylin, a way to tell the world your idiosyncracies and make fun of theirs, a way to be funny and meet people, and display your proverbial wisdom, and just be a good friend. In short. Yep that what it be. Good stuff this bloggin is.

  14. These are awesome!

    Mostly I blog because well, I love to write, but asides from helps me stay positive and upbeat and forces me to SEE the interesting stuff in the midst of the mundane.

    That's incredibly valuable to me. :) I love the feedback too


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