Tuesday, January 24, 2006

One...Two...Cha Cha Cha

We went to our first Ballroom Dance class tonight. (Wowie don't we wish we had a digital video camera!?) What a hilarious sight we all were! Joe and I were the youngest couple there. One fellow appeared to be about 80! Go Clarence!!

We learned the Foxtrot, the ChaChaCha all with basic steps, and what we in the dance world call "open conversation steps" Say it with me........

It was very fun and we actually got the hang of it fairly quickly and did quite well considering that we have not danced together very much. (I know I know.....very sad isn't it, but "Baptists don't dance" as Carly said once)

We liked the music we were dancing to alot, but really got into it when she played some of Santana's "Smooth".

I think we are gonna have a great time and make some really fun memories! At the end of the class there will be a "social".

We are doing this because we want to sponsor a "Grown Up Prom" with some of our friends this spring. Doesn't that sound like the most fun!? I think it will be an absolute blast! If y'all get down our way, please stop by and we will dance up a storm........one two three cha cha cha!


  1. When you get to the tango, I want to see pictures.

  2. That is so cool ! I think everyone should take ballroom dancing lessons at some point in their life. They are great fun. Enjoy, Meow

  3. So far so good! I want to practice now.....Wake up Joe!! I sure hope he can get out of bed today.......

  4. Oooooh! I want to do that SO much!

  5. Then do it Saur!! You are a mover and a shaker....get out there and shake that bootie with your honey! I was so pleased that we went. It was really fun. We really didn't look at the other couples either so that eased my mind about them watching ME.

  6. You'll be all set when the time comes to marry off those girls....
    Those wedding receptions are gonna rock!

  7. Joe is hurtin' today. too tired from all those batarangs I threw last night I guess.

    or was it the cha cha?

  8. Will you be inviting any Baptists to your dance?

  9. How wonderful! You must have someone take video of you when you've completed the course and are dancing experts.
    "Smooth" is one of my favorite songs!

  10. well cut a rug why don't you. i liked the waltz and the two step, and the whatever it was called. when i got dumped on the floor infront of the band. thats what i liked.

  11. I love ballroom! To watch that is. I was born with two left feet. Can't dance to save my life.

    Oh and by the way - I had to leave a comment on your fridge-post as a Norwegian citizen... *grin*

  12. Nerdine: Thanks....i am going to check it out! I bet you can dance.....

    Susie: I bet you fall down a lot don't you? Did you jump up and say, "I meant to do that!" or did you get up and kick your date in the shins and walk off?

    Jamie: Tune into Dancing with the Okies and you'll see us......

    Jenn: As a matter of fact we did!! These Baptists definitely dance! Joe was shakin' his bootie!

    Seeker: Lets just hope we can remember these dances!

  13. That sounds like so much fun! I really enjoy my Jazz class.

  14. same issue over here. no new post. no. not good. we want news from the joe family, to pour forth from your fingertips. get your motor running, head out on the keyboard, looking for good posting, or whatever comes to mind. born to be wild. born to post. born to type. get it done. i think i've had too much coffee this morning.

  15. that does sound like fun..

    what a cool idea..

    i am way too uncordnated to learn how to dance.


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