Saturday, January 21, 2006

Challenge Post

I have been challenged by Susie post a picture of my refrigerator. Here it is.

But first in response to her wish list:

I wish:
I was thinner
Joe had a healthy heart
My children to be happy adults
My children to be happy children first
I could be a better Christian
I was more proactive and less reactive
I was more bold
Life had a pause button
I could breathe underwater
I could go on a luxurious vacation to a deserted fully stocked tropical island
I wish this was really my fridge
My children had a mute button
I could get paid to just be me.
My brain included a brain-camera to save those special sights
I could sing
I could remember better
I could think of funny things to post
I could take a nap.

Hey I can take a nap! I think I will.....

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz


  1. My online friend Gawdessness (see my blogroll - building the bigger family) has a kitchen meme. Send a picture of your fridge and she'll add you to the meme list. I'm there with my not nearly so neat fridge.

  2. heyyyyyyyyyyyyah.
    did you just say you wish this was your fridge? whats going on here, is this plagerism?

  3. I just sent susie a picture of mine. I think your's is a little neater but my photo was taken day before Christmas when everything is crazy.

    Another friend had a refrigerator challenge and I responded.

    I believe a box of Mini-wheats found its way in somehow. ???

  4. No, not plagerism, REFRIGERISM.

    No help has arrived to help me with this camera thing.

  5. auntie auntie. where did you get the pic? did unclel joe find it for you on google? fess up now, because awards are near.

  6. That was like some kind of a trick to see if people really read your entire post, huh? You just sort of slipped that in the middle.

  7. Yes it was a test and you all passed. It was something off google....some Norwegian's fridge. Can you see anything in a foreign language?

  8. I like your fridge. I always wanted one of those freezers on the side.

    I wish my children had a mute button? That's hilarious..I can sooo relate!

    I wish I were more proactive and less reactive. Oh how I wish this too.

  9. At first I was going to complain that you took time to clean out the fridge before taking that picture. Then, I knew somethin' was up because we've seen that purse of yours. There is no way your fridge looks like that.

  10. If it does, I'm a helicopter.

  11. uuh - if this is some Norwegian's fridge I'd like to know where they shop. I don't recognize a single item in that fridge except the heinz ketchup in the door.. I'd love to be able to buy milk in cans instead of in the cartons they're sold in here...


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