Monday, January 02, 2006

Photo #1: It is a Joe Kinda Christmas for Uncle Joe (see what he is holding?)
Photo#2: Uncle Joe and his Baby Girls (with his other favorite identity: Batman)


  1. Is that a cocker spaniel?

  2. Yes that's Aubrie our Cocker Spaniel. I hadn't even noticed she was in the picture. She is a very sweet dog.

  3. In the first photo, I thought someone left her wig on the couch... in the second photo I saw it had a nose.


  4. We always try and indulge Joe's playfulness and get something Batman for him every Christmas. That pillow gift was from PrayerfulMom and her husband, and I got him Batman Cereal and a Batman puzzle (ages 4+)for him and Cassidy to put together.

  5. i bet uncle joe will be all over the edge pieces on that puzzle. he'll leave the rest for cassidy. he'll be too busy scooping the cereal out with his hand, and shoveling it into his gaping hole. er i mean mouth.

    i love cocker spaniels. in fact, i think i'll get one next time we need a dog. i think i already said that over on mumbo jumbo connies' blog. hers is named ethel may. that's my middle name, may. so therefore, its a sign.

  6. No your middle name is Anne. I renamed you.


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