Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dinner's Ready!!

Hmmmmm the last two times I have cooked, the smoke alarm has gone off. Shortly thereafter you could hear me call, "Dinner's Ready!!" Please hold all nasty comments. It was a total coincidence. Really.


  1. i'll wait for uncle joe to weigh in on this one, but i bet he'll keep his yap shut unless he wants to cook the tater tots and hot dogs every night.

  2. eh, it happens to all of us. A little smoke and charcoal never hurt anyone. ;-)

  3. *LOL* I hate smoke detectors. This gives me an idea for a blog story... thanks! ;o) Oh, and I'm sure the cooking was just fine... And if they didn't like it, tell them that all they had to do was scrape a little bit to get to what was underneath.

  4. Instead of a dinner bell we have a smoke detector at our house. It serves the same purpose.

  5. if the smoke detector is broke, you could use the cowbell

  6. and we all said:
    God is great
    God is good
    Let us thank Him for our food
    and for keeping the house from catching on fire from Mom's cooking.


    actually someone had spilled something on the burner and didn't clean it up. wonder who that would be JOE?!! (see how I redirected that?)

  7. The cowbell is at home on a tall shelf that Cassi Jo cannot reach. Our ears are grateful.


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