Monday, January 16, 2006

I am a Dove commercial

I would like to ask all you bloggers, male and female, what are your favorite products?

Lets start with personal hygiene products

Soap: girly Bath and Body works stuff like Warm Vanilla Sugar at the moment
Shampoo: Dove
Facial cleanser: Dove exfoliator
Facial moisturizer: Oil of Olay but I want to try Dove next time
Mousse: Dove
Deodorant: Dove solid (but for my piggies: spray)
Hairspray: Dove (see I told you!)
Body spray: warm vanilla sugar or toasted hazelnut from B&B
Lotion: I make my own...a mixture of lavender baby lotion and vit. e cream and shea butter. lemme know if you want some and i will be happy to send you some.
Toothpaste: Aquafresh extra fresh
Perfume: Chloe Innocence (but only when I am not "sugared" up
Razors: Daisy with the comfort strip

We will be conducting this study on other products at a later date. This is totally for research for the perfect facial moisturizer, right Susie? If you use a product not sold in stores, please include a hyperlink on your blog.

OK y'all are it. :o)


  1. Lemme just beat Gobhole girl to the punch here first. NO I WILL NOT BE POSTING PICTURES OF ME IN THE DOVE STYLE FORMAT. That's that. I want y'all to remain my friends and that would totally scare you away. haha

  2. Your list is the exact same as mine... Do I know you from somewhere?

  3. I think I saw you in my dreams last night. Was that you? You look like Donny Osmond, are you related? :o)

  4. Okay - do you guys talk to eachother at home or just here? :)

    Are you wanting this list on our individual blogs? I'm in the middle of the couch post today. I might do your list tomorrow unless Suzie Badoozie comes up with another idea and pressures me into doing it. :)

  5. I go to the Matthew McOnaHooey school of hygiene. A man's gotta do whatta man's gotta do....

  6. Is that what I smell Milton??
    Very 'randy' indeed! *pinching my nose now*

    Annie: yes we do talk at home(with more interruptions in the form of two little nosy rosy daughters) ...but this is fun too! You can either post your answers here or on your blog if you want to add a hyperlink. No pressure though...I know Susie BoBoozie would be sad if you didn't play with her afterall her post was first...see how fair i am playing?

  7. You have got to be kidding me. No man has more grooming products than:
    1. bar of soap, Ivory or dial
    2. shampoo (see bar of soap)
    3. razor, pref. straight
    4. deoderant (optional)
    5. toothpaste
    6. High Karate (for going out on date)

    Ony GG, S-P's bf, has more than that.

  8. OHHHHHH this is sooooo fun. I love PRODUCTS
    thanks auntie joe, this is a great idea.
    ps, i love the dove ad, and fully support it. its REAL women like US
    OK Slick. throw away the high karate. please. i'll pay you to throw it away.

    This is the link for my facial stuff
    Hope Aesthetics the best skin care producst on the planet, and formulated for challenged skin. click on the link to read the story. I've been using it for 7 years.

    I have to do this here, cause i already posted today and this will be the short version, not necessarily what i have on hand, but my all time fav's

    Shampoo: Aveda
    mousse: Got 2b "smoothed over" this is the best all time product i've found for people with straight hair, it makes your hair, sooooo smooth and silky

    Skin: Hope
    Deoderant: anything in a can
    Perfume: DKNY Be Delicious
    Body: Bath and Body works, and I have about 12 different fragrances, but my all time favorite is Pearberry

    That covered body wash too

    Makeup, for foundation, Clinique, superpowder double face makeup, this is the BEST foundation I have ever used in my life, and i'm not joking.

    Razors, Venus, (i had to go look) they connect to the wall in the shower with little refills inside

    Toothpaste: aquafresh, which ever one has a flip top and not a screw off lid

    Lotion: see above

    Hairspray, Big Sexy Hair

    Feet: mary kay mint bliss scrub and moisturizer
    and bath and body works, "heel of approval, and mint scrub".

    Zits: nuclear waste

    Tampons: kotex plastic applicator, their cheap and effective

    Lip: Avon Glazewear chocolate fling. i've been using this for about 7 years. i order it off ebay, because i think my avon lady died.

  9. Slick: You would be difficult and use a straight razor. You forgot to include your fav moisturizer.
    Deodorant is only optional if you are Matthew Macaughnehay ( i know it is spelled wrong so don't point that out ok?)

    Susie: Great list. I checked out the link....wowiezowie! Is the product worth the price? I am guessing yes.

    Have you tried Arbonne makeup? It comes in a stick and is wonderful for those women like me who put their makeup on in the car. You can do it one handed!
    My fave foot product is called Native American Cream. It has tea tree oil in it and is very thick. I slather it on during sandal season at night and my feet never get that dried out cracked look that I hate. My fave lipstick is by Loreal...Delice i think is the name. It smells like raspberries! My fav color is raisin something and coconut.
    You know you can order Avon off their website. unless you don't want someone local to call on you. that gets annoying.

  10. oh man, I often write about product that do me wrong..and I hate anything made by Jergins, they have duped me one too many times..

    but I do love Quench by Oil of Olay..

  11. JC: I haven't tried that yet. What scent do you like?

  12. AJ honey, you've seen slicks face and you know he doesn't use moisturizer... Unless you count sandpaper in that category.....

  13. AJ
    just in case you check in here, i can't send mail out right now, i'm pirating the signal at the car service shop, and it won't let me send out mail. but i got your email. so i'll talk to you later

  14. oh GAROSSSS
    some guy just went to the bathroom, cause it's right here in the waiting room, and he did NOT wash his hands, and he came out and fondled all the coffee stuff, i'm never drinking coffee from a service place.

    AJ: i'm sticking with my clinique foundation, but i'll look into the lipstick, i'm up for things that smell and taste good. and on the foot cream, i'm open on that too, maybe i could send you some money and you could get some for me, or give me a link or something

    on the face products they are VERY worth it. each bottle, lasts up to 6 months, and i find that it makes my skin feel better than other things i've tried such as mary kay, or clinique. and the people are donating part of their profits to breast cancer, and also, its a mom and pop business, this woman created the stuff herself on her kitchen stove. it's an all around good experience, with great custormer service. i hate makeup counters, i HATE them. for some reason, a pre-requisite to working at a makeup counter is MUST BE A SNOT.

    i now what i want, i approach and shout out my demand and then get the heck out of there.

    UJ, you looking for a fight with slick? maybe he likes the "weathered robert redford" look. maybe, like mathew, he thinks the ladies prefer, the natural look of a man in his 80's.

  15. I know he uses a moisterizer. He told me he was out last week. heehee

    C'mon SlickyDogg......

  16. I don't use soap. I use body wash of any kind. Right now I'm using Breck Lavendar body wash... well, not RIGHT now.
    Tre Semme shampoo, conditioner & hair spray.
    I use Paula's Choice skin products and makeup. I LOVE her products. I used them for years. They have helped my skin tremendously!
    Mitchum gel deodorant.
    Aqua fresh toothpaste.
    Perfume: Design.

    We smell SOooo gooood!

  17. I will post mine on my blog, if that's OK, as I haven't posted yet today ... this will be my first (only ??) post for today. Thanks Aung Josefina.

  18. Oooops, the bad spelling pixie is out today ... that should have been Aunt, not Aung .... sorry !!!

  19. Shaklee, Shaklee, Shaklee - That's about all I use. I'm extremely particular about what I put on me and in me. Well, as particular as I can $afford$ to be. I guess I'll post this info on my blog tomorrow because I've got to get to my ladies' bible class this evening.

  20. i just wanted to comment, that christi brinkley, who is like 50 years old, and looks 30 said in her most recent interview, that one of her beauty secrets is "exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate". so there you go. lets get with it.

    lets use those little sandy morsels, and make ourselves into new women. readyyyyy

  21. I remembered a lady in our church sells Shaklee products.

    THanks for playing. I might try some of the new products.....

  22. here i am, not getting any emails again. wondering if you guys are in bed, or what. guess its sort of late over there. well, nighters..........sleep tightersssssssssssssssssss

  23. We haven't gotten any emails either....but I have been not on line tonight. Joe is at music practice with Shannon. I hear they are going to sound really good. I stayed home with my girls and Shannon's daughter and let them play for a while.


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