Monday, January 23, 2006

Can I brag?

Can I just tell y'all if we have a contest to post a picture of "under your bed" we would win?? Joe got a wild hair this weekend and we cleaned til we were blue in the face and our under the bed area was clean and free of dust bunnies and stray Polly Pocket paraphenalia, stray socks and my silicone ear plugs.

Our closet is the girls new favorite place to play. It is clean and they can shut the door for privacy. I am thinking of setting up an office in there.

Where will our cleaning escapade take us next? The girls rooms? The kitchen? The hall closet? Who knows? Only Joe.

It is amazing to me the stuff I saved. I found all kinds of stuff. Some sad and some sweet. They are all examples of a particular moment in my life, a memory or a phase. They were all extensions of me and some of them were hard to discard.....but I dug down very deep and I did it. Purge!! Purge!! Purge!!

We are also going to sell some stuff on eBay. We got a lot of info from a fellow blogger, Gobhole Girl who is an eBay' do the rest of you have any advice for virgin eBay'ers? We have selected cd's, books, and vhs tapes for our first sale items. Will vhs tapes even sell?


  1. I've never sold anything on Ebay, so can't help you there. Just wanted you to know, the cleaning bug must be biting up north, too, because I've started tossing stuff and purging... in fact, just this evening I put our old high school year books into the trash. I think we've lugged them around long enough.

  2. I've never sold anything on Ebay, either, so I'm no help to you there. As Seeker said, the bug must be biting ... here in the land of Oz, also. Scary !!!
    Take care, happy cleaning, Meow

  3. don't throw anything away!!!send it to me so I can sell it!!!

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  6. my stomach hurts, seeker threw away her yearbooks, NOOOOOOOO, get them out of the trash, NOOOOOOOO your kids might want them!!!! for the love of pete, don't throw away yearbooks!!! i have to go now, and weep quietly over a box of donuts.

  7. I haven't had any positive experiences with ebay and so I don't even go near it.

    But I am sure someone will buy your stuff, it seems that some people will buy anything.

    Good Luck!

  8. My husband is the pack rat in our family. I tend to toss stuff, but by no means my year books. i want those around forever... i buy and sell on ebay and I would just say to charge fair prices and yes, VHS tapes still sell as long as it is a good video...I have had mostly good experiences on ebay and the unpleasant experiences have been able to work themselves out...

  9. Good advice bloggers.

    Eddo: thanks for stopping by! I love your "marry me" blog btw.

    Kish: I admit to being a pack rat but I don't know about Joe....we go through stages of purging....and I have to be the one to purge my stuff. I have to be ready to part with it or I get mad and hang on to it for a really long time.

    Susie: I know!! I think we should save our HS year books for ever!!

    Meow: Happy Cleaning down under!

    Seeker: You are a brave woman. Not me. I am a weinie and keep everything and store it in boxes.

    Joe: Yes get all their stuff and sell it!! :o)$$

  10. Only Joe Knows: Joe will gladly tell the answer to this riveting conundrum for a clean, crisp Andy Jackson.

  11. Hate to say it Joe, but I don't think anyone cares 'cept us.

  12. I've never bought or sold on e-bay. The kids tells me that with my bargain hunting skills, I could make a living selling stuff on e-bay. I'm not so sure about that!
    Isn't it a great feeling to have things clean and organized? Since the other three people in my house tend towards total slobbery, I have to just put up with mess and not stress over it.

  13. JamieDawn, there are messes and there are MESSES(*&^%$ we unfortunately WERE living in the latter..... TMI AJ? Blame it all on Susie for even asking us to post pictures. She has GREAT motivational skills!!!!!!!!

  14. Would you like to rephrase that Joe??

  15. OK... I missed something. UJ is offering $20 for the answer to WHICH question?? I'm in. I'm just lost, here.
    p.s. I'm calling my sister to see what she did with HER old yearbooks. If she says to keep 'em, I'll rethink it. They're still in a bag in my laundry room, ready for a trip to the dumpster.

  16. keep them. i'm your sister in christ and i say keep them.

    uncle joe, i too missed this question.

    and thats "I'll ALLOW you to rephrase that".

    and i want pic's of your girls in the clothes, and i'm not going to be happy if i see them on ebay. i'll come after you and tan your hide!!

  17. Yes Seeker we agree and if two or more are gathered and agree you lose!

    The question was: Where will our cleaning escapade take us next?

    Well EXXXCOOOOOSSSEEE Me! GogHole girl...I was just putting my own special touch on it so it wouldn't be YouKnowWho's anymore.

    As soon as Uncle Joe buys me a digital camera for my upcoming birthday I will gladly post pictures of everything I can photograph!! :)


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