Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tut Tut Looks Like Snow!

Here is Uncle Joe pickin'...he is grinnin too but wouldn't let
me take a picture of that.
Here is the picture of my photo board that started
all the hubub about Hugh Jackman. See? It is not
a big picture and there are lots of pictures of Joe

I hear we are in store for some snow this weekend here in Oklahoma! Yay! It will be one of the few snow (for some reason I keep typing snot instead of s-n-o-w.! haha) days we will get this winter. It has been very mild so far, which is good for my late night walk/stroll with Joe.

I love the moon right now. It is so bright! I wish we lived out in the country where there were no street lights and we could see the stars and moon uncumbered by all the lights and wires.

I have been accidentally overdosing Joe on Claritin the past two days, so he has slept A LOT. Sorry Joe! He was among the living and undrugged today and appeared fairly normal. One good thing was that he hopefully got caught up on all the sleep he lost last week....see? I can see the bright side.....I just hope he can too.


  1. He just looks like part of your family there. :)

  2. Do I get a prize for being first over here?

  3. Hugh Jackman is a hunk ... mmmmm. Have a great day, Meow

  4. What part of Oklahoma are in? Obviously the Eastern half because that's GREENcountry. I grew up in Tahlequah.

  5. name your prize and I will send it mental mail :o)

    Meow, how right you are......and that smile! Dazzling!

    Leslee....we live in Muskogee. How did you end up in Enid? (can I be nosy?)

  6. Accidentally overdosed eh?
    Tell that to the National Enquirer lady.......!

  7. well, i certainly will try and help with the dispensing of the medications. i still have a stash of samples from my working days at a doc's. i self medicated all the time, but i never did anything like that. good golly. do these people have life insurance policies? maybe they should.

    by the way, i don't see what UJ's big fuss was all about, you can hardly even see hugh jackman for all the pictures of hubby. what a big baby. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. See what I mean?? Big fuss over nuthin.

    I feel so bad for od'ing my family and myself. I must get a brain.

  9. Okay Squeezie.
    Some pictures of me have been definitely added since the
    "Hug Jackman" incident.
    Can't you all see what she's trying to do?

    She's trying to makeup with me for the "no picture" of Uncle Joe thingy.............

  10. Stay bundled up this weekend!!
    I like your picture board.
    You should have kept all the snots in there. That way you'd be in for some snot this weekend and maybe even make a snotman. Then, Joe's pickin' would REALLY make a lot of sense.

  11. I lived in Muskogee for about 6 months at the Country Club apartments. I liked my first apartment. It was a studio.

    My husband's parents were both born and raised Enid. He grew up in Tulsa but spend the summers with grandparents in Enid. He loves Enid and I was agreeable back then (hee hee hee). I get back as often as I can. I open I get to make it to the Azeala Festival this Spring and the Renaissance Faire at the Castle!

  12. I open? Hmm.. I think I meant to say I HOPE (where did I get open?) I get to make it to....

  13. Leslee: i didn't even notice the brain saw "hope". Joe and some of his friends will be playing music at the Chili CookOff in April......will you be there?

    Jamie: I was laughing out loud as I typed snot over and over again and you got me tickled again and snow shot out my nose. haha

    Joe: stop yer lyin i only added one, maybe two. hee hee maybe i was mad at you or something...huh? didja think of that mr. pointy? and using your own words...look at the three fingers pointing back at you and the thumb pointing slighty out. and furthermore, where are YOUR pictures of ME???!!! :o)

    Hi Dranny

  14. Is it the weekend before Easter again? My mother-in-law use to date a guy that helped put the cook-off on and he always said that they wouldn't do it on Easter weekend, but that's usually the weekend we're back in town. I might insist we go a week early, I miss the cookoff. I was a taster one year!

  15. We had a huge downpour yesterday, with lightning and everything, but no snot. But my sister in Wisconsin said they got five inches, after being promised ten. Durn weatherman... can't get anything right.
    Are you getting to use your snotshovel this weekend?

  16. Houston, we have snot.

    Woke up this morning to a lot of snot er I mean snow on the cars. Joe put a mat on my windshield last night, and that made getting the car ready to go not too bad. Thanks Joe! You're a peach!

    I will post a picture later

  17. Leslee, we think the date is
    April the 8th. we'll try to find out for sure..

  18. Thanks Joe, I know I'm busy that weekend :-(


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