Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Lil Joe

Is this not the cutest little face you have ever seen?! This face was duplicated in our oldest daughter Carly...I'll post a picture of her later to prove it. :o)


  1. You should post a current picture of him so we can compare.


  2. That's not gonna happen anniepoo.
    big joe is way too fat.

  3. I also vote for a current photo. But he has to be wearing a sweater and bow tie, for comparison purposes.
    What a brown-eyed dolly! (about 3 years old?)

  4. The back of this photo says 1965. so that would be 5 years old.

    By the way. I had my first girlfriend at this age, and then had 11 dry years..

  5. Oh, how angelic.
    And all that HAIR!!

  6. dry years. you are so weird. i bet the little girls in kindy garten were trying to hold you down and kiss your little cherub cheeks. the face ones.

    i'm sure you got whatever you wanted with those wittle eyes. i agree with seeker, you need to replicate this look, with the bowtie and the hair, parted right above your ear and combed over. just for kicks.

  7. You know he still has those cute wittle eyes. ;o)

  8. love the little tie. how adorable. I think it is so awesome to see how each person looks like the one before. it is AMAZING to me how genetics work...


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