Thursday, February 23, 2006

What's In a Name?

Yesterday I was having a conversation with Slick at work and we were discussing unique names. I think it originated when Beverly told us she named her children (who have 2 middle names each) after her husbands grandparents. We elected not to use family names when naming our daughters. We have Gussie, Gertie, Benton, Harve, Velma Wannette and Willie and Sequoyah and Alberta as our grandparents. They are all very unique names and have so much character! I also have in my family Altirean, Vada, Fannie, Noble, and Joe has Bootsie, Put, and Liddie. I am sure there are more that I cannot remember at this moment but I will update after I talk to my MIL. :o)

My paternal grandfather, Tom (Pap), had a habit that I have inherited, of nicknaming our friends. He called me Smiley (i used to smile from ear to ear when he came around and especially when he sneaked around and gave me money!) my closest boy cousin was Little Boy. His wife (my Nan) was Toots and my dad is still to this day called Toodie.

We chose to name our daughters Carly Grace and Cassidy Faith. I was blessed being named after my mother and paternal grandmother who share the same name. My middle name is what I chose to use in it's short version: Suzy. I do not know any other Suzy's spelled the same way as me....

Slick told a story of his Aunt Luna from the 1930's. He said that she slept in the front bedroom of their very large house. (I might add at this point that he snickered when he said her name: Aunt Luna....tic) She slept with her husband's Colt 45 beside her bed and when she heard a noise outside she got up, took the gun in hand and stood at the door. She called, "Who's there?" If no one answered she shot through the door! One night when she heard something on the porch she predictably got the gun, went to the door and said, "Who's there?" no one answered so she shot through the door and went back to bed. The next morning they awoke to find a dead black man on the porch.

So, do you all have any interesting family names you would like to share? I would love to hear your stories.


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  2. Then Ellie it is. Heretoforevermore JennyBee will be known as Ellie. (That is my niece's name, but she spells it Elle)

    Bushrod is a name that surely caused lots of teasing and tormenting dontcha think?

  3. Emma or Elle is good..Like Elle McPhearson. I have used Emma before as a blog alias and junk e-mail and I can't make up my mind which. Im already Aunt Bee to my nephews and neices why can't I be Auntie Em too. hehe.

    Here I go to change my small step for man...

  4. no, its bennyjee. that is what i call you, and i'm the boss

  5. I'm having trouble focusing on the name thing after that last story. that sort of "blows" me away, hahah, but not really funny, i want to know if it's true.

    how about these:
    Amanda Hugenkiss
    Ben Dover
    Betty Sugly
    Myra Maines
    Frank Furter
    Juan Derman

    i have more, i'll be back. i'm drinking green tea, and awake tea, so i can think.

  6. I just have to tell you that it's about 1:00 a.m. here and that story about the dead black man on the front portch scared me to death! I'm sitting here in the dark wondering who's lurking around on MY front portch.

  7. Phil McCavity

    Seymore Butts (he wrote, Under the Bleachers, I think)

    Oh wait...I have one you will LOVE....

  8. i have a photo of this woman's headstone and and can't find it.

    Maude Resler

  9. A little birdie tells me it is your birthday ... so, happy birthday to you. Hope it's a wonderful day. Take care, Meow

  10. Thanks Meow!

    Anne that was a long time ago and no one is on your sleep tight.

    Susie: I recognize those names from the Simpsons, not that I watch it, but I heard about it.

    Emma: I have been saying Maude Resler, Maude Resler and I finally got it!! Funny! That will keep me laughing all day. People will wonder why and look at me funny but I won't care....Maude Resler! Bushrod! Myra Maines!

  11. Happy Birthday.

    My names are no fun but my initials are MrM. I always get a chuckle out of that.

    Take Care

  12. okay here is one that is totally serious . this is not for the kids eyes. when i worked at an ophthalmologists, we had a patient whose first name was Hulda. we had to go out in this huge waiting room and call out their names, and everyone would avoid her chart, because of her last name

    Dick. and i'm not kidding. i would have changed me name. i would for sure. she was old though.

  13. Happy Birthday Suze says. So do I.


  15. Happy Birthday !!!!! Have a great day !!!!

  16. Thank you all for the birthday well wishes. 37 is good so far. Lets see how tomorrow goes. :)

  17. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Im reposting this front the top deleted comment..edited for sake of those who don't know me and hate awkward social moments. LOL!

    My hubby had two men in his family going way back:

    Bushrod Bailey and Gunar Bailey you might as well be born with hay in your teeth

    I think some names are hilarious. I worked as a disability insurance claims forms manager and saw some funny names:

    Richard Head (no one gave him a nickname)

    Ima Dichhoff

    Han Glider

    My father named me Jenny and I don't like it. At all. When I was in school there was always at least two to three with the same name. I've come close to changing my name twice.

    I like Ellie or Emma.

  19. my last name is a problem. i don't like my maiden name. then i was a certain name for 15 years. now i'm another name. i don't know what name to be. i'm seriously considering changing my last name to my middle name. and just go by Susie May. what do you think?

  20. Or you could be 'formerly known as Susie'

  21. There was a farmer from my home town in Wisconsin whose name was Harry Butts.
    True story.

  22. how about just "&". i'll go by that.

  23. My mom is Marguerite, and her parents (from Oklahoma) were Ollie Earl & Reba Theal.
    My mom had 14 brothers & sisters, so we have a large family with lots of interesting names & tons of wild tales.
    I love hearing stories about my ancestors.
    This is how one of my relatives (great aunt or something, I can't remember who exactly) tells how she was proposed to.
    She said, "He said Hattie will you have me? And I said, God Yes!"

    Also, my Grandpa Ollie received a telegram from OK after he had moved his family to CA.
    The telegram simply said, "Momma blowed away today."
    He knew exactly what it meant. His mom was killed in a tornado.

  24. My mom is Marguerite, and her parents (from Oklahoma) were Ollie Earl

  25. &: this is much easier to type, although now I have to push the shift key too, but I'll get over it.
    my maiden name was long and unusual, my first married name was not pronounced like it was spelled and i like my current last name, although people missppell it all the time. it is a common name with an uncommon spelling.

    i went to college with Bobbie Penn

    I knew a man around town named Major Dunn

    oh! i forgot about the baby born in the hospital the week before Carly. His middle name was joke...if I am lyin I am dyin. Mo'Hansome. I have no clue what his first or last name was but Mo'hansome??

    i went to school witha Prudence. She really was a "prude"! haha

    i know a man named Plez.

  26. My grandpa's name was Alpheus and he had a brother named Aurelius.

  27. My Dad reminded me of a co worker he had named Rudy Hoodeye,and a school mate named Rusty Root. :o)


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