Friday, February 10, 2006

There Can Be Only One

(first who knows what movie that title comes from? )

Joe and I are purchasing a digital camera tomorrow Saturday 2-11-06......and we need your opinion. We have a gift card for Best Buy and adding a little money to that plan to purchase a small camera. I have the opinion of Susie, and now we await yours too.

What kind of cameras do you all have?

How many pixels?

Do you use all the bells and whistles? (haha)

Do you like it?

What kind of memory stick does it take?

Give us your recommendations pleaseandthankyouverymuch.

~Uncle Joe and Aunt Josefina


  1. Kodak EasyShare C300. I have no idea about the pixels although I know it listed all that when I bought it.

    You'd have to buy a memory card to take more than 16 pics (highest quality) at a time.

    It has auto flash, review, zoom, video (15 seconds) and does everything I want a camera to do. It comes with an install disc for Kodak and downloads automatically by plugging it in - just turn the camera on - Kodak does the rest.

    It emails direct but it's a little slow so I use Picasa2 for email.

    It has decent editing features and is user friendly.

    I like it and for the price (about $90 on sale) it was a good deal. I wanted simple, no bells or whistles, and that's what I have. The digital version of the old Kodak Brownie.

  2. Memory stick?

    I think I know what you're talking about and it doesn't have one. Just a long cord with one end plugged into the camera and the other plugged into the "brain".

  3. movie quote is Highlander? yes?

    camera you might have better luck with

    let me check on mine...

  4. I have a hot pink RAZR picture phone and LOVE IT. That's for fun.

    I also have a Kodak EasyShare Z700. Point and shoot. Zoom. Download pics. VERY easy use. Takes rechargable AA Batteries (I've heard the big camera batteries die fast). It has a dial with an explaination on the screen of what it is. I've seen it for $380, I paid $230 and I see it now for $175 a year later.

    It's a 4.0 megapixel (you don't want anything less than that..really, you don't) and a 5x optical zoom for close up pictures. I use it for detail on antique china I sell or photograph for ebay.

    My SD Card (second generation MMC card) cost me around $25 and with over 180 pictures stored on it, about 100 pics at highest resolution. I also have a port in my all in one fax that takes cards and downloads them straight to my computer.

    If you need prints you can take the SD card down to a photo place or a machine at Target or WallyWorld (WalMart) and print out pics. The camera came with a USB port jack to download on to the computer.

    I found the site:

    anyway, I love the site above. It really helps me when I buy.

    I can't wait to see pics from the new camera.

  5. I have an HP Photosmart camera that my hubby just bought me for Christmas. It has 6.2 megapixels and I LOVE it. It takes great photos. He did install a memory card, but I don't know what kind it is..... I've never filled it up yet, as I can hardly wait to down load all my pics and resize them and post on my blog! haha.

    I also love that you can upload them to walmart and get them developed there. They turn out great.

  6. Oh yeah.. my sil got a camera for Christmas that takes batteries and she's changing batteries every hour. I love that I can just recharge my camera. Make sure you get one that is rechargable!

  7. Thanks ladies! I will take your good advice into consideration.

  8. Ooh! Ooh! I know! It's LOTR!

    Cameras: I have (and highly recommend) a Nikon D100 with an 18-70 mm DX lens. Warning: these are VERY pricey, but worth it if you're going to be doing any professional work (which I do).

  9. you should have put a price limit on your opinion request

    i hope you don't forget what i said, and get one that won't ebay. i'm just crossing my fingers that you remember to ask the sales associate if you can ebay with it. i might end up having to beat both of you up, if you mess this up.

  10. Highlander!!! One of my favorite movies. I can hear his voice when I read your title.

  11. As you have witnessed from the yucky pics on my blog that I need a digital camera too. I'm hoping this is what I get for my birthday. The Hubbs is pretty smart about cameras and he'll research the dickens out of the topic here pretty soon since next month is the big day. The camera we have was free from my mom to my son so he could enjoy taking pictures.

    I would like to have the Rebel 35mm digital - Sweet. Can't wait to see all the pictures on your blog.

  12. anne,

    my next door neighbor just purchased a Rebel. She thinks it fabulous. I admit it really is. although, the price tag. yeowwwch.
    (secretly wishing she would just hand it over to me)
    I need to take a photography class because I know enough to be annoying but not helpful..LOL!

  13. 2-11 is always a good day!

  14. Leslee is it your birthday???

    JennyBee you win the prize for the movie me and I will send you a real-life prize.

    Anne: Highlander was our fave movie for a long time....and we even were going to name our son, if we had one, Connor. :o)

    Saur: we had a very limited budget so we ended up with a little Kodak Easy Share camera. I think it will work perfectly for what we need.

    Susie: Yes i should have included a price but look at all the good info I got!

    I will be posting pictures shortly!

  15. I have a Kodak Easyshare 6490, which has 4 megapixels, 10 optical zoom, and lots of bells and whistles. Love the photos it takes, and it is idiot-proof, and very easy to use. Exactly what I wanted. It takes an SD memory card ... I have 2 x 512MB cards, which fit between 300 and 400 photos each, depending on the quality of photo you decide to take. We have had it for a year now. The new model now has 5 megapixels. You can't go wrong with Kodak stuff, anyway.
    Hope this helps. Good luck, Meow

  16. Looks like I'm a day late, a dollar short, and headed the wrong way....
    Well, glad you finally got your didgecam! We'll all be looking for LOTS of pix!

  17. My daughter got a Canon Rebel (expensive!) from my parents for Christmas. It is a marvelous camera, but the cost was out of my league.
    We have a family digital camera that has worked well for us for some time now. It's a Canon Powershot S40.
    I'm not a very good person to ask about these things.
    I just use whatever Hubby buys. He's the tech guy, and my kids are tech geeks. I'm tech challenged.

  18. Yep, my birthday! And I think EVERYONE should go shopping on my birthday, especially me!


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