Friday, February 03, 2006


You all will happy (and maybe even a little jealous haha) to know that our Michael Buble' tickets have been secured.(Thanks to my wonderful mother in law and Joe) I am so excited.....if I could do a cartwheel I would. ( I never could do a cartwheel right so it's no big loss!)

Joe is at music practice right now and I had to go there to pick up the girls after work. I got to hear some of the music and they sounded great!! They are trying to think of a name for the band......can y'all help them out? C'mon bloggers lets hear what you is a Christian band....rock.....4 guys and 1 gal...2 guitars, 1 keyboard, drums (and a red headed) singer. The style of music they sing is Big Tent Revival, Big Daddy Weave, Todd Agnew and others that I don't remember at the publishing of this post. :o) Imagine that.......

One of the girls at work is in need of prayer in the worst way. Her 19 year old niece has been missing for almost a week. The niece's name is Sara Smart. She was dropped off at a local McDonalds and hasn't been seen since. It is not looking good at this point and her family is asking for any help anyone can give. Blogger Friends please remember this family in your prayers.

Well my eldest daughter has just departed for a sleep over with her friend Payton. The house is so quiet. Cassidy is watching a video being still......I think I will go enjoy it. (the quiet that is)

I hope all of you all have a great weekend.


  1. Of course I will add Sara and her family to our prayers. How awful for them. I can't imagine.

    Hope the concert is everything you want it to be.

  2. wow, that is very scary. I will pray for that girl.

  3. well, i just can't seem to be first. what a coincedence on that girls last name.

    on the rock band. big daddy puffers? june jock and the redheads?

    hot aint got nuthin on us?

    i'll be back later

  4. aunti joe!! its me. i'm a new person. i've had a sex change operation, i got tired of all the waxing, my son was embarrassed about there being beard hairs in all the cupcakes i took to school, and so i thought it for the best, that i embrace my "feminine side".

    you should ask dawnmarie to make you one. it would be so cute. CUTE. you could have one with your daughters hanging off your legs.

  5. AJ wants to know if she can make one with the girls hanging off of her legs and me looking quizzically over her shoulder....

  6. your mother-in-law has helped me procure many a fine seat at many a fine concert or event. way to go MIL!
    How many Susie/Suzy/Siouxie are there on the internet?

  7. jory-san, as many as need by to cover all the bases.

  8. uncle joe, instead of you looking quizzically over the shoulder, would not it be more accurate, is you were eating something crunchy while hanging over her shoulder? and her face would show signs of homocidal tendencies?

  9. Jory....two is all this blog circle can handle at the moment. :o)

  10. That is so sad about the missing girl. I will keep her in my prayers. I hope she is ok!


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