Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DigiCam Photo

"Mommy" by CassiJo 2006


  1. Im going to ask who this is before I assume any other thing.

    Hey, Is that your Grandma??

  2. Who's that in the background?

  3. oh, benny gee is in big trouble.

    you are such a little cuttie

  4. Emma: my young heart is failing

    Anne:That is my Grandpa Joe..

    Susie: yes jennyb-m-a is SOOOOOO funny. Just wait.....we will get her.....we will lay in wait and pounce on her when she least expects it....maybe even on her birthday which we know........

  5. well, if that is your grandma (which is poking loads of fun at my own darn self and my own ignoramus-ness) then that would mean you are indeed young and your Grandma is a beauty.

    I was making a funny!!!!!!!!

  6. To the Comedian Formerly known as JennyBee: Too late. I know when your bertday is and something very funny will happen on or about that date. :o) and yes you are an ignoramus, but you are funny so i will let you slide.

  7. CassieJo took a very lovely picture of her mommy.


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