Monday, February 27, 2006

Sweetie Pie

I love to hear people have funny pet names for their spouses.

Once when Joe tried to call my name it came out, Pooby. The name stuck.
He doesn't use it all the time, but when he does it always makes me smile.

He also calls me Hummy sometimes.
Sometimes he calls me SuSu.

I usually just call him Babe, and since we have been blogging, I find
myself calling him Joe in the real world. :0) (and I find myself thinking
of my self as AJ)

What do you call your Honey? What does he or she call you?


  1. My hubby has no pet names for me. He calls me Jamie.
    I call him Daddy, Honey, and I used to call him Reverend, but I don't do that much any more.

    Pooby is a cute one.

  2. We call each other all kinds of things, including a variety of cute animal names in Russian.. Pteechka, leseechka... we call each other bubzy, bubs, babycakes, doodlehead, cutiepants... anything that comes to mind really.

  3. Ray used to me babycakes and it got shortened over the years to cakes. I don't discriminate - I call everyone who lives here honey or sweetie or sometimes babe except the cats.

  4. I work at the front desk of a medical office. I hate being called pet names from strange men. Especially if the smell bad. ewww

    Jenn Ilike the Russian names! I will have to lood up some Cherokee names. Maybe Leslee will help me.

    Jamie Dawn: Sometimes I call Joe Batman.

    Granny: I like Baby Cakes!

  5. Ted, what do you call Patti?

    Tell her to start calling you StratoMaster!

  6. i'm really sorry, i could not resist that. i just couldn't. please forgive me, oh joe, and little mrs. joe, please don't hate me, love me, i'm loveable, really i am!

  7. Hubby is usually Honey or Nickel

    I'm Spanky... don't ask because I won't tell!

  8. Leslee:OK so why is your hubby Nickel? Is that all he is worth? ;o)

    Hmmm really should tell because my imagination is probably much worse than the truth. heehee

    My 6 yr old calls Ted Honey. She said to his wife, "So you are the mom and you are the Honey?" pointing to Ted.

    SusieBruisie: you MUST know you are loved by the Joe Family! Didja get yer box yet? Hmm?? Be looking for it today I reckon.

  9. Hubby calls me Dollface or BabyDoll. A couple of times he got confused and called me 'Ball'. Wife-o is also a favorite when he writes me cards and letters.

    I call him Hun or Sweet Cheeks.

    On the TV Show LOST: "They call me Hurley but I'm not telling why"

    Is it just as bad to laugh at nicknames when they are bad? ~laughing loudly~

  10. We callED eachother "Babe" or "Baby". Now it's "Mom" or "Dad". We're so boring.

    I always wondered when my grandfather was alive why he called my grandmother "Mommy". After 12 kids I guess that's all she was known by.

  11. Emma: I love DollFace. You do have a sweet doll face too. very appropriate.

    Annie: Do you call him Hubbs? Since you have the HubbaDoo's I just thought you would be Mommy Hubb and he could be Daddy Hubb

    Our friends Lee and Kelly's kids called them Mommy-O and Daddy-O.

    Dazzlers daughter calls her step dad Big Daddy. How sweet is that?

  12. Anne: Or HubbaDaddy and HubbaMommy
    (say that three times fast!)

  13. no box yet. whaaaaaaaaaa, things get lost between here and okla.

  14. I call him Richard or Pastor Rich or Richie or My Man or Sweetie or Papi. He just calls me Karen, if he even uses a name for me... When he writes notes and cards to me he calls me Sweetie or Little Woman.

  15. SuserTruckster,
    Maybe UPS is having trouble driving around all those big boulders with trucks on top of them out in Ideehoe.

  16. AJ, that is sweet of you to say especially now with my NAIR accident.

  17. AJ, I just noticed your "sock monster" problem over at the beehive. Here's what ya gotta do:
    1. Buy 28 pairs of identical socks.
    2. Put 14 socks in UJ's sock drawer*, 14 socks in your sock drawer, and 14 socks in each of CJ1's and CJ2's sock drawers.
    3. As you do the laundry, just throw a few socks onto each person's pile; no sorting required.

    *p.s. A sock drawer is a place where you keep your socks while you're not wearing them.

  18. that sock solution would never work for me, i like "special" socks. and what if Joe's feet are huge, and won't fit on cassi? we have to think about this now. hmmmmmmm i know, don't wear socks at all!!!

    just wear flip flops, or go around looking like hillbillies

  19. No, I don't call him The Hubbs to his face - just behind his back. He doesn't know too much about my blog and about had a freak attack when he saw a post accidentally with the kids pictures on it. "You didn't ask ME if it was okay." I quickly changed the subject.

    He wouldn't really care except that he knows anything that I do extra (besides all the extra I'm already doing) just takes time away from him or the kids.

  20. My mom and dad are wonderfully inventive people with a great sense of humor.

    They apparently came across a weird book in the 1960s called "Mommy of the Mixing Bowl" or something like that. That became one of her nicknames. There's another odd one: Beebug, but no one knows where it originated from.

  21. I have a friend who calls his sweet wife "Buck".
    He says it's short for "Honeybucket".

  22. Emma still hasn't spilled the beans about "Spanky".

    Anne: blogging is addictive isn't it? y'all seem very real to me.

    Saur: what fun! I am "The Boss of Hiney". Once Joe was trying to get Cassi to tell me, "Mom you the Boss' hiney." (when we were discussing who was boss of the house) and it kept coming out, "Mom you're the Boss of Hiney." we kept making her say it and laughing.

    Seeker: i have thought of that but i just dont'have the strength to throw away the sox i have now. someone please help me (joe that is not license to chunk them either...i know you....GET AWAY FROM MY SOCKS!....throw your socks away....they are the biggest and take up the most room anyway!) :o)

    I just remembered what our friend, Corney Wheezer (obviously not his real name)calls his wife: "Hey you HalfBreed!" i know it sounds disrespectful, but you have to see these two. they are a hoot. when i first heard him call her that i got SO mad! but then i laughed because it is so him to do that. he just says what ever is on his mind and don't ever ask for the truth unless you are prepared to hear it, and like most men, he teases the people he likes and he sure likes his wife. ;o)

  23. If memory serves me, wasn't there a "sock" episode at your house a while back? Somebody threw away a bunch of socks, and somebody else took them out of the trash... were there pictures involved? I'd love to see a picture of your sock pile. Maybe it will help us all come up with a way to help you.

  24. He threatened to throw the socks away, but didn't. I am ashamed of the pile. I might throw them away myself. That is the best thing for me to do it myself. It will be a happy day!

    Purge Your Socks Day!

  25. "O, Happy Day..."
    (Sing it, Uncle Joe!)

  26. Auntie Jo, that's hysterical!

  27. The Sock Monster has been destroyed!! Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Day! I chunked all holey socks and all the mismatched ones. I did a happy dance on the way to the trash too. :o)

  28. Now, THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

  29. Maybe I will post a picture of the basket of perfectly folded socks tonight. everyone had a wonderful time this morning getting ready because we didn't have to dig through the sock monster. thanks for your encouragement seeker. you are a peach. :o)

  30. Ok ok, AJ, I call him Nickel because he's not a Nicholas just a Nick. Silly I know.

    As for Spanky... well, it all started at Darrell Yates Auto Mall where he worked in parts and I worked in the service office. One day a guy said something that wasn't quite nice so I slapped him. Nickel and this guy got such a kick out of it they started calling me Spanky (you can probably tell where their conversation went from that slap...).

  31. Leslee: Ooops! I thought Emma was Spanky! Funny story! I would have blushed when it happened. I cannot hide my embarrassment or red face gives me away every time.

    The stories behind the names are great....

  32. okay, as acting comment coordinator for today, i am here to inform you that this is a record number of comments, even though some are the same person it still counts. are you and UJ going for a hundred?

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  34. ick, a spammer speakeling in a foreign tongue! how do we know what they are saying??????

  35. he does illustrations. Good ones too (okay, I was brave and peeked)

  36. no, not Spanky (well, only my husband knows)

    okay, TMI!!

  37. I missed the whole sock thing by arriving too early.

    Girls and socks - I don't even like to think about it. I now buy them by the dozens (the socks) - all exactly alike.

    Back in my sock darning days (don't laugh, we used to do it and I even had a darning egg), I darned my husband's socks with the brightest embroidery thread I could find. He loved them.

    I was peculiar even back then.

  38. Josefina,
    I can't write without adressing or ending without salutations. So I guess you would surely know that we had nicknames when it was there. It was too good though the one I came up with was nothing special. Especially what she gave me - I have never heard anyone use such a nickname - it was very very creative and delicious. And did you know, I have given up the fruit as she has given up the name.

  39. So was it Kumquat?
    Mango Man?

  40. My mom calls me car-car. my friends call ma curli-fries,
    and they call ma Chawlie

  41. the ma is supposed to meen my!


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