Saturday, February 18, 2006

Obviously Obfuscated

Slick and I were talking about my one word post that had 24 comments. He thinks he can beat it but he is already not following the rules. Apparently, the instructions were obfuscated. Check out his post.....


  1. he can't beat it. first of all i notice you posted 5 times, and deleted 3 of them. you're retarded. i refuse to particpate because i will not allow him to out do my good friend AJ. and not only that but he doesnt' banter in the comment section, so i don't comment on his blog much. it makes me feel like people don't read it if they don't banter.

  2. Who said that was part of our little contest? You obviouly have a very high opinion of yourself. :-}

  3. Why yes I do. Whatcha gonna do about it Click? You know me and the obfuscated....we are *holding my fingers up real close like*

  4. A minimal amount of banter in one's own comment section is not necessarily indicative of a lack of valuation of others' esteemed comments.
    Thank you for your kind attention.

  5. Seeker you have just been appointed Comment Coordinator of "That's Life Too" You may pick up your user's manual at your earliest convenience.. thank you!

  6. Do you do the firing, too, or only the hiring?
    Just wondering if there's much job security here....

  7. Thank you for your interest Seeker. Let me tell you about our other fringe benefits.


    a dental plan consists of a new tooth brush and a gallon of Crest toothpaste.

    the vision plan is even better! it is a lifetime supply of carrots!

    your contract is in your mental mailbox.

    Aunt Josefina
    Founder and QueenBee
    That's Life Too

  8. I think you have started something. Anne at Hubba Doo has a one word post happening .... not sure if she's just contemplating, or hoping for zillions of comments to outdo you and Uncle Joe !!!! Take care, Meow

  9. Crest toothpaste, my favorite. Must be Sensitivity protection, though.
    Remember, I'm Seeker-Sensitive.

    I'm signing on the dotted line. You'll have my contract by returnmentalmail.

  10. Here I am late to the party again. Clean houses are highly overrated.

    AJ, you would win anyway.

    ok slick, I don't know you but game on. As the Monty Python boys eloquently said, "I fart in your general direction!!"

  11. I visited Slick and read a couple of posts. The guy is funny. He obviously has the stength to endure those harsh Michigan winters, so I'd watch out for him.
    He said he would strike when you least expected it. Remember when Joe did that with the SPAM??
    Be on guard!

  12. why does everyone hate me?


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