Sunday, February 26, 2006

Aunt Josefina and Uncle Joe's Big Birthday Day

Uncle Joe , rather than buy me a gift ,decided we would go on a big adventure for my birthday.

We dropped the girls off at Nana and Papa's mid morning and headed out for Vinita Oklahoma. We went to a little
vinyard/cafe there and had lunch. It was very tasty! I had chicken salad in honor of my good friend, Ted. They were serving gumbo for Mardi Gras. They gave other people some beads to wear, but I was NOT going to flash them for some cheap beads. I am a lady you know......

After lunch we decided to head on over to Joplin, MO. It wasn't too far away and we had never been there, so off we went. We had no plan and no expectations for what we were going to do and it was wonderful.

I didn't even take my lap top so I wouldn't be tempted to work on the way. We talked the whole time and I tried to ask Joe dumb questions that he wouldn't answer. "Who was your first kiss" , "What is my worst fault?" Can you believe he didn't answer that?? Very smart man dontcha think?;o) I was serious too....I really wanted to know.

Anyway we arrived in Joplin and was pleasantly surprised by the town. It is a little bigger than our town but had so much to do! They aren't near a big metro area like Tulsa so they had to be self sufficient. THey had lots of strip malls and one huge mall that we walked around in for a while waiting for a movie to start. I was predictably drawn to every book store in the place. I have so many books I can't read now and I wanted more! I did buy Joe one since he WILL sit down and read it.

We went to see The Pink Panther and it was very funny! The theater was packed and we had to sit on the 8th row. Our necks were craned to see the screen. We sat in front of some easily tickled ladies and got a kick out of them laughing to hard at the movie. Steve Martin did a good job, but no one could play Inspector Clouseau like Peter Sellers.

On the way into town we spied our dinner destination: The Thai Restaurant. We arrived at sunset and had a lovely dinner. The food was fabulous and I am a new fan of Thai food. I had Thai Pad (or is it vice versa?) and Joe had Chicken Thai. Mine was very light ant almost sweet, Joe's was garlicky and a little more hearty. We shared our food and just enjoyed it all. I can cross off "eat Thai" off my 2006 resolution list now. I wish there was a Thai restaurant closer than Tulsa though....

We arrived back home about 9:30pm and just had a loverly day. We had a quiet evening at home and enjoyed the time alone.

Joe's birthday is coming in May......I wonder which direction we will go then?? :o)

Thanks for a great day Joe.


  1. Thai food is soooooooo good. Im glad you had a super duper birthday. I want to see that movie too.

    We call wayne's parents Nana and Papa. It's good to have a Nana and Papa.

  2. Sounds like a fun and restful day. (I really like taking spontaneous trips like that.) Glad you had a good time.

  3. We must do it again for Joe's birthday. It cost us the price of two meals, a tank of gas and the movie. Very cheap for the volume of good quality time we got with each other. It felt like we were dating, except the flatulating that Joe kept doing in front of me. I hate that. haha

  4. We now have at least three Thai restaurants. I have yet to check out the newest but my son and I will probably get there next week. All locally run which is nice.

    I love the presentation of the food. It almost looks too good to destroy by sticking a fork or chopstick into.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    I can tell you that you probably went in the best direction. Go much past Tulsa and it gets pretty boring quick!

  6. why am i the only one who hates thai? i don't like sweet food that is not specifically "dessert". it aint right. and if you ask for spice, it scorches your lips off.

    but i am GLAD you liked it! poor uncle joe, all vulnerable on your big day, and you asking him leading, trapping questions that are impossible to answer without causing a fight, i should smack you. you are bad. good thing he pled the 5th.

  7. I really did want to know, but I will wait for a better day to ask again, like when he is under the influence of medication after a procedure or something...that is always a good time to talk to him. haha

  8. yes, wait until he has some kind of dental procedure and he is on the happy gas.

  9. i have a better, more CSI type idea. you tape him talking. then you edit the words here and there, and add in your questions, then you play it back to him, and in it, he is answering your questions VERY inappropriately, and you say DO YOU REMEMBER THIS, HUH, DO YA??!!! give me a hundred bucks and i'll let it go!!!!!!

  10. Sounds like you had the perfect day, that is wonderful. Hope your week continues along the same vein !!! Take care, Meow

  11. That sounds so nice. We saw The Pink Panther too, and even though Steve Martin & Kevin Klein did very well, it just wasn't as funny as the original. It's too hard to outdo Peter Sellers, like you said.
    That looks like a gooood plate of noodles!
    I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday.

  12. i don't know if you are aware, but Pad Thai is the only dish that friends request! if you want recommendations in Tulsa, I've been to all but one. Ft. Smith has a couple but they are kinda hidden (the ones i went to).

  13. pink panther was one of the worst films i've seen in a long time. it was so bad i think it was a propaganda film made by george w. bush to get back at the french.
    seriously. that's the only way to explain it.


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