Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Boobah Cassidy

Seven years ago today Cassidy Faith Joe was born into our family. She came into the world fast and furiously....just like she lives her life.

For seven years old she sure knows a lot and is not shy about telling you what she knows. Lord only knows if she is right or wrong sometimes.

She sings from the time she wakes up til she falls asleep at night or when our ears get tired, which ever comes first.

She is not your average girl either. She loves to play with Matchbox cars. She and Carly construct large mats with roads, shops and houses. Her cars talk to each other and have little car-families. She only likes real-life race cars. I think her favorite is a Mini Cooper or a VW Bug with no lid. (Cassi-speak for a convertible)

She wants to be a big sister or at least the Boss of her big sister Carly. :o)

This morning she told me "Mom I am never gonna get a job. I am gonna just stay home for ever. " I asked how she would do that. She has it all figured out. "I will just let my Honey go to work."

Cassidy Faith Joe, we are blessed to have you for our little sister and our baby daughter.

Happy Birthday


  1. Happy Birthday Ms. Cassi!!!

    Eat LOTS of cake!!!

  2. Happy BD Cassi! have lots of fun and enjoy your chocolate!

    Gratulerer med dagen! (that's happy BD in Norwegia-language)

  3. I'm still amazed you had kids with Joe...

    Happy birthday CASSIDY

  4. I'm still amazed you had kids with Joe...

    Happy birthday CASSIDY

  5. dag nab it....i forgotted i'm sad. please tell her that i'm sorry, and i'll talk to her on the telephone next time i call, promise!!

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  7. at least askintoo was here to wish her a way to make money from home, yeah!!!!

  8. Her birthday cake looks a lot like the groom's cake from my wedding. Too funny!


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