Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thanking God for a small thing

Thank you God for your provision in this "small" thing that makes a big difference in my life:

Recently my employer updated our Business Office computers at work, equipping us with internet at all computers, not just one in the back of the office. As you know, I work at the front desk and get to greet all our patients coming in our office. This is not a hard job, but the stress is a little high especially when we are busy.

Anyway, I have been checking the website for my favorite Christian radio station: KXOJ and until today, they have not had the "listen" button. Today, when I logged on, there it was!! I can now listen to uplifting Christian music at my desk. This music encourages me and keeps me happy, so much better than secular music.

When I feel happy inside, I will be a more effective employee and be able to greet all our patients with a smile ;o)

Here is a tidbit I heard on this great radio station today:

God is NOT looking for a steeple, he is looking for a people.
He is looking for his peeps
I want to be God's Peep! Do you??


  1. i am a peeper...a purple peeper

  2. hey that rhymes. I'm happy for your small thing!


  3. I love having Christian music playing in the office!!! I can't at this job, but I always did at the one before. I kept it low, so that I could hear it but the customers couldn't... and life was good. :o)


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