Sunday, December 24, 2006

December 24th Birthdays Cubed

I have three people in my family who have a birthday on December 24th: My Aunt Joyce, my brother Tom and my brother-in-law Ronnie all have a birthday today.

As long as I can remember up until about 10 years ago Aunt Joyce had a birthday cake for her and my brother. They always had their picture made together. Neither of them particularly enjoy having their picture taken but endured the torture on a yearly basis. One of my favorites is when Tom is about 8 years old and he is saying something and Joyce is looking at him and laughing.

The way our family does it so Joyce and Tom really have a birthday celebration is we all (18) go out for lunch at Western Sizzlin and bring gifts for their birthdays. We all sit together and our waitress gets a very good tip. :o)

We had birthday cobbler for Ron at g-mom's house last night after our traditional grilled cheez sandwich and tomatoe soup dinner. ANP what do y'all like to do for Ron?

What a special gift to have a baby on this day. Looking down at the face of your child, just as Mary looked into the face of Jesus.

Happy Birthday Tom, Joyce and Ron!


  1. Merry Christmas, UJ & AJ!!
    The birthday bash sounds fun.
    You didn't post a pic of UJ with her GREAT, lay a sloppy kiss on AJ gift you got him.
    If you're not gonna post about it, please so send me an email about what it was and how he reacted to it. If you didn't get that kiss, punch him really hard in the kisser.
    I tried to comment at UJ's blog and YET AGAIN got the "Unable to...your request" message.
    My vote is for Plymouth Molester. That is hitonious with a capital H. I would like to have a Buick Blogger though. It sounds like my kind of car. AJ needs one of those too.
    I'm about to start Christmas dinner, so I need to wrap this up.

  2. I just tried to leave the following comment at Susie's blog and was unable to. I hope she reads it here or you copy and post it at her blog from me:

    It's just the four of us here amongst strangers in a strange land for Christmas. We didn't fly to either parents this year, so we are having a very low key, rainy Christmas. I'd be in an exceeeedingly foul mood too if I ran over my laptop AND had to use dial up. What a curse!!!!! Dial up is the Devil's handiwork. I'm glad the boy is not having a foul holiday even if his mother is. I hope the quality of the crack is good. Bad crack would add to the foulness of it all. I'm high on cookies at the moment and plan to eat more calories so I can feel even fatter than I already do. I'm not going to proofread this rambling comment, so I hope it is understandable. Merry Humbug Christmas, Susie!!

  3. So, um are you trying to tell us something?

  4. indeed, the face of a child says it all.......especially the mouth part

  5. Awwww... that would be precious! Having a baby at the same time that we celebrate the birth of Jesus. That would bring the Nativity story to life for sure!

  6. Ohh... Jack Handy from badoozie! You're special AJ!!!

  7. That is nice.

    Do all of you get a little cheated on the birthday gifts?

    Happy new year!


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